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G29: 319832118 Lancaster-Newburg

319832118. William fitz Gilbert de Lancaster & 189128125. Gundred de Newburg

William s/o §Gilbert & Goditha, s/o Keter, s/o Ethelred, s/o Lord Ivo de Taillebois.
Gundred de Newberg, d/o 243393932. Earl Roger de Newburgh & 243393933. Gundred de Warren.
William, baron of Kendal, appointed Governor of the castle of Lancaster and took the name of Lancaster.
1130, William de Lancaster possed the lordship of Mulcaster [‘Willemus de Lancastria villam de Mulcaster’.] (S) Lancashire Pipe Rolls of 31 Henry I, Farrer, 1902, P305.
12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.
1138, William castalan of William FitzDuncan’s castle of Egremont.
1140, Roger de Mowbray enfeoffed William with Lonsdale.
Aft. 6/12/1153, William married 2nd. Gundred de Newburg, d/o 243393932. Earl Roger de Newburgh & 243393933. Gundred de Warren.
12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.
1/1156 at Dover, King Henry confirmed the gift of William de Lancaster, with the assent of Gundreda his wife and of William his son and heir, of the manor and church of Cockerham to St Mary de Pre, Leicester. (S) Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey, Farrer, 1898, P308.
Aft. 1156, William de Lancaster … by the advice and consent of William, my son and heir, and Gundreda my wife [the daughter], … souls of Gilbert my father, and Godith my mother, and Jordan my son, and Margaret, daughter of the Countess …  Witnesses: Gundreda, daughter of the Countess. (S) Lancashire Pipe Rolls, Farrer, 1902, P394.
9/1157 at Woodstock, A royal charter confirms and agreement between William fitz Gilbert and the monks of Furness abbey, Lancashire, over a boundary issue with Kendal. (S) Court, Household and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878, P30.
By 1160, ‘Willelmus de Lancastre’ donated pasture rights in ‘feodum meum in Lonisdale et in Aumundernesse’ to Leicester, St Mary de Pré, with the consent of ‘Willelmi filii mei et heredis et Gundree uxoris mee.’ (S) FMG.
~1160, The Parish church of St. Michael, Cockerham, founded by William de Lancaster. (S) History – Lancaster, Baines, 1893, P493.
1166, William de Lancaster I held only two knight's fees, of the new feoffment of Roger de Mowbray.
By 1170, William of Kendal died.
(S) Early Yorkshire Charters, Farrer, V8, P10. (S) Records – Barony of Kendale, V1, Farrer, 1923, P-XI. (S) Antiquities of Furness, West, 1774, P83.
Family notes:
·         William fitz Gilbert de Lancaster, s/o Gilbert de Furnies & Judith ?.
·         1212, in an inquest, William identifed as ‘Willelmus filius Gilberti primus.’ William had a younger brother named Gilbert.

Child of William and ?:
i. Avice de Lancaster (159916059), born ~1125 in England.
Child of William and Gundred:
i. William de Lancaster (94564062), born ~1156 in England.