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G29: 319834120 Tosny-Evreux

319834120. Roger of Tosny & 319834121. Godeheut ? & 1512882180. Richard, count of Evreux

~990, Roger born in Conches, Normandy, s/o §Raoul de Toeni.
1013-14, Roger and his father Raoul held the castle at Tillieres for Richard, duke of Normandy. (S) Monastic Revival, Potts, 1997, P109.
1015, Raoul de Toeni [Roger’s father] the leader of a group of Normans on a pilgrimage to Italy for a blessing of the pope. The pope encouraged them to go to southern Italy, where the Greeks were attacking. (S) Southern Italy and Sicily, Crawford, 1907, P131.
1016, Raoul de Toeni [Roger’s father] and the sons of Tancred de Hauteville, on their way home from pilgrimage, helped the town of Salerno, Italy, against Saracens. (S) Meidieval France, Tilley, 2010, P80.
~1020, Richard, born in Evreux, s/o 3025764360. Robert, Archbishop of Rouen & Herleve ?. (S) Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy, V2, 1854, P160.
Aft. 1024, Roger’s father died.
1020s, Roger fought for the Countess of Barcelona against it Muslim contemporaries. (S) Medieval Warfare, Keen , 1999, P61. [Upon returning Roger was known as “Roger the Spaniard.”]
[–––Roger & Godehilde–––]
By 1026, Roger founded the church of Sainte-Foy at Conches.
5/14/1027, Henry I crowned King of France.
7/3/1035, Robert I, duke of Normandy, died; his bastard son William [the Conqueror] succeeding at age 8. Roger de Tosny was opposed to this succession. Robert, archbishop of Rouen, father of Richard, count of Evreux, became the Regent for Duke William. [Duke William and Count Richard are 2nd cousins.]
1035, Roger built the castle of Conches-en-Ouche, and founded the abbey of Conches. (S) The Quest for El Cid, Fletcher, 1989, P78.
3/16/1037, Richard of Evreux’s father died.
Roger of Tosny, with his 2 sons, and Robert of Grandmesnil, ravaged the lands of Humphrey de Vieilles [father of Roger de Beaumont.]
1042, Edward the Confessor became King of England, returning from exile in Normandy to London. [Richard and Edward were 1st cousins.] (S) Edward the Confessor, Barlow, 1984.
~ 1044, Roger of Tosny died in battle with Roger de Beaumont. [Roger’s 2 eldest sons died soon afterwards.]
 [–––Richard & Godehilde–––]
1048, Girelme du Fresne, for the soul of his lord Roger de Tosny and Raoul his son and his own, gave favour to the abbey of Conches. (S) Dictionnaire Historique de Toutes Les Communes, Charpillon, V2, 1879, P229.
5/23/1059, Philip I crowned King of France.
1060, Richard, founding the Benedictine nunnery of Saint-Sauver: ‘considering that this miserable life is woth naught, and in terror and pains of hell, I have founded a house of nuns within the city of Evreux … I Richard, unworth count and sinner, … do take upon my oath the following donations to them.’ (S) Battle Conference, 1979, P66.
1/1066, Edward the Confessor, King of England died.
1066, On the founding of Saint Taurin, Richard, count of Evreux, with consent of his son William, donated a tithe of a town near the mouth of the Sein, and a tithe of mills in a town near Evreux. (S) Monatic Revival – Normandy, Potts, 1997, P68.
10/14/1066, Richard and his son William fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. [At this time, Richard 1 of only 4 counts in Normandy: Counts of Eu, Evreux, and Mortain, and Countess of Aumale.] (S) General Introduction to Domesday Book, V1, Ellis, 1833, P408.
12/13/1067, Richard, count of Evreux, died. (S) Yorkshire Arch. Journal, V9, 1886, P260.
Family notes:
·         Conches about 4 leagues southwest of Everux.
·         Supposedly Godeheut was the daughter of the Countess of Barcelona. (S) Medieval Romance in England, 1963, P249.
·         Charter of Godehilde: “I, Godehilde, Countess of Evreux, formerly wife of Roger de Tosny.” (S) Book of Sainte Foy, Sheingorn, 1995, P297.

Children of Roger and Godeheut:
ii. Adeliza de Tony (1272928379), born ~1025 in France.
i. Ralph de Tony (159917060), born ~1030 in France.
Children of Richard and Godeheut:
i. Agnes of Everux (756441090), born ~1045 in France.
ii. William of Everux, born ~1047 in France.

William married Helwise, d/o William of Nevers.
10/14/1066, William fought with his father and Duke William at the battle of Hastings.
1090-91, William, count of Evreux, laid siege to Conches, killing Isabel’s [wife of half-brother Ralph de Tony] brother Richard de Montfort. The dispute was settled when William, count of Evreux named Ralph’s younger son Roger as his heir. (S) Collected Historical Works of Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H., 1921, P143. [This conflict lasted 3 years.]
11/1090, William of Evreux aided Duke Robert in suppressing a rebellion in the city of Rouen.
8/1104, Henry invaded Normandy and convinced William, count of Evreux to switch allegiance.
1110, William destroyed the king’s tower at Evreux.
1112, King Henry drove William from his lands.
4/18/1118, William died. King Henry I of England seized the castle of Evreux. William’s nephew, Amaury de Montfort claimed Evreux by right of his mother [Agnes, d/o Richard, count of Evreux.]