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Sunday, March 24, 2013

G29: 319834122 Montfort-Bardolf-Evreux

319834122. Simon de Montfort & 319834123. Isabella Bardolf & 756441090. Agnes of Everux

5/14/1027, Henry I crowned King of France.
Isabella born in France, d/o §Hugh Bardolf.
Isabella inherited the castle of Nogent-l’Erembert near Chartres from her father [which passed to her daughter Isabel, then to her son Ralph].
7/3/1035, Robert I, duke of Normandy, died; his bastard son William [the Conqueror], age 8, succeeding.
~1045, Agnes born in Normandy, d/o 1512882180. Richard, count of Evreux & 319834121. Godeheut ?.
5/23/1059, Philip I crowned King of France.
1063, On the petition of Simon de Montfort and Walerand de Breteuil, Ralph de Tonie restored to favour.
10/25/1066, William I [the Conqueror] crowned King of England.
1067, Agnes’ father died.
~1067, Ralph de Tony obtained the right to marry Isabel de Montfort by kidnapping Anges, d/o Richard, compte d’Evreux, his own half sister, and delivering her in marriage to Simon de Montfort.
~1087, Simon died, buried at Epernon; his son Simon succeeding [succeeded in 1104 by his brother Amaury.]
Family notes:
·         1072, Amaury de Montfort [unknown relation] died.

Child of Simon and Isabella:
i. Isabel de Montfort (159917061), born ~1055 in France.
Children of Simon and Agnes:
i. Bertrade de Montfort (378220545), born ~1068 in France.
ii. Amaury de Montfort (319832088), born ~1075 in France.