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G29: 377996496 Lusignan-Racon

377996496. Hugh VIII de Lusignan & 377996497. Burgundia de Racon.

Hugh born in Poiitou, son of §Hugh de Lusignan.
Burgundia born in France, d/o §Geoffrey de Racon.
8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.
Hugh VIII “le Brun”, lord of Lusignan, married Burgundia [receiving Vouvant as part of her portion.]
1148, Hugh’s father died on crusade.
1151, Hugh succeeded as seigneur de Lusignan, Couhe and Chateau-Larcher.
1154, Hugh became a vassal to the Henry II, King of England. (S) Kingdom of Cyprus, Edbury, 1993, P23.
1163, Hugh joined the crusades and left for Palestine from Poitou.
8/1164, Hugh captured at the battle of Harim, on the plain of Artah, in the service of Bohemond III, prince of Antioch. (S) History of the Crusades, Setton, 2006, P524. [Bohemond III, Raymond III of Tripoli, and Joscelin III of Edessa were also captured.]
1164, Hugh died in the Holy Land; his son Hugh succeeding.
Bef. 1169, Hugh le Brun, lord of Lusignan, frees the monks [of the abbey of Becheron] from paying tolls in his lands; witnessed by his brother Geoffrey and his mother Lady Burgundia, and [uncles] Simon Brunus, Rorgo, and Galeran.
3/15/1169, Hugh, the son and heir, died.              
3/16/1169, Geoffrey’s mother Burgundia consented to a grant by Geoffrey to the abbey of Absie for the soul of his brother Hugh [the day after Hugh’s death.]
4/11/1169, Burgundia died.
(S) The Houses of Lusignan and Chatellerault, Medieval Academy of America, Painter, 1955.
Family notes:
·         1102, Guy of Lusignan [grandfather of Hugh] fought at the battle of Ramla. (S) Kingdom of Cyprus, Edbury, 1993, P23.
·         Hugh VIII had brothers Geoffrey, Simon, Brunus, Rorgo, and Galeran.

Children of Hugh and Burgundia:
i. Hugh de Lusignan (188998248), born ~1140 in Lusignan, France.
ii. Geoffrey de Lusignan, born ? in Lusignan, France.

Geoffrey, lord of Vouvant, married Humberga, d/o Ademar IV, viscount of Limoges.
1170-1188, Geoffrey led revolts against King Henry II of England [and Duke of Aquitaine].
1188, Geoffrey went on crusade where he distinguished himself.
Geoffrey, lord of Vouvant, married 2nd Eustachia,lady of Moncontour.
1219, Geoffrey “lo Prodome” died.
Children: Hugh, died by 1224. Geoffrey [died by 1248], lord of Vouvant, viscount of Chatellerault; married Clemence [died 1238]. Ameri [died by 1242], lord of Soubise [Lords of Parthenay.]

iii. Guy de Lusignan, born ? in Lusignan, France.

Guy married Sibylle, Queen of Jerusalem, widow of William de Montferrat, d/o King Amauri I of Jerusalem.
1186–90, Guy, King of Jerusalem.
1190, Sibylle died.
4/1192, Guy, lord of Cyprus, bought from Richard I, as compensation for giving up Jerusalem to Conrad de Montferrat.
1194, Guy died.

iv. Amauri de Lusignan, born ? in Lusignan, France.

Amauri married Eschive d’Ibelin. [Descendants ruled Cyprus until 15th century.]
1186–90, Amauri, Constable of Jerusalem under his brother Guy.
1194-96, Amauri, lord of Cyprus.
1196-1205, Amauri, King of Cyprus by grant of Emperor Henry VI.
1197, Amauri married 2nd Isabelle, Queen of Jerusalem, widow of Henry of Champagne.
1197-1205, Amauri, King of Jerusalem.
Children: Hugh, King of Cyprus.