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G29: 378220546 LeFleche-Chateau du Loir

378220546. Helias Le Fleche & 378220547. Matilda of Chateau-du-Loir

Helias born in La Fleche, France, a younger s/o §John of Le Fleche & Paula of Maine.
Matilda born France, heiress & d/o §Gervais of Chateau-du-Loir.
1062-4, Count Herbert II of Maine died without heirs. The territory fell under control of Duke William of Normandy, who defeated claimants to the title. [Herbert’s heirs were sisters Garsinde, 2nd wife of Azzo II of Este; Paula, wife of John of Le Fleche; and Margaret, unmarried. There was also his aunt Biote, d/o Herbert Wake-the-Dog, married to Walter of Mantes, count of Pontoise.]
1072, The citizens of Le Mans rebelled against Geoffrey of Mayenne. Count Fulk of Anjou entered Maine and expelled Geoffrey.
1077, Fulk of Anjou attacked John of La Fleche. King William came to their support and Fulk was wounded and withdrew.
1081, Fulk of Anjou attacked La Fleche, taking the city. King William I of England, also duke of Normandy, made a peace agreement by which Fulk became overlord of Maine.
1083, Hubert of Sainte-Suzanne of Maine defied attempts by King William to subdue their territory.
By 1/6/1084, ‘Helias filius Johannis de Fissa’ appears in a charter of Angers.
9/26/1087, Robert became Duke of Normandy; succeeding his father William the Conqueror, King of England and Duke of Normandy. [Robert’s younger brother William II became King of England.]
12/21/1087, Elias la Fleche witnessed a charter of Fulk, count of Anjou.
1088-89, Helias imprisoned Bishop Hoel of Le Mans, a supporter of Duke Robert.
9/1088, Robert Curthose, duke of Normandy, invaded Maine.
1088, Elias submitted to Duke Robert as his overlord.
1089-90, Helias captured the castle of Ballon from Norman forces with the assistance of Pagan of Mondoubleau.
1089-90, Helias attempted to capture Le Mans.
1091, An Italian, Hugh of Este, s/o Marquis Azzo, and a cousin of Helias, made claims on Maine, through Garsinde du Maine, former wife of Count Thibaut III of Blois and Champagne, who had been repudiated and had remarried in northern Italy.
1091, Helias purchased his cousin Count Hugh V’s interest in Maine for 10,000 Manceaux shillings.
1091, Helias attributed with a specific speech during the negotiations concerning the countship of Manceau; specifically reciting his lineage from Count Herbert II of Maine and claiming the title by right of kinship.
11/11/1091, Helias assumed the title of Count of Maine.
Aft. 1091, Helias married Matilda and became castellan of a wealthy and powerful lordship in Maine, which included the castles of Chateau-du-Loir, Mayet, Le Grand-Luce, and Outille.
1092-98, Elias in conflict with Robert of Belleme [Future King Henry of England would also be in conflict with Robert of Belleme during this time.]
1093, Elias backed Geoffrey II of Martel in a successful conflict against Geoffrey’s father.
10/17/1093, Elias la Fleche witnessed a charter of Fulk, count of Anjou.
1095-96, Helias with his father John when he died; his son Gosbert “dwelling in Le Mans”, not designated the heir, was not present.
1096, Helias took the crusaders cross [but did not attend the crusade.]
1096, Duke Robert of Normandy gave control of Maine to Helias before leaving on crusade.
1096, Elias captured in battle by Robert of Belleme and imprisoned at Rouen. Elias arranged for his release by surrendering his county to William II of England.
5/1097, Elias re-captured Le Mans; but the approach of King William forced his retreat.
1098, Helias betrothed his daughter Eremburga to Fulk of Anjou’s son Geoffrey II Martel.
1098, Elias captured conflict with William II, King of England. [Elias released after offering submission.]
1099, Matilda died.
3/27/1099, Count Helias offered a gift  of the chapel at Chateau-du-Loir for the soul of his wife Matilda.
1099, King William II of England ‘went over the sea and drove Earl Elias out of Maine.’ [William captured Le Mans.]
1099, Helias attacking King Philip’s castles in Maine and captured Le Mans. (S) Encyclopedia Britannica, V24, 1894, P609.
8/1100, King William II died; Helias of Maine ‘sent for his lord, Fulk, count of Anjou’; with whom he began the siege of the citadel at Le Mans.
8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England; succeeding William II.
1100, Elias re-captured Le Mans and sent the Norman garrison home in peace.
1100-01, On the return of Duke Robert of Normandy from crusade, some of King William’s former vassals sent for help against Helias. Duke Robert, having relenquished control of Maine to Helias, refused to get involved.
1103, Fulk of Anjou disinherinted his eldest son in favor of his son Fulk. In a conflict against his son Geoffrey, backed by Helias Le Fleche, Fulk ended up abdicating to his son Geoffrey.
1104, Helias and Geoffrey Martel besiege castles [possibly Marcon, Briollay and La Chartre.]
4/1105, King Henry of England landed forces at Barfleur to conquer Normandy. King Henry was joined by the forces of Geoffrey of Anjou and Elias of Maine. (S) England Under the Angevin Kings, V1, Norgate, 1887, P11.
1105, Helias assisted King Henry in capturing Bayeux, and then Caen.
5/1105, Helias initially supported King Henry’s siege of Falaise; but withdrew before the town fell [supposedy at the request of the Normans.]
1106, Helias and Geoffrey Martel besiege castles [possibly Thouars].
5/1106, Helias’ ally and son-in-law Geoffrey II Martel died during their siege of Cande.
8/28/1106, Helias commanded the mounted reserves for King Henry I of England at the battle of Tinchebray, where Duke Robert [brother of King Henry] was captured.
1108-09, Elias given wardship of Anjou while his son-in-law Fulk of Anjou was imprisoned by William, duke of Poitiers.
1109, Helias married Agnes, sister of Count William VII of Poitou [repudiated wife of King Peter of Aragon.]
1110, Helias did homage to King Henry of England as Count of Maine.
1110, Helias, Earl of Mayne, rebelled against King Henry of England.
7/1110, Helias I of Maine and La Fleche, lord of Chateau-du-Loir, died.
(S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007. (S) England Under the Angevin Kings, 1887. (S) Henry I and the Anglo-Norman World, Fleming, 2007.
Family notes:
·         Paula ?, gd/o Herbert I Wake-Dog [died ~1035, count of Maine.]
·         Helias oldest brother was named Gosbert.

Child of Helias and Matilda:
i. Erembourg of Maine (189110273), born ~1095 in Maine, France.