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G29: 378220818 Namur-Luxembourg

378220818. Godfrey, compte de Namur & 378220819. Ermesinde, Ctss de Luxembourg

Aft. 1065, Godfrey born in Namur, s/o §Albert III de Namur & Ida von Sachsen.
By 1080, Gottfried named in a document.
1087, Emperor Henry IV became Duke of Lower Lorraine, which included Namur.
1087, Godfrey married to Sibylle de Porcien, d/o Count Roger of Château-Porcéan .
1097, Godfrey,  Comte de Château-Porcien, by right of his first wife.
1099, Emperor Henry IV gave the county of Brunegeruz to Albert III, count of Namur.
Ermesinde, born in Luxembourg, d/o §Conrad I, comte de Luxemburg & Clemence ?.
Ermesinde 1st married Albert II Graf von Dagsbug.
6/1/1101, ‘Heinricus … tertius Romanorum imperator augustus" confirmed the foundation of St Jakob, Liège by ‘Albertus comes Nammucensium filiis [suis] Godefrido, Heinrico, Alberto.’
6/22/1102, Godefroi succeeded his father as Comte de Namur.
7/31/1102, Godfrey’s mother died.
1104, Godfrey, count of Namur, fought in Lotharingia. (S) Luxemburg  in the Middle Ages, P86.
1104, Godfrey divorced his first wife on grounds of an illicit relationship with Enguerrand de Boves, Comte d’Amiens, Sire de Coucy.
Albert II Graf von Dagsbug died.
3/22/1106, The communal army of Liege accompanied Duke Henry of Limbourg and Godfrey of Namur  met and defeated 300 German knights near the bridge at Vise. (S) Art of Warfare, Verbruggen, 1997, P154. [They were defending Emperor Henry IV who was under attack by his son Henry V.]
1109, Godfrey married Erminsinde.
1110, Godfrey, count of Namur, built a fortress on the side of a hill above the town of Bouvignes. (S) Penny Cyclopaedia, V5, 1836, P291.
4/23/1119, Frederic of Namur, younger brother of Godfrey, appointed Bishop of Liege by Pope Calixtus II. (S) Calixtus the Second, Stroll, 2004, P191.
11/27/1121, ‘Godefridus comes Namurcensis et Ermensendis comitissa’ founded the abbey of Floreffe, with consent of ‘Adelberto, Henrico, Clementia, Beatrice, Adelaide’.
1124, Ermensendis comitissa Namucensis’ confirmed the donation of property to the church of Verdun Sainte-Vanne by ‘senioris mei comitis Alberti’.
1/7/1125, ‘Godefridus comes Namucensis et Ermensindis comitissa’ made a donation to the abbey of Floreffe with the consent of ‘filiis suis Alberto et Heinrico’.
9/13/1125, Lothair III of Supplinburg crowned King of Germany.
6/13/1128, Godfrey named in a document of Lothair III at Aix-la-Chapelle. (S) Ancestry of Thomas Bradbury, Threlfall, 1988.
6/17/1129, Ermensinde’s parentage confirmed in a charter of Meginher, archbishop of Trier, confirming the foundation of Kloster Schiffenberg by ‘Clementia … comitissa’ with the consent of ‘filii sui Willehelmi et filie Irmesindis’.
1130, ‘Ermensendis comitissa de Muhalt, quæ uxor … comitis Alberti’ founded the monastery of Saint-Victor, Huy.
1130, Godfrey and Ermesinde, who had founded a Cistercian house on the Sambre, near Namur; had Pope Innocent II consecrate the church. (S) Life of St. Juliana of Cornillon, Bradbury, 1873, P171.
3/1131 at Liege, Godfrey with King Lothair when he met with Holy Roman Emperor Henry V. (S) Ancestry of Thomas Bradbury, Threlfall, 1988.
1131, ‘Ducem Godefridum seniorem eiusque filium … Godefridum iuniorem’ donated property to Gembloux.
1131 in Namur, Pope Innocent II consecrated the main altar of the church of the abbey of Geronsart.
6/4/1133, Lothair III of Germany became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
1136, Erminsinde heiress to her nephew, Conrad II, comte de Luxemburg, of all the fiefs and half the allods. [The other half of the allods went to Conrad’s sister, who could not inherit because feminine succession was not recognized.]
1137, ‘Comitissa de Musal Ermensendis cum viro suo Namucensi comite Godefrido’ donated property to Flone.
1137, Godfrey of Namur at war with Godfrey I of Brabant. [Gilles of Chin, called ‘the most virtuous in arms of all knights living’, a knight of Hainaut, died in a battle of this war.]
8/19/1139, Godrey died.
6/26/1141, Erminsinde died.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Chrinicle of Hainaut, Mons, 2005.
Family notes:
·         Clemence, widow of Conrad I, comte de Luxemburg, married 2nd Gerhard I, count of Geldern, and had Yolende of Gueldre, wife of Baldwin III Count of Hainaut.  Yolende and Erminsinde were half sisters, respectively mothers of Baldwin IV of Hainaut & Alix of Namur.
·         Namur is a municipality in southern Belgium.

Children of Godfrey and Sibylle:
i. Elisabeth de Namur, born ? in Namur.

Elisabeth married 1st Gervais, comte de Rethel [died 1124.]
Bef. 1131, Elisabeth married 2nd Clarembaldus de Roseto, lord of Rozoy-sur-Serre.

ii. Flandrine de Namur, born ? in Namur.

Flandrine married Hugh of Espinoy.

Children of Godfrey and Ermesinde:
i. Albert de Namur, born aft. 1109 in Namur.

1125-1136, Albert died.

ii. Henri L’Aveugle (47277610), born 1111 in Namur.
iii. Clemence de Namur, born ? in Namur.

1130, Clemence married Konrad Herzog von Zahringen, s/o Berthod II Herzog von Zahringen [a duke of Swabia] & Agnes von Rheinfelden.
1/8/1152, Konrad died.
12/28/1158, Clemence died.

iv. Beatrix de Namur, born ? in Namur.

Beatrix married Ithier, comte de Rethel, s/o Eudes de Vitry, comte de Rethel.
1160, Beatrice died.

v. Alix of Namur (189110409), born ~1120 in Namur.