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G29: 378236486 Talvas-Burgundy

378236486. Count William III Talvas & 378236487. Helen of Burgundy

1080, Helen, born in Burgundy, France, d/o 756472974. Odo [Eudes], duke of Burgundy & 756472975. Sibylle de Bourgogne. (S) FMG.
Aft. 1092, William born in France, s/o 756472972. Count Robert de Belleme & 756472973. Agnes of Ponthieu.
6/1095, Helie married to Bertrand de Toulouse. (S) FMG.
8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.
1102, King Henry banished William’s father from England. [William’s father had supported King Henry’s brother’s invasion of England.]
3/23/1103, Helen’s father died.
~1105, William’s mother died.
3/1106, Robert de Belleme and his son William issued a charter to the monks of Mormoutiers. (S) Families, Friends, and Allies:, Tanner, 2004, P146.
8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.
3/25/1110-3/24/1111, William Talvas, count of Ponthieu, issued a charter to St. Peter’s, Abbeville. (S) Families, Friends, and Allies:, Tanner, 2004, P146.
4/21/1112, Helie’s husband Bertrand died. (S) FMG.
11/1112, William’s father imprisoned by King Henry I of England [never to be released.] William, now Count of Ponthier, Montresuil-sur-Mer, and Alencon.
1113, ‘Wilelmus comes Pontivi’ confirmed the donation of the church of Saint-Léonard de Bellême to Marmoutier. (S) FMG.
5/3/1113, William lost the castle at Belleme.
1113, King Henry seized William’s lands of Bellemois.
1118, After Alencon revolted against King Henry I, Count Fulk of Anjou successfully reinstalled William Talvas as the town’s lord.
6/1119, Some of William’s Norman lands restore in a peace agreement between Fulk V of Anjou and King Henry of England. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, 1990, P279.
1124, William and his brother-in-law, Hugh of Burgundy, sent troops to Reims in support of King Louis of France against Emperor Henry V of Germany.
1125, William began to concentrate on his Norman lands.
1126, William resigned the rule Ponthieu to his son Guy. (S) FMG. [But is still referred to by this title in later records.]
1127, ‘Gulielmus comes Pontivorum’ donated property to the abbey of Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte for the souls of his predecessors earl Roger and Mabel his wife, count Guy and Adda his wife, his father Robert de Belesmo and his mother Agnes and … Ela his wife and of their sons, two of them called Robert, and two William, and two Enguerrand, and Mabel his daughter. (S) FMG.
7/1128, William’s son-in-law Juhel of Mayenne, daughter Clementia [Juhel’s wife], and their son Geoffrey, ratified William’s act in favor of Mont Saint-Michel.
1130, William Talvas, count of Ponthieu and Sees, endowed the church of St Andre de Gouffern. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, Brown, 1988, P132.
1131-33, King Henry I had his forces occupy Conches when Roger de Toeny, in association with William Talvas, did not appear before the court. (S) History of Normandy, V4, P562.
9/1135, William Talvas, again in conflict with King Henry, retreated to his castles in Maine and supported Geoffrey of Anjou’s expeditions into Normandy.
12/1135, Empress Matilda, d/o deceased King Henry I, arrived in Normandy and was escorted to her dowry castles by her husband Geoffrey, and by William Talvas. [Property which King Henry had taken from William’s father was restored about this time.]
12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.
7/1136, William repelled an attack by supporters of King Stephen at Exmes.
1136, William’s lands put under an interdict by the Bishop of Sees.
9/1136, Waleran de Beaumont repelled an invasion in Normandy by Geoffrey Plantagenet of Anjou, supported by William Talvas. [Geoffrey ended the campaign when he received a foot wound.]
8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.
1141-44, William Talvas and Rotrou of Perche supported Geoffrey of Anjou’s campaigns in Normandy. [Which united Normandy and Maine under one ruler.]
1143, William Talvas, count of Ponthieu and Sees, dedicated the church of St Andre de Gouffern. (S) Anglo-Norman Studies, Brown, 1988, P132.
1144, Geoffrey of Anjou completed his subjugation of Normandy with the capture of Rouen.
1145, William founded the Cistercian abbey of Perseigne.
1147, William’s eldest son Guy died on crusade.
1148-49, William wrote to his grandson, John, s/o Guy, advising him to restore property to the priory of Abbeville for the sake of the soul of his father Guy.
1149, William Talvas, count of Ponthieu, confirmed gifts to the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Martin de Sees.
1150, Geoffrey, duke of Normandy, came to the aid of William Talvas.
9/7/1151, Geoffrey, having ceded Normandy to his son Henry [II], died.
12/19/1154, Henry [II], duke of Normandy, crowned king of England.
1/1157, During assizes held at Caen, Normandy, a judgement between the abbot of Mont St. Michel and Jordan de Sackville was witnessed by William Tellevac, earl of Ponthieu.
3/1157 at Caen, William, Compte of Ponthieu, witnessed a royal charter to St. Stephens abbey.
5/15/1165, King Henry left Queen Eleanor at Angers as regent of Maine and Anjou when he returned to England. Eleanor would have trouble from William Talvas, comte of Seez; and John, son of Guy of Ponthieu.
3/1166, King Henry landing in Normandy marched into Maine where he reduced two castles [Alencon & La-Roche-Mabile] held by William Talvas, Comte of Seez; John his son; and John, son of Guy Comte de Pontieu, grandson of William; who had been rebelling against the authority of Queen Eleanor who had been appointed Regent.
2/1167 at Caen, King Henry II confirmed multiple grants including one of William, comte of Ponthieu, to St. Stephen’s abbey at Caen.
1168, William, comte of Ponthieu, founded the abbey of St. Audre-en-Gouffern.
2/10/1171 at Argentan, King Henry II confirmed a donation of William, comte of Ponthieu, to the abbey of St. Audre-en-Gouffern.
6/30/1171, William died; succeeded by ‘Johannes nepos suus … ex Guidone primogenito suo.’ (S) FMG.
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Children of William and Helen:
i. Guy de Montgomerie (189110328), born ~1112 in France.

1126, William resigned the title Comte de Ponthieu to his son Guy. (S) FMG.
Guy married Ida ?.
1139, Guy founded a Cistercian house in Ponthieu at Valloires.
1147, Guy, count of Ponthieu, died on crusade at Ephesus.

ii. Adela Talvas (79959357), born ~1120 in France.
iii. John de Talvas, born ? in France.

John married Beatrice, niece of Geoffrey of Anjou.
1149, John lost the castle of La Nue to Count Robert of Perche.
1150, A fued between John and Bernard, Seigneur de Saint Valerie, ended with a treaty.
1166, John lost his English lands in the rebellion of his family.
1168, John confirmed the founding of his father, William, comte of Ponthieu, of the abbey of St. Audre-en-Gouffern.
1174, John, supporting the revolt of Henry the young King, was driven from Sees.