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G29: 378250250 Brabant-Chiny-Burgundy

378250250. Duke Godfrey I of Brabant & 378250251. Ida de Chiny de Namur & 3894121520. Clementia of Burgundy

By 1079, Godfrey born in Brabant, s/o §Henri II of Brabant & Adelheid of Orthen.
Ida born in Chiny, d/o §Otto II Comte de Chiny & Alix de Namur.
~1080, Clementia, d/o 756441248. William I, Count of Burgundy & 756441249. Etiennette ?.
1078-9, Godfrey’s father died; his brother Henry III succeeding.
Henry III married 378220821. Gertrude de Flandre [multiple daughters.]
1086, ‘Henricus … Bracbatensis patriƦ comes et advocatus’ founded Afflighem abbey which records the donation of property ‘juxta in villa … Asca’ made by ‘fraterque meus Godefridus’.
1087, Clementia’s father died.
2/5/1095, Godfrey became count of Brussels and Louvain when his brother Henri III died in a tournament.
1095-6, Godfrey in conflict with Richer, bishop of Liege, over the county of Brugeron.
[–––Robert & Clementia–––]
1096, Clementia married Robert II, count of Flanders.
1096, Count Robert joined the 1st crusade.
1097, Clementia married Robert II, count of Flanders.
9/1099, Count Robert returned to Flanders.
1099, Godfrey and Otbert, bishop of Liege, in conflict over the county of Brunengeruz [awarded to Otbert.]
1102, Godfrey opposed the invasion of Robert II of Flanders into Cambraisis.
1103, Robert and Clementia founded Bourbourg abbey.
1105, Godfrey became margrave of Antwerp [until 1129].
[–––Godfrey & Ida–––]
1105, Godfrey married Ida.
1106, Heinrich V King of Germany invested Godefroi V ‘le Barbu’, as duke of Lower Lotharingia.
1107, Godfrey, ‘Vogt’ of Afflighem.
2/1110 at Liege, Matilda, age 8, d/o King Henry I of England and Duke of Normandy, on her way to her marriage to the King of Germany, interceded for Duke Godfrey. [1121, King Henry I would marry Godfrey’s daughter Adeliza.]
1111, Robert II of Flanders died; Clementia became regent for her son Baldwin.
4/12/1112, ‘Balduinus Flandrensium comes et Clementia comitissa’ confirmed the donation of the church of Saint-Bertin to Cluny made by ‘dominus meus Robertus comes.’
1114, Godfrey a leader of a revolt in Germany.
1119, Clementia’s son Baldwin died heirless.
1119, Clementia supported the succession [unsuccessfully] of William of Ypres over Charles to Good as count of Flanders. [Both nephews of Robert II.]
[–––Godfrey & Clementia–––]
1119, Godfrey married 2nd Clementia.
2/1/1119, Pope Calixtus II succeeded Gelasius II. [Calixtus the brother of Clementia.]
1/29/1121 at Windsor castle, King Henry I of England and Duke of Normandy, married Godfrey’s daughter Adeliza as part of a truce with Anjou.
1125, On the death of Henry V of Germany, Godfrey supported [unsuccessfully] Conrad of Hohenstaufen against Lothair of Supplinburg.
3/2/1127, Charles the Good, count of Flanders murdered.
1127, Thierry of Alsace [another nephew of Robert II, whose mother had 1st married Godfrey’s older brother] was backed by King Henry I of England as an heir to the Count of Flanders. King Henry’s nephew, Stephen of Blois, a Flanders baron, formed an alliance with the Godfrey, duke of Lower Lorraine, Baldwin of Hainaut, Thomas de Coucy, count of Amiens, and William of Ypres against William Clito’s alliance with King Louis. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P184. [Most likely all received money from King Henry.]
3/1128, William Clito succeeded as count of Flanders.
1128, ‘Godefridum Lovaniensem comitem de ducatu Lotharingie’  abdicated to ‘Waleramnum comitem Lemburgie.’
7/28/1128, William Clito, count of Flanders, died.
1128, Norbertine monks built Grimbergen abbey.
1129, The communal knights of Liege besieged the fortifited castle at Duras and put to flight the men of Godfrey of Brabant and Thierry of Alsace. (S) Art of Warfare, Verbruggen, 1997, P154.
1129, Godfrey, ‘Vogt of Gembloux and Nivelles.’
1131, ‘Ducem Godefridum seniorem eiusque filium … Godefridum iuniorem’ donated property ‘in parochia Braniensi … Dudinsart’ to Gembloux.
Godfrey became a monk at Affligem.
1133, Clementia died.
1/25/1139, Godfrey ‘the bearded’ died at Affligem; succeeded by his son Godfrey II of Louvain.
(S) Judah Scepter, Howard, 2010, P98. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Godfrey and Ida:
i. Adeliza de Louvain (189125124), born ~1105 in Brabant.
ii. Godfrey II of Brabant (189110424), born ~1110 in Brabant.
Child of Godfrey and Clementia:
ii. Joscelin of Louvain (1947060760), born ~1120 in Brabant.