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G30: 378220820 Lorraine-Flandre-Formbach-Louvain

378220820. Thierry II, Duke of Upper Lorraine & 378220821. Gertrude de Flandre & 3026005449. Hedwig von Formbach & 3026005450. Henry III, count of Brussels and Louvain

~1052, Thierry born in Lorraine, s/o §Gerard, duke of Upper Lotharingia & Hadwide de Namur.
7/17/1054, Henry IV crowned King of Germany.
~1055, Hedwig born in Germany, d/o §Friedrich Graf von Formbach & Gertrud von Haldensleben.
~1057, Henry born in Louvain, s/o §Henri de Louvain & Adelheid van Betuwe.
1060, Hedwig’s father died.
9/21/1062, Henry’s father died.
8/11/1170, Thierry’s father died; Thierry a minor.
1070-78, Theirry supported King Henry IV in his wars with Saxony.
1071, Thierry opposed in succession by his younger brother Gerard.
~1072, Gertrude born in Flanders, d/o 756441640. Robert I, Count of Flanders & 756441641. Gertrude of Saxony.
 [–––Gerhard and Hedwig–––]
~1072, Hedwig 1st married Gerhard von Supplingenburg.
4/14/1073, Thierry ceded Saitois and other territories [became county of Vaudemont] to his brother Gerard to end the 2-year war.
4/22/1073, Pope Gregory VII succeeded Pope Alexander II. [Thierry supported King Henry IV in his conflicts with Pope Gregory over investiture.]
1073, Louis, comte de Mousson, [unsuccessfully] claimed the title of duke [in right of his wife] from Thierry. Thierry was supported by Emperor Heinrich IV and his brother in the succession election.
1075, Gerhard von Supplingenburg died.
2/27/1076, Godfrey ‘the Hunchback’, duke of Lower Lorraine, assassinated. [The German King attempted to take control of Lorraine by granting the duchy ot his infant son.]
[–––Thierry and Hedwig–––]
~1078, Thierry married widow Hedwig.
1078, Thierry, ‘dux Metensis’ [Duke of Metz]. (S) Medieval Germany, Jeep, 2001, P763.
1078-79, Henry III succeed his father as count of Brussels and Louvain.
1079, Duke Thierry petitioned [unsuccessfully] the Pope to marry Agnès d'Aquitaine, widow of Pierre, comte de Savoie.
Bef. 1080, ‘Haduydis ducissa … consentientibus filiis suis duce Teoderico atque comite Girardo’ made a donation to Remiremont.
1/28/1080, Thierry’s mother died.
~1080, ‘post obitum ductricis Hadewidis’ the donation to Remiremont confirmed by ‘dux Theodericus filius eius.’
1080, Sigebert received the lands of Wadgassen from Emperor Henry IV through the intercession of Duke Thierry II of Lorraine. (S) Canes Palatini, Jackman, 2010, P25.
 [–––Henry and Gertrude–––]
Gertrude 1st married Henry.
3/21/1084, King Henry IV of Germany crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
5/25/1085, Pope Victor III succeeded Pope Gregory VII.
Aft. 9/20/1085, After the death of Hermann II, count plalatine of Lotharingia, Henry added the title of Count of Brabant. (S) History of the Netherlands, Grattan, 1830, P30.
1086, ‘Henricus … Bracbatensis patriæ comes et advocatus’ founded Afflighem abbey.
9/16/1087, Pope Urban II succeeded Pope Victor III. [Consecrated 3/12/1088.]
By 1090, ‘Teodericus dux Lotharingie’ donated the church at Nancy to the abbey of Molesme with the consent of ‘filio suo Simone.’
1091, ‘Heinricus comes Lovaniensis’ witnessed the charter by which Henri de Verdun Bishop of Liège approved the foundation of Flône.
10/10/1091, Pibo Bishop of Toul granted privileges to the monastery of Toul Saint-Léon and named ‘dux Theodericus et Simon puer eius filius, et frater ducis Gerardus comes et Renardus comes Tillensis.’
By 1093, Hedwig died.
1/1095, A donation to Flone by ‘Henricus Lovaniensis comitis’ married to ‘filie Roberti Flandriensis comitis.’
2/5/1095, Henry III died in a tournament at Tournai, in a joust against Gosuin de Forest; buried at Nivelles.
[–––Thierry and Gertrude–––]
8/15/1095 at Han-sur-Lesse, widow Gertrude married 2nd Thierry.
1095, Thierry took the cross of a crusader [but do to ill health did not leave on the crusade; sending a substitute in his place]. (S) Age of Pilgrimage, Sumpton, 2003, P197.
1/6/1099, Henry  V became King of Germany.
7/29/1099, Pope Paschall II succeeded Pope Urban II.
1108, Thierry’s brother Gerard died.
1113, Emperor Heinrich V granted Thierry the title of Marquis.
3/19/1114, ‘Theodoricus ... Lotharingorum princeps, dux et marchio’ made donations to Saint-Dié in the presence of ‘suorum filiorum ... Simonis, Theodorici, Gerardi, Henrici.’
12/30/1115, Thierry ‘the Valiant’ died; Gertrude surviving.
By 4/11/1126, Gertrude died.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Family notes:
·         959, Lorraine divided into 2 independent duchies, Upper [Metz, Toul, Verdun and Trier] and Lower.
·         Henri de Louvain s/o §Lambert [Baldric] de Louvain & Uda de Lotharingia [d/o Gozelon I, duke of Lower Lotharingia], s/o §Lambert I [le Barbu], comte de Louvain & Gerberge of Lower Lotharingia.
·         Adelheid van Betuwe d/o §Eberhard Graaf van Betuwe en Teisterbant.
·         Friedrich Graf von Formbach s/o §Thiemo I Dietmar, s/o §Graf Berthold.
·         Gertrud von Haldensleben d/o §Konrad Graf von Haldensleben.
·         Hadwide de Namur, d/o §Albert I Comte de Namur [died by 1010] & Ermengarde of Lower Lotharingia.
·         Aft. 1075, ‘Hadewidis ductrix’ founded the abbey of Châtenois.
·         Gerard von Metz, s/o §Gerhard Graf von Metz & Gisela ?
·         11/1048, On the death of his older brother, Gerard Graf von Metz appointed Duke of Upper Lotharingia by Emperor Heinrich III.
·         10/15/1062, At the court of Emperor Henry IV a judgment of Udo Bishop of Toul names ‘regnante Henrico IV Rom. Rege, Duce Gerardo, Ardulpho Tullensi comite.’
·         4/11/1067, ‘Gerardus … Lothariensium dux’ donated property to Echternach abbey naming ‘uxoris mea Hadvidis filiique nostre Theoderici … patris mei Gerhardi matrisque meæ Gislæ.’
·         8/11/1170, Gerard Graf von Metz died [apparently poisoned.]

Child of Gerhard and Hedwig:
Lothar von Supplingenburg, born 6/1075 in Germany.

8/30/1125, Lothar elected King of Germany.
4/12/1137, Lothar died.

Child of Thierry and Hedwig:
i. Simon I of Lorraine (1513002724) born ~1083 in Lorraine.

12/30/1115, Simon succeeded his father.
By 1113, Simon married [his stepsister] Adelaide de Louvain. [See below.]
8/5/1122, Mathieu named as the son of Simon in a charter.
4/11/1126, Charter of Duke Simon which refers to his ‘deceased mother’ Gertrude.
3/30/1130, ‘Simon ... dux Lotharingiæ et marchio’ made donations to the abbey of Bouxières-aux-Dames, in the presence of ‘soror mea domina Hara abbatissæ.’
4/10/1132, ‘Lotharingiæ ducem Symonem’ excommunicated by ‘Alberonis Archiepiscopi.’
By 1138, ‘Simon ... Lotharingorum dux’ renounced claims over property of ‘ecclesia de Sancti-Remigii-Monte’, brought by ‘patris mei beatæ memoriæ ducis Theodorici’, with the support of ‘uxore mea ... ducissa Adelide ... cum Matthæo ... unico  nostro filio.’
1/1139, Simon died; buried at Sturzelbronn.
Adelaide retired to the Cistercian abbey of Notre-Dame du Tart, near Dijon.
10/1155, ‘Judit Romaricensis ecclesie abbatissa’ donated property at the request of ‘Aledis mater ducis Mathei.’
Child: Matthias I, duke of Lorainne (756501362), born 1119.
Child: Agatha of Lorainne (378236603), born ~1123.
Agatha married Renaud III, count of Burgundy (378236603). Child: Beatrice, countess of Burgundy (189118301), married Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I (189118300).

ii. Gertrude [Petronella] of Lorraine born ~1090 in Lorraine.

1113, Gertrude married Floris II ‘the Fat’, count of Holland.
Child: Count Dirk VI who married Sophie of Luxemburg. Their child 94555208. Count Floris III of Holland, who married 94555209. Ada of Huntingdon.

Child of Henry and Gertrude:
i. Adelaide de Louvain (1513002725) born by 1095 in Louvain.

By 1113, Adelaide married [her stepbrother] Simon I of Lorraine. [See above.]

Child of Thierry and Gertrude:
i. Thierry of Alsace (189110410) born ~1105 in Alsace.