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G30: 756441102 Aetheling-Hungary

756441102. Edward Aetheling & 756441103. Agatha of Hungary

1016, Edward born in England, s/o §King Edmund the Ironside & Edith ?.
4/23/1016, Edmund became King of England on the death of his father.
10/18/1016, King Edmund of England, defeated at the battle of Ashingdon, gave Danish King Cnut all of England except for Wessex [which would be included on the death of Edmund.]
11/30/1016, Edward’s father died.
1016-17, King Cnut sent infant Edward into exile to be executed. [Instead Edward was routed to Kiev, traveling through Sweden.]
11/12/1035, King Canute of England died, naming his son Hardicanute as his heir. [Hardicanute remained in Denmark, and England split, the south loyal to Hardicanute, the north loyal to Harold, Hardicanute’s half brother.]
1040, Hardicanute became king of both Denmark and England.
1040-42, Hardicanute brought  Edward the Confessor of England back from exile in Normandy through a treaty.
1042, Hardicanute died, Edward the Confessor again became King of England. [Half-uncle of Edward.]
1046, Edward and Edmund were in Hungary where they paticipated in a war of succession.
 [–––Edward & Agatha–––]
Edward married Agatha.
1046, Edward and Edmund left Hungary to return to Kiev.
1051, William, duke of Normandy, in England, supposedly was made “heir” by Edward the Confessor. [This is in conflict with English law of the time which require an assembly of nobles to select a King’s successor.]
1052, Kind Edward the Confessor began the construction of Westminster Abbey. [Finished in 1065.]
Bef. 1054, Edward’s older brother Edmund died.
1056, Edward recalled to England as heir to the crown by King Edward the Confessor.
1057, Edward arrived back in England with his son Edgar.
4/9/1057, Edward, “the Exile” died [likely killed by Earl Harold Godwinson], buried at St. Paul’s, London.
Summer/1067, Agatha with her daughters Margaret, Christina returned to England.
1068, King Malcolm of Scotland granted refuge to English exiles fleeing King William I. [Who was violently suppressing revolts in the north of England.] The exiles included Margaret, her sister Christina, her brother Edgar, and their mother Agatha.
Agatha became a nun at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Family notes:
·         King Edmund the Ironside, half-brother of King Edward the Confessor [s/o Aethelred the Unready & Emma of Normandy.]
·         King Edumund; s/o King Aethelred the Unready [died 4/23/1016] & Aelfgifu [d/o Thored, earl of Northumbria]; s/o King Edgar the Peaceful [died 7/8/975] & Aelfthryth [d/o Ealdorman Ordgar]; s/o King Edmund I [died 5/26/946] & Aelfgifu of Shaftesbury; s/o King Edward the Elder [ King of the Anglo-Saxons, died 7/17/924]; s/o King Alfred ‘the Great’ [King of the Anglo-Saxons, died 10/26/899]; s/o King Aethelred of Wessex [died 4/23/871]; s/o King Aethelwulf of Wessex [died 1/13/858]; s/o Egbert of Wessex [died 839]; s/o Ealhumd of Kent [784, King of Kent.]

Children of Edward and Agatha:
i. Saint Margaret (378220551), born ~1050 in Hungary.
ii. Christina, born ~1051 in Hungary.

1086, ‘clito Eadgarus … germana Christina’ entered Romsey abbey as a nun.
Aft. 1090, Christina died.

iii. Edgar Aetheling (638797314), born 1053-5 in Hungary.