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G30: 756472974 Burgundy-Bourgogne

756472974. Odo [Eudes], duke of Burgundy & 756472975. Sibylle de Bourgogne

~1055, Eudes born in Burgundy, s/o 1512945948. Henri le Damoiseau de Bourgogne & 1512945949. Sibylla de Barcelona.
8/4/1060, Philip I succeeded as King of France.
1065, Sibylle born in Bourgogne, d/o 756441248. William I, Count of Burgundy & 756441249. Etiennette of Vienne.
4/22/1073, Pope Gregory VII succeeded Pope Alexander II.
By 1074, Eudes’ father died.
3/18/1076, Eudes’ older brother Hugues succeeded their grandfather as Hugues I, duke of Burgundy.
2/19/1078, ‘Hugo Burgundionum dux’ made a donation to Cluny, subscribed by ‘Oddonis fratris eius, Rotberti alterius fratris eius.’
10/1079, On the abdication of his brother Hugh, Odo became Eudes I ‘Borel’, duke of Burgundy. [Hugues became a monk at Cluny.]
1080, Odo, duke of Burgundy, and the Count of Nevers do personal service with King Philip I against Hugh, lord of le Puiset, besieging [unsuccessfully] the castle at Yevre-le-Chatel. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, V3, Bury, 1922, P116.
1080-3, ‘Odo dux Burgundie’ donated the village of Marcenay to the abbey of Molesme with the consent of ‘omnes eius fratres et sorores Robertus, Henricus, Beatrix, Helia.’
1081-84, ‘Heynricus frater meus’ witnessed the donation to Cluny of ‘Oddo dux Burgundie’.
3/21/1084, Henry IV, king of Germany, became the Holy Roman Emperor.
5/25/1085, Pope Victor III succeeded Pope Gregory VII.
1086, Raymond [of Galacia, brother of Sibylle] participated in the expedition of his brother-in-law Eudes I, duke of Burgundy, to reconqueror Muslim held territories. (S) Calixtus II, Stroll, 2004, P232. [They were responding to a call for help of Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon, married to Eudes’ aunt Constance of Burgundy.]
4/25/1087, Raymond and Eudes at court in Leon visiting with Eudes’ aunt Constance.
5/1087, Eudes fought the Moors in Spain accompanied by his brothers Robert and Henri. They besieged Tudela in the Ebro valley.
8/5/1087, ‘Ducem Burgundiæ Oddonem’ recalls a donation to Tournus abbey by ‘comitissa Cabillonensis filia Rotberti ducis’, after the death of ‘mariti sui Hugonis comitis’ [A donation by his aunt Constance, formerly married to deceased Hugo II, comte de Chalons, before marrying Alfonso VI.]
9/16/1087, Pope Urban II succeeded Pope Victor III. [Consecrated 3/12/1088.]
1088, Eudes was in trouble with the Pope because the monastery of Cluny had lost most of its possessions in the county of Burgundy.
1088, A new church [the 3rd] was begun at Cluny in Burgundy. (S) Architecture of Normany England, Fernie, 2002, P139.
8/29/1093, Eudes older brother Hugues died at Cluny.
1094 at Mozac near Clermont, King Philip of France met with papal legate Hugh of Die about his adultery with Bertrade de Montfort. Odo, duke of Burgundy, was present. (S) History of the Crusades, Setton, 1969, P235.
10/18/1094, Odo with King Philip at the monastery of Cluny.
6/1095, Odo’s daughter Helen married to Bertram, s/o Raymond, count of Toulouse. [Raymond and Odo attended.]
1097, Eudes hosted Anselm Bec, archbishop of Canterbury, who was traveling to Rome.
1097-8, Eudes arranged for payments of 20s. annually on land for Molesme monks to build a church at Cisteaux. [This is the founding of the Cistercian Order.] (S) New Westminster Dic. of Church History, Benedetto, 2008, P154.
3/21/1098, Eudes’ donations to the monastery of Citeaux [near Dijon] allowed them to build a church, consecrated on this date. (S) Life of St. Stephen Harding, Dalgairns, 1898, P41.
12/25/1099, Odo at Citeaux presented Robert, the abbot, the vineyard of Meursault. (S) Life of St. Stephen Harding, Dalgairns, 1898, P77.
1101, Before leaving for Jerusalem, ‘Odo dux Burgundie’ donated property to Saint-Bénigne-de-Dijon ‘in memorie Hugonis ducis fratris mei … Robertus dux avus meus.’
1101, ‘Odo dux Burgundiæ’ granted compensation for his actions to Cluny in which he names ‘filiorumque suorum, Hugonis, Heinrici.’
6/1101, Eudes departed on the minor crusade with Count Stephen-Henri of Blois; and William, count of Poitou, from Nicomedia. (S) 1st Crusade, Riley-Smith, 2009, P162.
5/19/1102, The crusaders at the battle of Ramla. [Eudes was betrayed by Emperor Alexios and was captured by the Muslims.]
3/23/1103, Eudes died at Cilicia; buried at Abbaye de Citeaux, Cote-d’Or; survived by Sibylle who became a nun at the abbey of Fontevraud.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Family notes:
·         Inscription [recorded in 1163] from Odo’s tomb: “Hic jacent tres illustrissimi Burgundie duces, Odo fundator hujus monasterii, qui obiit mcii. Hugh, filius ejus qui obiit anno mcxlii. Odo, filius dicti Hugonis, qui obiit mclxii.” [Odo and his two sons.] (S) Life of St. Stephen Harding, Dalgairns, 1898, P79.

Children of Odo and Sibylle:
i. Helen of Burgundy (378236487), born 1080 in Burgundy.
ii. Hugues II de Bourgogne (1513002720), born 1085 in Burgundy.