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G30: 756500480 Albini-Mowbray

756500480. Roger de Albini & 756500481. Amicia de Mowbray

Roger born in France, s/o William d’Aubigny [died 1056] & d/o du Plessis.
~1050, Amicia born in England, d/o §Roger de Mowbrai, earl of Northumberland.
10/25/1066, William I crowned King of England.
1081, ‘Rogerii de Albiniaco, filiique sui Rualoc …’ are named as witnesses at the court of William I, King of England, which records an agreement between the monks of Marmoutier and ‘Gaufridus Nervei filius.’
Aft. 1081, Roger died.
(S) Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica, Bannerman, 2001, P307. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Family notes:
·         Aubigny in the Cotentin of Normandy.
·         Amicia de Mowbray, sister of Robert de Mowbrai, Earl of Northumberland.
·         1080, A charter of Guillaume II Duke of Normandy, confirmed in a charter of King William I, confirmed the foundation of Caen Sainte-TrinitĂ© and its possessions, including the donation of ‘quam habebat in Grainvilla, pro filia sua ibi facta monacha’ made by ‘Rogerius de Molbray.’
·         3/1095, Robert de Mowbray, earl of Northumberland, refused to appear at the court of King William Rufus. William besieged and captured Robert, who remained imprisoned for the rest of his life.
·         1126, King Henry I confirmed donations of property to the abbey of Holy Trinity, Lessay by ‘Roger de Albineio and Amicia his wife with the consent of their sons William and Nigel’.

Children of Roger and Amicia:
i. William D’Aubigny (378250248), born ~1075 in England.
ii. Nigel de Albini (378250240), born ~1080 in England.