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G30: 756539736 Oliver de Tracy

756539736. Oliver de Tracy

~1130, Oliver born in Devonshire, England, s/o §Henry de Tracy & Hawise ?.
12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.
1146, ‘Henricus de Traci … cum filio meo Olivero’ donated property to Barnstaple Priory.
12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.
1164-5, Oliver’s father died.
1165, Oliver de Tracy [I] charged scutage on 25 knights’ fees.
1166, Oliver de Tracy held 23.5 fees of the honor of Barnstaple. [Oliver accounts for £16 13s 4d on 25 fees of the honour of Barnstaple. (S) Reports and Transactions, V29, 1897, P487. [Henry de Champernoun held Coryton of Oliver de Tracy. Roger de Champeaux held of Oliver de Tracy.]
1167-8, ‘Oliverus de Traci’ owing ‘.D. m p parte sua de Honore de Barnestapl’ in Devonshire.
1168, Oliver returned 30.5 knights’ fees.
1172, ‘Oliverus de Tracieio’ with 1 knight ‘de vicecomitatu de Cerenciis’ and 4 knights in his own service, holding enfeoffments in the duchy of Normandy.
1176-7, ‘Oliverus de Traci … pro parte sua de honore de Berdestapl’ in Devonshire.
1178, Oliver de Traci accounted for £232 19s 8d for his part of the Honour of Barnstaple. (S) Report and Transactins – Devonshire, V37, 1905, P428.
1183, Oliver’s son Oliver imprisoned [he would be released in 1186.]
1184, Oliver died. (S) Report and Transactins – Devonshire, V34, 1902, P729.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Family notes:
·         1110, William de Tracy witnessed a charter with Rohesia, his wife, and three children Turgis, Henry, and Gieve. [This family is not ancestral to William de Tracy, one of the murderers of Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury.] William became a monk the same year at Mont Saint-Michel.
·         Henry de Tracy succeeded his father William.
·         1139, Henry de Tracy put down the insurrection of William de Mohun, capturing 104 of William’s knights in calvary engagement. (S) War and Chivalry, Strickland, 1996, P195. [King Stephen bestowed part of the honor of Barnstaple on Henry de Tracy, who was succeeded by his son Oliver.]
·         1146, Henry de Tracy confirmed a grant to St. Martin by Juhel of Totnes [Henry a grandson of Jehuel]; who at the time shared the fief with Philip de Braose [son-in-law of Juhel.] (S) Report & Transactions of Devonshire, 1902, P728.
·         1153, Henry de Traci, lord of Barnstaple, Devonshire, an adherent of King Stephen, marched to Kary and besieged William de Mohun at his castle. Henry’s siege was broken by forces of Robert, earl of Gloucester. (S) History and Antiquities of Somersetshire, V1, Phelps, P379.

Child of Oliver and ?:
i. Oliver de Tracy (378269868), born ~1155 in Devonshire, England.