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G30: 638797312 Ivry-Meulan

638797312. Earl William of Yvery & 638797313. Auberic de Meulan

~1095, William born in Normandy, younger s/o 1277594624. Earl Ascelin Gouel de Perceval & 1277594625. Isabella de Bretevil.
~1100, Auberic born in Meulan, d/o 318232092. Earl Robert de Beaumont & 318232093. Isabel de Vermandois.
8/5/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.
1116, ‘Hildeburgis [grandmother of William] mater Goelli de Ibriaco [father]’ donated property to the abbey of Saint-Martin de Pontoise with the consent of ‘Goellus … uxoremque suam Isabel [mother] filiosque suos Willelmum atque Robertum’ [brother].
1119, King Louis of France, supported by Amaury de Montfort, invaded Normandy. Louis 1st burnt Ivry. (S) Henry I, Green, 2006, P153.
1119, Waleran de Beaumont became Count of Meulan on the death of his father. [Brother of Auberic.]
Aft. 1119, William’s father died. William’s brother Robert Goel restored to the castle of Ivry by King Henry I.
1121, William “Lupellus” [which means little wolf, his father was known as the wolf] succeeded his brother Robert Goel as Earl of the Norman and English estates. [This eventually became “Luvel”, and then with the 2nd son Ralph in England it became “Lovel”.] (S) Battle Abbey, Burke, 2009, P70.
1122-23, William alligned himself with his brother-in-law Waleran, count of Meulan, in favor of William Clito, s/o of Duke Robert, as the heir to Normandy.
4/1124, William defeeated, with his brother-in-law Waleran, count of Meulan, near the borough of Turold against King Henry I. William, to facilitate his escape, cropped his hair – as the English forces were cut. [Others fighting on their side included Waleran’s brother Robert de Beaumont, both brothers of Auberic; and Hugh of Chateauneuf-en-Thimerais and Hugh of Montfort-sur-Risle, both married to sisters of Auberic.]
1124-25, William went to England to take possession of lands in Norfolk and Suffolk. (S) Medieval Miscellany, Whitehead, 1965, P198.
1130, William Luvel holding land in Oxfordshire, England. (S) Official Guides – Ancient Monuments, 1958, P3.
12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England; usurping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I, and starting a civil war in England and Normandy.
1137, William’s younger brother Roger le Begue captured by King Stephen at Grossoeuvre in Normandy.
1138, William, supporting Empress Maud, besieged by King Stephen, the castle eventually surrendered.
3/5/1139, ‘Willelmus Luvel de Ivreio’, lord of Breval and Ivry, was at the court of Waleral de Beaumont. (S) Beaumont Twins, Crouch, 2008, P36.
9/30/1139, Empress Matilda landing at Arundel in Sussex, invaded England [the civil war would continue for more than a decade.]
1143, Brian fitz Count kept his Christmas at Ivry.
1144, Geoffrey Plantagenet [father of future King Henry II] subjugated all of Normandy.
1145, William Louvel of Ivrey a lay surety for a charter of Geoffrey Plantagenet to Rouen. (S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P393. [Others included Robert de Beaumont, William de Vernon, and Roger de Tosney – barons of the southeastern Norman marches.]
1147-51, William Louvel of Ivrey custos for Geoffrey Plantagenet at Nonacourt. (S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P393. [Geoffrey Plantagenet died in 1151.]
1151, William Louvel of Ivry witnessed a charter of Henry, duke of Normandy [future Henry II.] (S) Beaumont Twins, Crouch, 2008, P69. [Others witnessing include Waleran, count of Meulan, and Henry de Ferrieres.]
1152, William and his brother Roger in conflict with King Stephen.
1153, William defended his castle of Kary in Somersetshire against William de Tracy. [Waleran, count of Meulan, was captured during this period of stife, but released soon after.]
12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded King Stephen of England.
1155, William died; having witnessed the development of two main lordships: Anet-Breval and Ivry.
(S) A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct, Burke, 1866, P331. (S) Historical Memoirs – Vernon, Stapleton, 1856, P29. (S) Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy, V4, Vitalis, 1856.

Children of William and Auberic:
i. Waleran of Yvery, born ? in England.

Waleran succeeded to the Norman lands of his father.

ii. Ralph Lovel (319398656), born ~1115 in England.
iii. William Lovel (973515264), born ~1120 in England.

William ancestor of the Lovels of Tichmersh & Viscount Lovel.

iv. Richard Perceval, born ? in England.
Richard married d/o Earl William II de Mohun, earl of Somerset & Goldholde ?.
1161, Richard assessed scutage of Toulouse in Somerset.
1168, Richard assessed in Somerset for aid in the married of Maud, d/o King Henry.
8/23/1170, Richard de Clare [Strongbow] landed with 200 men-at-arms and 1000 archers at Waterford, Ireland. Richard was a member of Stronbow’s retinue.
1189, Richard assessed scutage for Wales.
1190, Richard left with King Richard to crusade in the Holy Land, where he lost a leg and had to return home.
1197, Richard and Henry Luvel [son of his brother Ralph] assessed scutage for Normandy.
1201, Richard assessed aid.
1201-2, Richard died; buried in the church of Weston-in-Gordano, Somerset.
[Richard ancestor of the Earls of Egmont.]