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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

G31: 1272928374 Vermandois-Valois

1272928374. Herbert VI of Vermandois & 1272928375. Adele of Valois

~1032, Herbert born in France, s/o §Odo, count of Vermandois & Pavie ?.
~1042, Adele, countess of Cressy and Valois, born in France, d/o §Raoul, count of Cressy and Valois.
5/25/1045, Herbert heir to his father.
1/1046, ‘Comes Heribertus’ names ‘materque mea Pavia … pater meus Otto, eius genitrix, avia mea Ermengardis’ donated property to Notre-Dame de Homblières.
1066, Herbert of Vermandois came with William the Conqueror to England.
1076, ‘Heribertus ... Viromanduorum comes’ confirmed donations to Saint-Prix made by ‘prædecessor noster Albertus.’
1077, Adele’s father died.
1077, Hugh succeeded as Comte de Valois in right of his wife.
1079, ‘Herbertus Vermandensium et Vadascorum comes’ donated property to the church of Saint-Quentin and others, with the consent of ‘Alide coniugis meæ.’
1080, Hugh died [having disinherited his only son Eudes.]
(S) The Record of the House of Gournay, Gurney, 1845. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Family notes:
·         12/25/800, Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III; died 1/28/814 [succeeded by his son Louis the Pious.]
·         Carloman [born 770-3], s/o Emperor Charlemagne.
·         781, Carolman, a minor, now ‘Pepin of Italy’ [after his father conquered the Lombards.]
·         7/8/810, Pepin, King of Italy, died at Milan before his father.
·         Bernard [born 797], s/o Pepin.
·         810, Bernard, King of the Lombards.
·         815, Bernard sent ot investigate a conspiracy to murder Pope Leo III.
·         Bernard, king of Italy, died 4/17/818.
·         Pepin, count of Vermandois, s/o Bernard & Cunigunda ?.
·         834, Pepin, lord of Senlis, Peronne and Saint Quentin.
·         840, Pepin supported Lothar I against Louis the Pious.
·         Herbert I [born 848-50], s/o Pepin.
·         877, Herbert I at the court of Emperor Charles II ‘le Chauve.’
·         886-9, Herbert I, comte de Soissons.
·         888-9, Herbert I, Comte de Meaux et de Madrie.
·         896, Herbert I became Comte de Vermandois after killing Comte Raoul in battle.
·         897, Herbert I reconciled with Eudes, King of France.
·         900, Herbert I repelled the invasion of Baudoin II, count of Flanders.
·         902, Herbert I, Comte de Meaux, de Soissons et de Vermandois, in battle with Baudoin II, count of Flanders.
·         907, Herbert I assassinated.
·         Herbert II, s/o Herbert I & Lietgardis ?.
·         922, Herbert II took part in the rebellion against Charles III “le Simple”, King of France.
·         923, near Soissons, Herbert II defeated and captured King Charles III.
·         924, Comte Héribert II received Péronne from Raoul, King of France.
·         927,  Comte Héribert II captured Eu, and forged an alliance with Comte Rollo, a viking. The same year, Comte Héribert II unsuccessful in an attempt to capture Laon.
·         928, Comte Héribert II accompanied the King of France into Burgundy.
·         939, Comte Héribert II joined the alliance against Louis IV King of France led by Otto I, King of Germany.
·         2/23/943, Herbert II, Comte de Meaux, de Soissons et de Vermandois, died; buried at Saint Quentin.
·         Albert [born ~925], younger s/o Herbert II & Adela Capet, d/o Robert, duke of France [future Robert I, King of France].
·         945, Albert, Comte de Vermandois, constructed the abbey of Saint-Michel at Rochefort.
·         948, Comte Albert swore allegiance to Louis IV, King of France.
·         9/8/987, Albert died.
·         Herbert IV, s/o Albert & [his 2nd wife] Gerberge de Loraine [died aft. 9/7/978], d/o Gilbert, duke of Loraine & Gerberga of Germany.
·         8/29/993, Herbert IV died.
·         Odo [Eudes, born 985-90], s/o Herbert IV, count of Vermandois & Ermengarde ?.
·         1021, Odo succeed his older brother as Comte de Vermandois.

Child of Herbert and Adele:
i. Adele of Vermandois (636464187), born ~1060  in France.