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G31: 1512883448 Boulogne-Louvain

1512883448. Eustace I, Comte de Boulogne & 1512883449. Mathilde de Louvain

Eustace born in Boulougne, s/o §Baldwin, comte de Boulogne & Adelais of Holland.
Matilda de Louvain d/o §Lambert I, count of Louvain & Gerberge de Lorraine.
4/26/1014, Heinrich II, King of Germany, succeeded Otto III as Holy Roman Emperor.
1015, Mathilde’s father died.
11/30/1016, Cnut became King of Denmark and all of England.
1018, Eustace of Boulogne fought with his ‘consanguineus’ Thierry of Gent against Duke Godfrey of Lower Lorraine.
5/1023, Eustace attended an assembly of counts [Boulogne, Flanders, Normandy and Valois] with King Robert II of France to form a coalition against Count Odo II of Champagne.
1023, Eustace of Boulogne and Count Baldwin IV of Flanders resolved a conflict between Bishop of Cambrai and the castellan of Lens.
8/1023 at Ivois, Eustace with King Robert of France at a meeting with Emperor Henry [of Germany].
1024, Eustace’s father killed in battle. (S) Battle Conference, 1991, P262.
9/8/1024, Conrad II succeeded as King of Germany.
1028, Eustace I of Boulogne confirmed the foundation of a college of canons in his castle at Lens.
1031, Eustace supported Baldwin V in rebellion against his father. (S) Battle Conference, 1991, P262.
7/20/1031, Henry I became King of France on the death of his father.
1033, The 1000th anniversary of the death of Christ; a year of famine and torrential rain in France. (S) The Age of Pilgrimage, Sumpton, 2003, P190.
5/30/1035, Baldwin V of Flanders succeeded his father Baldwin IV.
1038, Baldwin V of Flanders gave a charter in favor of Marchiennes abbey [northeast of Lens], witnessed by Eustace of Boulogne. [Baldwin’s seal is one of the earliest uses of an aristocratic seal.]
1039, Eustace I and Baldwin V attested the charter of Bishop Hugh founding the abbey of Phalempin [north of Lens].
1042, ‘Marquis Baldwin of Flanders’ gave a charter in favor of St. Bertin abbey in the seigneruie of Arques, witnessed by Eustace of Boulogne.
1046, Baldwin V of Flanders gave a charter in favor of Marchiennes abbey, witnessed by Eustace of Boulogne.
By 12/1046, Eustace died.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Families, Friends, and Allies:, Tanner, 2004.
Family notes:
·         950, Lambert of Louvain, s/o §Reginier III, count of Hainaut & Adela von Dachsburg.
·         973, ‘Raginerus et Lantbertus’ returned from exile and killed ‘Guarnero et Rainaldo’, who occupied their father’s county, near Perronam, and besieged ‘castello Buxude.’
·         977, Lambert married Gerberga, d/o §Charles, duke of Lower Lotharingia [Carolingian] & Adelais de Troyes.
·         998, Lambert’s brother Regnier IV gained control of Hainaut through a gift of Godfrey of Lorraine.
·         1002, Baldwin IV of Flanders allied with Count Lambert of Louvain.
·         1003, Lambert ‘le Barbu’, [1st] comte de Louvain, in a charter.
·         1005, Baldwin IV of Flanders allied himself with Count Lambert [of Hainaut], who had been passed over for a duchy by the King of Germany.
·         6/1006, Baldwin and Lambert captured the city of Valenciennes. (S) Cambridge Medieval History, Vs1-5, Bury.
·         8/1006 at Meuse, King Robert II of France met with King Henry II of Germany and formed an alliance against Counts Baldwin and Lambert.
·         9/1006, At a stalemate at Valenciennes, a truce called between the waring factions.
·         1007, Count Lambert returned to favor with King Henrich II of Germany.
·         1008, Count Lambert attacked [unsuccessfully] Baldwin at Cambrai.
·         1013, Count Lambert attacked [unsuccesssfully] Baldwin at Valenciennes.
·         9/12/1015, Count Lambert died at the battle of Florennes; succeeded by his son Henri [murdered 1038]; succeeded by his younger brother Lambert II [‘Baldric’, died 1062.]
·         1/27/1018, Gerberga’s gift to Gembloux consented to by her son Henri.
Children of Eustace and Mathilde:

i. Eustace II of Boulogne (756441724), born 1015-20 in Boulogne.

ii. Geoffrey of Boulogne, born ? in Boulogne.

1061, Geoffrey appointed Bishop of Paris.
1075-77, Geoffrey serving as Chancellor of France.
1081-85, Geoffrey serving as Chancellor of France.
1085-92, Geoffrey serving as Arch-chancellor of France.
1095, Geoffrey died.

iii. Lambert II of Boulogne (1279328486), born ? in Boulogne.

1047, Lambert became Comte de Lens.
1053-4, Lambert married Adelaide of Normandy (1279328487).
1054, Count Lambert killed in battle at Phalampin; his brother Eustace succeeding as Comte de Lens.
Child: Judith of Lens (639664243), wife of Earl Waltheof of Northumberland.

iv. Gerberge of Boulogne, born ? in Boulogne.

Gerberge married Frederic, duke of Lower Lothatingia.
Bef. 1059, Gerberge died; buried at the abbey of Stablo.

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