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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

G31: 1521882496 Burgundy-Normandy

1521882496. Rainald I of Burgundy & 1521882496. Adelais de Normandie

986, Renaud I [Reginald] born, s/o §Otto-William, Count of Burgundy & Ermentrude de Roucy.
10/24/996, Robert II, the pious, succeeded as King of France.
1004, A donation by ‘Otto comes cognomento Willelmus’ with ‘filii eius Rainaldi.’
~1005, Adelais, d/o 1512882192. Duke Richard II of Normandy & 1512882193. Judith de Bretagne.
Rainald’s mother [apparently] died.
1015, ‘Otto comes et uxor mea Adila’ donated property to Saint-Vincent de Mâcon subscribed by ‘Rainaldi filii sui.’
[–––Rainauld & Adelais–––]
Bef. 9/1/1016, Rainald married Adelais.
11/2/1023, ‘Otto comes qui nominatur Willelmus’ issued a charter subscribed by ‘Raynardi comitis, Adheleydis uxoris eius.’
1023-5, ‘Rainaldus trans Saonæ fluvium Burgundionum comes’ was imprisoned by ‘Cabilonensi comite … Hugone’ at Milinandum castle.
1025-6, Richard, duke of Normandy, intervened on behalf of his son-in-law Renaud de Bourgogne, who had been imprisoned by Hugues de Chalon, by sending troops to devastate Chalon and procure his release.
9/21/1026, Renaud I, succeeded his father as Count of Burgundy.
1029, ‘Reinaldus comes filius Ottonis cognomento Vuilelmi … Yrmengardis coniugis’ donated property ecclesiam sancti Nicolai vallis iuxta Poliniacum’ to Cluny, confirmed by ‘Rodulfus rex’ [King of Burgundy].
1030, ‘Raynaldi comitis, Adheleys uxoris eius’ subscribed the charter by which ‘Robertus regis Roberti filius et regis Henrici filii eius germanus … Burgundie Dux’ restored property to Cluny.
7/20/1031, Henry I became King of France on the death of his father.
1032, King Rudolf III of Burgundy died. Rainauld supported Emperor Conrad II against Eudes, comte de Blois, over control of Burgundy.
Adelais died.
Rainauld married 2nd Judith ?.
5/18/1037, ‘Raginaldus comes comitis Guillelmi filius’ donated property to the abbey of Flavigny, subscribed by ‘Iudid comitisse uxoris eius.’
1038, Count Rainald of Burgundy, when other counts of of Burgundy gathered in solothurn to offer homage to Conrad II and Henry III; chose to be at the court of French Duke Robert I of Burgundy. (S) Conrad II, Wolfram, 2006, P243.
5/24/1040, Count Rainald killed in battle against Duke Robert of Burgundy over control of Auxerre. (S) Robert the Burgundian, Jessee, P21.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.
Family notes:
·         Otto-William, s/o Adalbert, King of Italy.
·         980, Otto-William married Ermentrude, widow of the Count of Macon, d/o §Renaud of Roucy.
·         990. Otto-William, Count of Nevers and Macon.
·         4/1003, King Robert of France, supported by Richard, count of Normandy, invaded Burgundy, vying with Otto-William [step-son of Duke Henry]. They laid siege to Auxerre [unsuccessfully] into the summer. Otto-William received the duchy of Burgundy from his step-father, Duke Henry Capet, brother of King Hugh Capet.
·         1016, Otto-William revolted against Emperor Henry II of Germany.
·         Daughters of Otto-William & Ermentrude [sisters of Rainauld]:  Gerberge married William III of Provence; Agnes married 1st William V of Aquitaine, and 2nd Geoffrey I Martel, Comte d’Anjou.
Children of Rainald and Adelais:

i. William I of Burgundy (756441248), born by 1024 in Burgundy.

ii. Guy of Bourgogne, born ? in Burgundy.

1046, Guy tried to capture Duke Guillaume [future William the Conqueror] with the help of Néel de Saint-Sauveur, Renouf vicomte de Bayeux and Haimon le Dentu, but was forced to flee.
1047, Guy defeated at the battle of Val-lès-Dunes.
1047-50, Guy besieged at this castle for 3 years.
Guy sought refuge with Geoffroy, comte d’Anjou; then returned to Burgundy where he continually plotted to dispossess his brother.

Aft. 1069, Guy died.