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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

G31: 1947025536 William III de Mohun

1947025536. William III de Mohun & 1947025537. Lucy ?

[–––William II & Goldholde–––]
William II married Goldhold who brought him the manor of Brinkley, Cambridgeshire. (S) Feudal Cambridgeshire, Farrer, 1920, P115.
~1140, William III born in England, s/o §Earl William II de Mohun, earl of Somerset & Goldholde ?.
1141 at Winchester, William created Earl of Dorset by Empress Matilda.
1142, ‘Willielmus de Moyne comes Somersetensis’ founded Bruton priory in Somerset; witnessed by ‘Willielmo filio meo, Henrico, Juwanno, Petro, et Ricardo clericis.’
1160, ‘William de Moyon’ donated tithes to Troarn abbey; witnessed by ‘God[eholda] uxore mea et Willelmo filio meo.’
~1164, William II married Lucy.
1166, ‘Willelmi de Moiun’ holding 44 knights’ fees in Somerset. (S) Journal – British Arch. Assoc., V12, 1856, P316.
1167-8, ‘Willelmus de Moyn xli m, de nov ii m’ in Dorset and Somerset.
1172, ‘Willelmus de Moiun’ with 5 knights, and 11 knights in his own service, in enfeoffments in the duchy of Normandy.
1176, William’s grandmother Agnes died.
1177-93, ‘William de Moyon’ donated the churches of Moyon and Taissy to the canons of Briweton to hold after the decease of his brother Thomas.
1177-93, Confirmation ... to Robert, bishop of Bath, by William de Moyun … gift, for the souls of William his father, Agnes his mother, …
William II died.
[–––William III & Lucy–––]
Bef. 1186, William’s mother Godeholde died.
1186, ‘William de Moion’ granted tithes of his mills of Moion, Tesseium and Belcodreium to the Holy Trinity of Luzerne, for the soul of ‘his mother Godeheut’, witnessed by ‘Willelmo de Sancto Johanne, Gaufrido [Reginald] et Johanne et Roberto de Moion.’
Beef. 1193, Confirmation by William de Moyun of grants made by his grandfather, Earl William, his father William … Testibus :- Lucia uxore mea, …
Bef. 1193, Confirmation by William de Moyun of grants made to the canons of Bruton … testibus :- Lucia uxore mea, Willelmo filio meo et herede, Ricardo de Moyun …
10/1193, William III died.
1198, ‘Will de Traceio … Lucia de Moon’ both paid rent on part of ‘terre de Moon.’
1201, ‘Lucea de Moyun’ paid a fine for ‘feud vii mil’ in Cambridgeshire. [Paid 20 marks and accounted for 7 knights’ fees. (S) Journal – British Arch. Assoc., V12, 1856, P316.]
1203, ‘Lucia de Moon […terre de Moon]… Will de Traceio … versus Oliv de Traceio’ all paid rent in ‘Ballia Constancien’ in Normandy.
~1204, Confirmation by Reginald de Moyun at the prayers of his mother … to the canons of Bruton … testibus:- Lucia matre mea, …
 (S) Two Cartularies – Priory of Bruton, 1894, P239.
Family notes:
·         William II de Mohun s/o §William I de Mohun & Agnes de Gand.
·         1201, John de Moun [brother of William III] proffers 20m for seisin of his land of Brinkele, which his brother William gave him, but had been seized into the king’s hands. (S) Feudal Cambridgeshire, Farrer, 1920, P115.
Child of William and Lucy:

i. Reginald de Mohun (973512768), born ~1183 in England.