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Sunday, July 21, 2013

G32: 3025764392 Arnulf II of Flanders

3025764392. Arnolf II of Flanders & 3025764393. Rosalie di Ivrea

9/12/954, King Lothair succeeded King Louis IV as King of the West Franks.
959, Arunlf’s parents married: ‘Baldwin, in the flower of youth most distinguished, with recently betrothed wife named Matilda, of Saxon descent, distinguished equally by nobility.’
By 960, Rosalie born in Italy, d/o §Berenger II, King of Italy & Willa of Tuscany-Arles. [Rosalie educated at the imperial palace in Germany.]
961, Arnolf born in Flanders, s/o §Baldwin III of Flanders & Maud Billung.
962, Arnolf’s father died of smallpox.
963, Arnulf’s grandfather, Arnulf I [who had William Longsword, duke of Normandy, assassinated in 942]; offered King Lothair the lands of Artois up to the Lys, Douai, and Ostrevant; for his protection of the succession of his infant grandson.
964, ‘Arnulfus, filius Balduini ex Matilde’ succeeded his grandfather as count of Flanders. [Arnulf’s younger brother Adalulf received Ternois, Boulonais and the lay abbacy of Saint Bertin.]
968, Arnolf betrothed to Rosalie [known as Suzanne in Flanders].
968, Queen Gerberga [died 984], mother of King Lothar, in a charter returned the vill of Meersen to St. Remi of Reims ‘per manus fidelis advocati nostri Comitis Arnulfi.’
4/11/969, ‘Godefridi comitis, Ingelberti advocati, Arnulfi junioris marchysi’ signed the charter by which ‘Theodericus comes’ donated ‘Frilingim in pago Flandrensi’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand.
1/31/972, ‘Arnulfus … marchysus’ confirmed the possession of ‘Harnas … in pago Seirbiu’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand.
973, Arnulf’s guardian, his father’s first cousin, Baudouin Baldzo [de Boulogne] died.
973, Arunlf made himself Comte de Courtrai.
1/21/974, ‘Arnulfi … junioris marchysi, Herimanni comitis filiis Godefridi comitis, Wiggeri, Ingelberti advocati’ signed the charter by which ‘Godefridus comes et uxor sua Mathildis’ made donations to Saint-Pierre de Gand.
10/2/974, ‘Arnulfo juniore marchyso’ signed the charter by which ‘Theodericus comes et uxor sua Hildegardis’ made  donations to Saint-Pierre de Gand.
976, Arnolf reached majority and took control of his lands in succession struggle [killing one of his nephews in rebellion.]
976-7, Arnulf II of Flanders and Godfrey of Verdun attacked Hainaut.
977, Arnulf and Godfrey besieged and captured Castrilocum (Mons).
978, Richard I helped reconcile Arnulf II of Flanders with King Lothair and the surviving nephew.
978, King Lothair invaded Artois. King Lothair, to keep Arnulf neutral in the conflict, restored Arras and Artois to him.
[–––Arnulf & Rosalie–––]
By 980, Arnulf married Rosalie/Suzanne.
5/981, Duke Hugh Capet captured Montreuil from Arnulf II of Flanders.
12/7/983, Holy Roman Emperor Otto II of Germany died; leaving a 3-year old as his successor. King Lothair attacked Lotharingia.
985, At Verdun, Arnulf’s step-father and half-brother were captured by King Lothair.
3/2/986, King Lothair succeeded by his son King louis V.
986, Arnulf II of Flanders performed homage to King Louis V.
7/3/987, Hugh [Capet] succeeded Louis V [Carolingian] as King of France. Arnolf helped King Hugues of France sieze power.
3/30/988, Arnolf died; buried in Gent.
4/1/988, [Baldwin IV] ‘Baldwinus marchysus cum matre sua Susanna’ donated ‘villam Aflingehem … jacentem in pago Tornacinse’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand.
988, Rosalie married 2nd Robert II [‘rex designatus’ King of France]. Rosalie was given Montreuil-sur-Mer by the county of Flanders as her dowry.
Robert II repudiated Rosalie.
Rosalie returned to Flanders and became and advisor to her son Baldwin.
6/26/995, ‘Susanna regina cum filio suo Baldwino’ donated ‘alodem suum … Atingehem … et in Testereph’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand, for the soul of ‘filie sue Mathildis’.
6/1/1003, ‘Susanna regina … cum filio suo Baldwino’ donated ‘alodem suum … in pago Flandrensi … in Holtawa … in Fresnere … in Clemeskirca … in Jatbeka … in Sclefteta’ to Saint-Pierre de Gand.
2/7/1004, Rosalie died; buried at St. Peter, Gent.
(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Friends, Family and Allies, Tanner, 2004. (S) Creating the Monastic Past, Uge, 2005.
Family notes:
·         Maud Billung, d/o Conrad I of Saxony;
·         Baldwin III [died 962 before his father]; s/o Arnolf I [died 964] & Alice [d/o Herbert II, count of Vermandois]; s/o Baldwin II [died 918] & Alfritha [d/o Alfred the Great, King of England, died 901]; s/o Baldwin I, count of Flanders [died 879] & Judith, d/o Charles the Bald, King and Emperor of France [died 877] & Ermentrude of Orleans; s/o Lewis le Debonaire, King of France [died 840]; s/o Charlemagne, Emperor of the West [died 814.] (S) Royal Descents and Pedigrees, Burke, P-V.
Children of Arnoulf and Rozala:

i. Baldwin IV of Flanders (1512882196), born 980 in Flanders.