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33555968 Grenvile-Trewent

33555968. Richard de Grenvile & 33555969. Jane Trewent

5/27/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.
~1210, Richard born in England, s/o §Sir Richard Grenvile & Gundreda ?.
~1215, Jane born in Blisland, hundred if Trigg Minor, England, d/o §William Trewent.
10/28/1216, Henry III succeeded John as King of England.
~1217, Richard’s father died; Richard a minor in wardship of the king, [who granted custody to Ralph Bloet.]
7/14/1232,  Somerset. The abbot of Tewkesbury is amerced at 40s. before Jordan Oliver and his associates, justices assigned to take the assize of darrein presentment between him and Richard de Greinville concerning the church of Budef’. (S) FRsHIII.
7/26/1236, Fines and amercements before W. Raleigh . Devon. From Richard de Greinville , for placing his plea before the king (coram Rege), 15 m. (S) FRsHIII.
1238, Richard knighted.
6/11/1238, Richard compromised the long controversy between his family and the Abbot of Tewkesbury at court in Cornwall at Launceston, in the presence of Richard, earl of Cornwall, the king’s brother. The abbot and monastery quitted their claims; Sir Richard granted them 5 marks yearly as long as he lived, to be received of Roger de Founteney; and on his decease they were to get his lands in Campden, Gloucestershire.
Bef. 1240, “Let all men … I Richard the son of Richard de Grenvile, have granted and confirmed, … the writing of Richard de Grenvile, my grandfather, made to the burgesses of Bideford …” Sealed: “Sigil Ric De Granvile”. [Charter of liberties granted in 1206-7.]
2/1/1241, Gloucestershire. Richard de Greinville , 40 m., for disseisin. (S) FRsHIII.
6/1241, Richard died “ Junii obiit Richardus de Greynvill et sepultus est in capitulo Sancti Jacobi Bristollis”.
Jane brought forth her writ of Dower to have her lands in Campden restored to her [which had been promised to monastery at Tewkesbury] and won the petition.
(S) History of the Granville Family, Granville, 1895, P34ff.
Family notes:
1204, Richard de Grenvile’s father died; his mother Gundreda surviving.
4/27/1205, Richard under age; given in wardship to Richard Fleminge for 600 marks and 6 palfreys. “Johannes Dei gratia … Ricardo Fleming custodiam terrarum et haeredum Richardi de Greinville, … et maritageo Gundredae uxoris praedicti Ricardi. …”
1206-7, Richard paid 5 marks to have the privileges of the inhabitants of Bideford equalised with those of Exeter.
Sir Richard Grenvile married his father’s ward, d/o Thomas fitz Nicholas of Middleton.
1210, Sir Richard Grenvile held 3 knights’ fees and a half in Devon and Cornwall of the honour of Gloucester.
1211, Sir Richard Grenvile held 3 knights’ fees and a half in Devon and Cornwall of the honour of Gloucester.
Children of Richard and Jane:
i. Richard de Greynvyle, born ~1234 in England.
Richard married Catherine, d/o Josceline, of Mount Tregiminion.
1256, Bartholomew’s older brother Richard summoned to become a knight.
ii. Bartholomew de Grenvile (16777984), born ~1236 in England.
iii. Robert de Greynvyle, born ~1238 in England.
iv. Walter de Greynvyle, born ~1240 in England.