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Monday, April 13, 2015

243377348 Bois-Bassingham

243377348. Ernauld de Bois & 243377349. ? de Bassingham

~1170, Ernald [V] born in England, s/o 486754696. Ernald de Bosco & 486754697. Emma de Houghton.
1184, Ernald’s father, Ernald [IV] died.
7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.
1196, Ernald de Bois granted Elmsthorpe to William de Charnel. (S) Transactions of the Leicestershire Arch., V4, 1878, P173.
5/27/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.
1203, Ernauld de Bois , lord of Bois-Arnault, steward of the earl of Leicester, dispossed by King Philip Augustus of France. (The lands were given to Roger des Essarts.)
Bef. 1201, “Robert, comte de Leicester, seigneur de Breteuil … Toutes le donations (Eabbays de Lyre) … Ernauld-du-Bois a donne 10 s. de dunois a toujours payables a la fete de Sainte-Croix, en mai …” (S) Des Baux-de-Breteuil, 1872, P21.
1204, Ernauld de Bois transferred his loyalty to Roger de Quincy after the death of Robert de Quincy (brother of Roger).
1205-06, Ernald [V] died; Roger de Basingham owing 700 marks and 7 palfreys for having the wardship of the land and heir [Ernald VI], and for having the marriage of the said heir, and the marriage of his sister – the relict of said Ernald.
Family notes:
·         Ernauld married a sister of Roger de Basingham [Bassingham]. Ernauld’s son had multiple interactions with “Robert de Bassingham”.
Child of Ernauld and ?:
i. Ernauld [VI] de Bois (121688674), born ~1195 in Leicestershire, England.
ii. Emma de Bois, born ? in Leciestershire, England.
Aft. 1216, Ernauld de Bois gave Great Cleybroke and  Little Cleybroke in frank marriage to Nicholas de Haversham in marriage to his sister Emma (sealed “two bars and a Canton, wherein is a Lion passiant.”) (S) The Description of Leicestershire, Burton, 1777, P67.