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243377350 Beauchamp-Grey

243377350. Andrew de Beauchamp & 243377351. Eva de Grey

~1160, Ralph born in England, s/o Ralph Murdac.
~1170, Eva born in Oxfordshire, England, d/o 94560768. John de Grey.
~1175, Andrew born in Engand, s/o Matilda de Limesey, d/o Geoffrey de Limesey.
Eva 1st married Ralph Murdac, a royal judge.
By 1180, "Radulfus Murdac" donated "molendinum unum in Dedinto...Westmulle" to Eynsham abbey, for the soul of "avunculi mei Willelmi de Cheisnei” (S) FMG. [Could be the father.]
9/3/1189, Richard I succeeded King Henry II of England.
Bef. 1190,  “Ranulfus de Glamvilla” founded Leiston abbey, Suffolk, witnessed by “...Willielmo de Valeines, Radulfo Murdac...” (S) FMG.
1192, "Radulfus Murdac" donated his part "in molendino de Clifton" to Eynsham abbey, for the soul of "...Eue de Grai uxoris mee.” (S) FMG.
1192, Ralph, lord of Standlake.
1992-93, Ralph supported Prince John against King Richard. (S) Oxford Historical Society, V49, 1907, P90.
1194, Ralph forfeited Standlake, Deddington, Filkins and Broughton due to rebellion, his lands given to Wido de Diva.
1198, Eva’s father died.
By 1198, Ralph died. (S) Eynsham Cartulary, V1, P420.
5/27/1199, John succeeded King Richard I of England.
1199, Standlake restored to Eva after Ralph’s death.
By 1200, Eva married 2nd Andrew.
1200, Andrew de Beauchamp paid 50 marks for seisin of Radulfus Murdac's former lands in Thenford, Northamptonshire.
4/25/1200, King John confirmed land "juris eis descendit ex parte Roberti Basset et … in Tenford et Purston" to "Andr de Bellocampo et Eve de Gray uxoris eius." (S) Calendars of Ancient Charters, Morant, 1774, P4.
1201-12, “Quieti per Brevia. … Andreas de Bellocampo, j militem …” (S) Red Book of the Exchequer, 1896, Pt1, P146.
1203, … Rex Joannes in acquirenda Dolo urbe … Rex Francorum Philippus castrum … et Andream de Bello-campo, militem fidelissimum, … (S) Recueil des Historiens des Gaules, 1822, P342.
King John gave Assington Manor, Suffolk, to Andrew de Bello Campo. (S) The Manors of Suffolk, Copinger, 1905, P16.
9/16/1205, at Lugareshall, King John grants the Grand Charter of Lynn, by which it became a free burgh … witnesses … Jeffrey fitz Piers, earl of Essex, William, earl of Salisbury, William Birewer, Thomas Basset, Alan Basset, Simon de Pateshall, William de Cantilupe, … Andrew de Beauchamp. (S) Essay Towards Topo. Hist. … Norfolk: Clavering, Blomefied, 1808, P485.
9/28/1205, “Andr’ de Bellocampo lit littas dni R. pat de impli ptectoe …” (S) Rotula Litterarum, 1835, P46.
1208-10, Knight "Andreas de Bello Campo" held land "de Walengi." (S) Testa de Nevill.
1212, "Andreas de Bellocampo" holding one knight’s fee "de honore de Wallingforde" in Northamptonshire. (S) Walford’s Antiquarian Mag., V6, 1884, P21.
1214, Andrew received custody of Standlake wood.
6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.
10/28/1216, King Henry III, 9 years old, crowned at Gloucester.
By 1218, Duklyngtona. Sciant presentes & futuri … Hiis testibus, … Andrea de Bellocampo, … (S) Oxford Historical Society, V49, 1907, P160.
Andrew died.
1219, in Essex, "Johannes filius Andree de Bello Campo debet...esse in custodia domini regis et Eva de Gray mater eius habet custodiam eius et terre sue de Asington per dominum ipsa Eva est maritanda" (S) Testa de Nevill.
~1242, Eva died. The manor was divided into four parts, three passing to her daughters Beatrice (relict of Robert Mauduit), Joan (wife of Ernald de Boys), and Alice (wife of Ralph Hareng and formerly of Alan of Buckland), and the fourth to Jolland de Neville, son of her daughter Maud.
(S) BHO, Manors, Standlake.
Family notes:
·         1220, Andrew’s parentage is confirmed by a claim recorded by Bracton, by "Vitalis Engaun et Rogerus Gernet" against "Willelmum de Cantelupo et Maziliam uxorem eius" which recites that "Gaufridus de Limeseia" had "unum filium Walterum…et duas filias Beatriciam et Matillidem", that "Eliam de Bello Campo" was "filium et heredum ipsius Matillidis", and that "Matillis mater sua" had "plures…filios…Willelmum primogenitum et Johannem et Andream." (S) FMG.
Children of Ralph and Eva:
i. Beatrice Murdac, born ? in Oxfordshire, England.
Beatrice married Robert Maudit, s/o Robert Mauduit (121696964).
ii. Alice Murdac, born ? in Oxfordshire, England.
Alice married Alan Fitz Guy of Buckland.
Alice married Ralph Harang.
1246-7, Alice “Murdac” died holding 60s rent in Derneford, which passed to her grandson.
Children of Andrew and Eva:
iii. John de Beauchamp, born ? in Oxfordshire, England.
1219, in Essex, "Johannes filius Andree de Bello Campo debet...esse in custodia domini regis et Eva de Gray mater eius habet custodiam eius et terre sue de Asington per dominum ipsa Eva est maritanda" (S) Testa de Nevill.
1225, King John took back Assington manor from John and gave it to Roger de Clare. (S) The Manors of Suffolk, Copinger, 1905, P16.
10/3/1228, "John de Beauchamp" granted delay in repaying to the Exchequer "for Andrew de Beauchamp his father, for a prest that King John…made to him in Poitou." (S) FMG.
1230, Grant to John de Bello Campo, son and heir of Andrew de Bello Campo, … of all the land of Alsinton … (S) CCRsHIII.
iv. Joan de Grey (121688675), born ~1205 in Oxfordshire, England.
v. Maud de Grey, born ? in Oxfordshire, England.
Maud married Jollan de Neville.