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486754696 Bois-Houghton

486754696. Ernald de Bosco & 486754697. Emma de Houghton

~1150, Ernald [IV] born in Leicestershire, England, s/o Ernald [III] de Bosco & Isabel de Waterville.
Emma born in England, d/o Pain de Houghton.
1184, Ernald [IV] died; succeeded by his son Ernald [V].
Family notes:
·         Ernauld [II], s/o John de Bois, 2nd s/o Ernauld [I] de Bois.
·         ~1080, Ernauld [II] de Bois-Ernalud, was one of the principal vassals of the Count of Breteuil. (S) Cartulaire de Louviers, V1, Bonnin, 1870.
·         After 1086, Ernald de Bosco gave a carucate of land at Shrewley to the nuns of Pinley, confirmed by Robert, earl of Leicester. (S) British History, Parishes: Hatton.
·         Ernald [III] born in England.
·         1118-26, “Henricus rex Anglie … Normannie salutem. … Testibus … et Ernaldo de Bosco, …” (S) Norman Institutions, Haskins, P297.
·         10/1120, At Rouen, France. Notification to Geoffrey archbishop of Rouen … to the monks of St. Mary of Lire … petition of Earl Robert of Leicester … attested … and Ernald du Bois. (S) English Hist. Rev., 1919, P513.
·         1130, Ernald de Bosco holding Arnald, Leicestershire; Little Halton and Braefield, Northampton; and other lands in the honor of Huntingdon.
·         1131, Ernald de Bosco in the Pipe Roll for Leicestershire.
·         12/22/1135, On the death of King Henry I, Stephen usurped the crown of Empress Matilda, becoming King of England.
·         1143, Ernald de Bois, steward of Robert de Bossu, earl of Leicester. (S) Poems: Lays of the English Church, Moultrie, 1876, Appendix PIII.
·         Bef. 1147, Robert, earl of Licester, and Amicia his wife, and Robert their son, witness a charter of Ernald de Bosco addressed to Alexander, bishop of Lincoln.
·         7/10/1147, Biddlesden Abbey founded by Ernald de Bosco, seneschal of the Earl of Leicester. (S) Hist. and Antiq. of the County of Buckingham, V2, Lipscomb, 1847, P538.
·         ~1150, Ernald [III] de Bois married Isabel, d/o Roger de Wateville of Essex.
·         1152-67, Ernald de Bosco, … withnesses to a charter of Earl Robert Bossu.
·         Bef. 1154, Ernald de Bosco bestowed the lands of Robert de Meperteshall, called Marieland, by his forfeiture to Robert, earl of Leicester. (S) Biddlesden Abbey, Roundell, P278.
·         12/19/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.
·         1/13/1155, At a trial held at Oxford before King Henry II and Robert, earl of Leicester, the King’s Justice, attested by Ernald de Bosco. (S) Court, Household, Itinerary of King Henry II, P3.
·         1155-60, Ernald de Bosco, … attest a charter granted by Cecilia, widow of Robert de Vaudari.
·         Bef. 1159, Ernald de Bosco, … witnessed to an exchange made by Earl Robert Bossu with the house of Chaise Dieu of land in Attleborough and Eton for land in Wolvey.
·         Bef. 1160, In Syresham, Northampton, Riddlesden abbey held lands, called Westinhill, of the gift of Ernald de Bosco. (S) Biddlesden Abbey, Roundell, 1854, P281.
·         ~1160, Ernaldo de Bois built [or rebuilt] Humberstone Church, Leicester.
·         Bef. 1168, Ernald de Bosco, steward of Robert Bossu, earl of Leicester. [This Ernald also held the manor of Thorp near Melton Mowbray to which he gave the name “Ernald”.]
·         1168, Robert Bossu, earl of Leicester, died.
·         By 1173, “Robertus Dei Grat. Lincol. … Abbatia de Bitlesdena … sigilli nostri attestacione … dono Ernaldi de Bosco … (S) Biddlesden Abbey, Roundell, 1854, P285.
·         Ernald [III] died.
·         Isabel de Wateville gave Claybrooke church to Nuneaton, Warwickshire. (S) Nuneaton Priory, Weddington Castle.
Child of Ernald and Emma:
i. Ernauld de Bois (243377348), born ~1170 in England.