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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Generation 5 {Bell}

20. Rev. James Hugh BELL: & 21. Wilda Elizabeth LOFTIS:.
Ancestry of their children:
Mary Madeline Bell, born 7/21/1907 in Columbus, MS.
Wilda Elizabeth Bell, born 6/15/1909 in Brooksville, MS.
John Edward Bell, born 4/7/1921 in Columbus, MS.
 2/6/1875, James born in Starkville, Oktibbeha Co., MS., s/o 40. James T Bell & 41. Mary Jane McCollum.
11/20/1878, Wilda born in Lowndes Co., MS., d/o 42. Perry Oliver Loftis & 43. Della Elizabeth Kidd.
No.8:(S) 1880 Census. James, MS, OktCo., Distr147, Bt2.
No.10:(S) 1880 Census. Wilda, MS, LownCo., Bt3.
No.10:(S) 1900 Census. Wilda, MS, LownCo., 17-TWP.
1/10/1900, James married Wilda in LownCo., MS, (S) Co. Court Records. Bk. 20, P. 596. (S) Bell Family Bible.
6/15/1900, (S) 1900 Census, MS, OktCo., Starkville, 4-WD. 1900 census: James is a retail grocer. Living with them: G Morgan is James’ maternal uncle, Margaret is his maternal grandmother.
1906, “Bell, J H, (Wilda), mgr Singer S M Co, res 1103 N 8th Av, Tel 314.” (S) 1906 City Directory of Columbus, MS, P18. James’ mother lives with them.
Bef. 1907, they moved to Potts Camp Town, Marshall Co., MS.
1909, they lived in Brooksville, Noxubee Co., MS.
4/16/1910, (S) 1910 Census, MS, Marshall Co., Potts Camp Town, BT-5. Fb: SC. Occ: Minister. Can read and write. Owns house free of mortgage.
Before 1913, they moved to Columbus, MS.
(S) ~ 1913, James compiled and edited “Church Directory” of First Methodist Church, Columbus, MS. Addr.: 1103 N. 8th St. (S) MS State Archives in Jackson, MS. 286.1762973 B433c.
1918, “Bell James H Rev (Wilda), res 1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1918 City Dir. of Columbus, P84. James’ mother Mary lives with them.
9/9/1918, (S) WWI Draft Registration, LownCo., MS. James is a self-employed minister in Columbus, MS. Wilda is listed as closest relative. He is described as tall and slender, with grey eyes and grey hair.
1/12/1920, (S) 1920 Census, MS, LownCo., Columbus, 4-WD, 18-TWP, Range 1. Fb: SC. Owned home with a mortgage. Occ: Minister for 1st Methodist Church.
4/7/1921, they are living in Columbus, MS. James’ occupation is a Methodist Evangelist. (S) Birth Certificate of son John Edward Bell ( 2).
1922, “Bell James H Rev (Wilda), h 1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1922 City Dir. of Columbus, P86. James’ mother Mary lives with them.
1925, “Bell Wilda E, r1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1925 City Dir. of Columbus, P48. James’ mother Mary, son Sidney, and daughter Madeline live with her. James is not living in Columbus.
10/1927, Sisters Wilda in LownCo., Jennie Lou in OktCo., and Bessie living in MN sue their brother William Ward Loftis. The 4 are the “sole and only heirs of Perry O. Loftis, deceased.” (S) Chancery Court Records, Col. Libr., Columbus, MS.
1928–1929, “Bell James H (Wilda), historian, h 1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1928–1929 City Dir. of Columbus, P49. Their children Sidney, Wilda, and Madeline live with them.
10/1929, The stock market crashed beginning “The Great Depression”, which would last ten years.
4/4/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, LownCo., Columbus. R1157. Occ: Advertising salesman. He is unemployed. James H Jr., 16 is not listed.
1931, “Bell Jas H (Wilda) adv h1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1931 City Dir. of Columbus, P40.
4/1/1935, James and Wilda, with son John, live at 604 5th St. So., Columbus, MS. (S) 1940 Census.
1936, “Bell Jas H (Wilda) h1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1936 City Dir. of Columbus.
1/1937, James and Wilda sent their son John to live with their daughter Wilda in IL.
1/14/1938, They live in Columbus. (S) Obituary of daughter Madeline.
4/2/1940, James and Wilda, with sons Sydney and John, live at 604 5th St. So., Columbus, MS. James is a newspaper editor. They rent their home for $16 a month. Both James and Wilda finished a year of college. (S) 1940 Census.
1941, “Bell J H & Willie, h 604 5th St”. (S) 1941 City Dir. of Columbus. [This must have been compiled in 1940 before Wilda died.]
1/13/1941, Wilda died in Columbus, MS. Burial in Friendship Cem., Lot 358, Columbus, MS. “Rites for Mrs Bell Tomorrow ­– Columbus Matron Dies Last Night Following Extended Illness – Mrs. Wilda Loftis Bell died at 11:10 last night, following an extended illness. Mrs. Bell was born and reared in Lowndes County, the descendant of pioneer families of the county. Until her loss of health, she was active in church work as a member of the First United Methodist Church. Surviving, besides her husband, are two sons and a daughter. Sidney and John Edward Bell of Columbus, and Mrs. Bob Gore of Murphysboro, Ill; also three grandchildren; a brother, Dr. W. W. Loftis of Columbus and two sisters, Mrs. Charles Hartness of Oktibbeha County, and Mrs. Charles Tully (Kelly) of Chicago. Funeral services will be held from the First Methodist Church at 2 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, meanwhile the body will lie in state at Gunter Funeral Home on College Street. The services will be conducted by Dr. J. D. Wroten, assisted by Dr. L. P. Wasson district superintendent. Interment will be at Friendship Cemetery. Pall bearers will be T. A. Johnson, J. W. Jones, Keith Guyton, Henry Bowlin, J. V. Talantis, Dr. D. D. Griffin, T. A. McGahey, K. L. Spurlock. The ladies in charge of the flowers will be Mrw. W. H. McClanahan, Mrs. Henry Bowlin, Mrs. L. P. Wasson, Mrs. W. H. Satterwhite, Mrs. R. P. McConnel, Miss Velma Morris, Miss Hattie Stokes, Mrs. Ludie Breland. (S) The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, MS; Tuesday, January 14th, 1941.
 9/1941, James Hugh Bell, 425305656, applied for Social Security. His Parents wre John T Bell and Mary J McCullum. (S) SS Applications and Claims Index.
12/7/1941, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor drawing the US into WWII.
1942, “Bell, Jas H, h 305 3rd S.” (S) 1942 City Dir. of Columbus. He lives in the home of son Sidney.
1947, “Bell, James H, slsmn, h 305 3rd S.” (S) 1947 City Dir. of Columbus.
~ 1952, James was moved to a nursing home in Jackson, MS.
12/18/1954, James died in Jackson, MS. (S) Gunter Funeral Home record, 12/20/1954. Burial in Friendship Cem., Lot 358, Columbus, MS.
Family notes:
·         The Loftis family plantation was located in Steens, Lowndes Co., MS on the AL border.
Children of James and Wilda:
i. Thomas Leslie Bell, born 8/25/1903 in Starkville, Oktibbeha Co., MS.
1/31/1905 died. Burial in Friendship Cem., Lot 358, Columbus, MS.
ii. Sydney Wade Bell, born 6/18/1907 in Potts Camp, Marshall Co., MS
No.4:(S) 1910 Census.
No.4:(S) ~ 1913, “Church Directory” of First Methodist Church. n: “Sidney
No.4:(S) 1920 Census.
1922, “Bell Sidney W, student, bds 1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1922 City Dir. of Columbus, P86.
1925, “Bell Sidney W r1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1925 City Dir. of Columbus, P48. He is living with his mother, grandmother, and sister.
1928–1929, “Bell Sidney student, r1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1928–1929 City Dir. of Columbus, P49. He is living with his parents, and sisters Madeline and Wilda.
No.4:(S) 1930 Census. Occ: Show Director in the Stage industry.
1933, Sydney visited his aunt Bess Loftis Kelly in Chicago.
4/1/1935, Sydney lived in New York, New York. (S) 1940 Census.
1937, Sydney’s younger brother John, living with their sister Wilda in IL, visited him in the summer.
1/14/1938, Sydney lived in Camden, NJ. (S) Obit of his sister Madeline. Sydney was a member of the Paper Mill Playhouse on Brookside Drive in Short Hills, NJ. He wrote plays as well as acted in plays.
4/2/1940, Sydney lives with his parents in Columbus, MS. Sydney finished 4 years of college. (S) 1940 Census.
3/17/1941 “Sidney” enlisted in the Army as a Warrant Office and was sent to Camp Shelby. Sydney had 3 years of college, was 70 inches tall, and weighed 175 pounds.
1942, “Bell, Sidney W, USA, r 305 3rd S.” (S) 1942 City Dir. of Columbus. His father lives in his home; he is in North Africa in the Army. He served as a Chaplain’s aid, playing the piano for religous services.
WWII: Sydney served in the USO and traveled around the theater of operations. He sent his pay back to his father in Columbus, MS.
11/1945, Sydney left Columbus, MS.
1951, Sydney spent 3 weeks in London working for Welles Tours. When his work with Welles was over, he stayed in London. With the help of  “a little old man named Horace Ledfeather” he researched Bell genealogy in the British Museum.
Bef 1/8/1956, Sydney moved to CA: (S) A letter to his sister Wilda.
5417½ Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles 29, California
One of Sydney’s surviving scripts: “Boy Ranger”. [At some point the co-author also moved in with Sydney.]
12/27/1965 Sydney lived at: (S) A letter to his sister Wilda.
1140½ N El Centro Blvd.
Hollywood 28, California
7/7/1966, Sydney died. (S) CA Death Index. Cremation in Chatsworth, CA. Cause of Death: Lung cancer.
[Sydney never married.]
iii. Mary Madeline Bell, born 7/21/1909 in Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS. (S) Bell Family Bible.
No.4:(S) 1910 Census.
No.4: (S) ~ 1913, “Church Directory” of First Methodist Church. n: “Madeline”.
No.4: (S) 1920 Census.
1925, “Bell Madeline student r1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1925 City Dir. of Columbus, P48. She is living with her mother, grandmother, and brother.
1928–1929, “Bell Madeline student, r1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1928–1929 City Dir. of Columbus, P49. She is living with her parents, sister Wilda, and brother Sidney. [She attended MSCW.]
7/1930, Madeline married William Tally Bains Jr., born 3/31/1903.
1931, They lived in Birmingham, AL.
1934, They moved to in Albertville, AL.
4/1/1935, William and family living in Albertville, AL. (S) 1940 Census.
1/14/1938, a Friday at 6 PM, Madeline died in the Birmingham hospital after the childbirth of twins, neither surviving; buried in Memorial Hill Cem., Albertville, AL. (S) 1/21/1938 Albertville Newspaper. [The funeral service was the following Sunday – survived by husband and 2 children.]
4/20/1940, William T. Baines Jr. with daughter Madeline and son William III live with his sister, Mattie Lee, married to Hoyt Levy; in Albertville, AL at 279 Broad St. William Jr. had completed 4 years of college. Madeline has completed 2nd grade. William is a dealer at an electric shop. (S) 1940 Census.
4/26/1960, William died; buried with Mary.
        Mary Madeleine Bains, born 4/26/1931 at Jefferson County, AL. (S) Birth Certificate.
William Talley Baines III, “Bubs”, born 2/4/1936 in Columbus, MS.
1973, They lived at 615 E Main St., Albertville, AL. 35950.
1992, He died in Albertville, AL.
iv. Wilda Elizabeth Bell, born 6/15/1909 in Brooksville, Noxubee Co., MS.
No.4:(S) 1910 Census.
No.4:(S) ~ 1913, “Church Directory” of First Methodist Church.
No.4:(S) 1920 Census.
1926, Wilda graduated S. D. Lee High School in Columbus. (S) Graduation Group Picture.
1928–1929, “Bell Wilda student, r1103 N 8th av”. (S) 1928–1929 City Dir. of Columbus, P49. She is living with her parents, sister Madeline, and brother Sidney
No.4:(S) 1930 Census.
1930, Wilda graduated from the MS State College for Women, Columbus, MS.
7/19/1930 a Saturday at 9 AM at the First Methodist Church of Columbus, Wilda married Robert C. Gore Jr., born 8/4/1903 in AR. (S) Wedding Announcement.
1932, They lived in St. Louis, MO. (S) Birth of Daughter.
4/1/1935, They lived in Murphysboro, IL. (S) 1940 Census.
1/1937–1938, They lived in Murphysboro, IL.  John ( 2) lived with her for about 2 years. (S) Obituary of her sister Madeline.
1939, Robert earned $2080. (S) 1940 Census.
4/2/1940, Robert, Wilda, and daughter Jan live in Murphysboro, IL. They rent their home for $28.50 a month. Robert had completed 2 years of college. Wilda had completed 4 years of college. Jan, age 7, had completed 1 year of school. Robert is a reporter for Dun & Bradstreet credit rating.
~1940, They moved to Montgomery, AL. (S) Amidst the Fray, 2006, William M Mounger, P344.
~1949, They moved to New Orleans, LA.
1953, They moved to Jackson, MS.
1/8/1956, they lived at 1319 Peachtree St., Jackson, MS. (S) Letter from brother Sydney.
5/17/1975 Robert died in Jackson, MS; buried with Wilda.
1/30/2007, Wilda died at her home in Jackson; buried in Lakewood Memorial Park Cem.
Children: [Living daughter.]
v. James Hugh Bell, Jr., born 7/22/1913 in Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS.
No.4: (S) 1920 Census.
4/3/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, Hinds Co., Jackson. James a patient in the MS State Insane Asylum.
12/13/1934, James died. (S) Gravestone. Burial in Friendship Cem., Lot 358, Columbus, MS.
vi. John Edward Bell (10), born 4/7/1921 in Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS.
Children: [4 Living.]