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Monday, December 11, 2017

Generation 6 {Bond}

32. Sylvanus D BOND & 33. Elizabeth A ELLIOT:
6/29/1858, Sylvanus born in Flint Creek, MS, s/o 64. Thomas A Bond & 65. Mary Taylor
No.8:(S) 1860 Census. n: “Sylvester”
6/15/1860 Elizabeth, “Lizzie”, born in GreeCo., MS, d/o 66. Joshua Elliott & 67. Elizabeth Mulford. Her graveston indicates a birthdate of 6/15/1865.
No.10:(S) 1860 Census. Elizabeth.
No.8:(S) 1870 Census. Sylvanus.
[Both of Elizabeth’s parents apparently died, her brother and her were placed in foster homes.]
7/15/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, PerrCo., Augusta PO, On Red Creek. Elizabeth is living with an unrelated family, the mother Mary’s maiden name was “Walley”. This is close to where Sylvanus lived on Flint Creek, but closer to the coast. Her step-parents are buried in the Bond–Harvison Cem.
1/15/1880, Sylvanus married Elizabeth. (S) HarrCo, MB7, P150.
6/16/1880, (S) 1880 Census, MS, HarrCo, 4-BT. Sylvanus is a farmer. He lives next to his father.
12/18/1886, (S) PerrCo. Property Rolls; Sylvanus purchased 160.36 acres for $10. Relinquished 5/15/1893.
6/1/1900, (S) 1900 Census, MS, HarrCo, BT-5. Both were 19 when they got married in 1880.
10/17/1904, Sylvanus acquired 160 acres in StnCo.: St. Stephens, NW, S1,3S,10W. (S) GLO Records.
5/7/1910, (S) 1910 Census, MS, HarrCo, 4-BT. Elizabeth has had 9 children of which 8 are still living. Renting a farm.
2/2/1920, (S) 1920 Census, MS, George Co., 5-BT. They owns their home free of mortgage. Occ: farmer. Sylvanus can read and write. Elizabeth cannot read or write. Son Thomas lives next to them.
9/1925, “Mrs S. D. Bond” received a letter sent to “RTE A, RP014, WIGGINS, MISS.” (S) Address lable from letter.
4/18/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, StnCo., 1-BT. “Retired”.
6/19/1930, Sylvanus died. Burial: Thomas Bond Cem., StnCo., MS.
2/14/1934, Elizabeth died. Burial: Thomas Bond Cem., StnCo., MS.
Family notes:
“Vanus Bond Found Dead” Wiggins, June 20. – Vanus Bond, 72-year-old resident of east Wiggins, was found dead in his bed yeaterday morning at 8 o’clock by his daughter, Mrs. Ross Hughes. Physicians said death was from matural causes, and that the man had been dead several hours when found by his daughter. Mr. Bond is well known in this section where he lived practically all his life. He was burid this morning at 10 o’clock at the family home near Big Level with Rev. Hill, a Baptist minister of Wiggins, officiating. Surviving him are four daughters and three sons. Mesdames Rogers and Ratcliff of Laurel, Mesdames Roy Morse and Ross Hughes of Wiggins and Tom and Dave Bond of Biloxi and Mills Bond of Wiggins. A sister, Mrs. Ona Lott, also survives.
A “portrait” of Sylvanus and Elizabeth has some history. The frame has a bubble glass and a metal-like cathedral border. No date is on the frame, but it says “Chicago Portrait Company- frame price $7.90.” It seems to date to the 1920’s. $7.90 was a big price in the 1920’s. Chicago Portrait Company was founded in 1893 and located 509 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL. Photographers would travel around the country, taking photographs of people, and mailing the film to the Chicago Portrait Company. They were in the business of enlarging the photographs, and hiring local “artists” to paint over the picture, making it seem to be a hand-painted portrait. The company would mount the photos in large frames and return them to the customers.
Children of Sylvanus and Elizabeth:
i. David Franklin Bond (16), born 11/3/1880 in MS
No.4:(S) 1900 Census.
12/26/1907, Thomas married Lona Fairley.
1917, Thomas married Nancy Nannette Byrd; born 2/26/1897. Aka “Aunt Nan”.
9/12/1918, Thomas register for the WWI draft, a farmer living in Clarence, GeoCo., MS. (S) Draft Reg. Card.
2/2/1920, (S) 1920 Census. Thomas is a farmer, living next door to his father Sylvanus. Married, no children.
No.4:(S) 1930 Census. Family living with Sylvanus.
1934, Thomas living at 1718 E Howard Ave., Biloxi, MS. (S) Funeral Record.
12/17/1934, Thomas died; Burial: Thomas Bond Cem., StnCo., MS. (S) Bradford–O’Keef Funeral Record, B22, P13. He died of pneumonia.
Mack Lee Bond, born 9/1/1920 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
10/2/1948 he married Goldie Esther Cobb [Kriss?]. (S) HarrCo, MB78, P148.
Elizabeth Ann Bond, born 1/17/1923 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
10/3/1944, she married Jacob Lamar Quave Jr, born 9/22/1917 in Biloxi. (S) Harr Co. MB66, P226.
10/1978 she died.
Margie Evelyn Bond, born 9/23/1925 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
5/27/1942 she married John D Parker Jr. (S) HarrCo, MB55, P401.
Andrew David Bond, born 9/3/1928 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
4/24/1955 he married Joe Mae Lee. (S) HarrCo, MB101, P186.
Clydean Bond, born 1930.
5/7/1951, she married James L Burrus. (S) HarrCo, MB85, P447.
No.4:(S) 1900 Census.
6/25/1908, Rosa married William Luther Hughes, born 1/10/1886. (S) HarrCo, MB21, P2.
5/7/1910, (S) 1910 Census, MS, HarrCo, 4-BT. They live with Sylvanus.
9/12/1918, (S) William’s WWI Draft Reg., StnCo., MS. They live in Wiggins. He is a carpenter for the Finkbine Lumber co.
1/23/1920, (S) 1920 Census, MS, StnCo., Wiggins. He is a house carpenter. They own their home.
3/16/1925, William died.
4/22/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, StnCo., Wiggins, D1. Rosie is a widow. She owns her home valued at $400. Nettie is a telegraph operator.
Rosa married 2nd Joe Pettis, born 1884 in AL. (S) 1940 Census.
1940, Joe and Rosa Hughes, his wife, live on a “local” road in Stone County. Joe’s step-daughter Willie, age 14, lives with them. Joe is a fireman on a steam engine. They own their home valued at $150. They live next to Rosie’s sisters Mary Elsie and Bettie. Rosa completed 5th grade. (S) 1940 Census.
1/1/1964, Rosianna died; buried in Woodlawn Cem., Wiggins MS, north side.
Katie Mae Hughes, born 12/25/1909 in MS. (S) 1910, 1920 Census.
4/1/1925 she died.
Nettie Mae Hughes, born 8/5/1911 in MS. (S) 1920, 1930 Census.
She married Lamar Taylor.
She married 2nd Floyd Fitzgerald.
Burham Hughes, born 10/2/1913 in MS. (S) 1920, 1930 Census.
12/27/1936, he was killed.
Eula Mae Hughes, born 7/30/1917 in MS. (S) 1920, 1930 Census.
She married Johnnie D Jackson.
Verlon Eugene Hughes, born 4/22/1920 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
He married Phyllis Newman.
Willie Mae Hughes, born 7/29/1925 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
1940, Willie has completed 7 years of school. (S) 1940 Census.
3/1/1942, she married Alfred Frederick Dantzler Jr. (S) HarrCo, MB54, P413.
No.4:(S) 1900 Census.
Queenie married William Dolphus Elliott, born 1/31/1881 in MS.
9/12/1918, (S) William’s WWI Draft Reg., LamCo., MS. He is a farmer. They live on RFD #2 in Purvis. William did not sign, he “made his mark”.
1/2/1920, (S) 1920 Census, MS, Lamar Co., Bt1. “W D” is farmer. They rent their home on a public road.
1/6/1929, Queenie died, buried in ??? Woodlawn Cem., Wiggins, MS.
2/4/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, Lamar Co. William is remarried and has 2 step children.
Earl Elliott, born 9/1914 in MS. (S) 1920,1930 Census.
He married Mattie Fortenberry.
Eva Mae Elliott, born 12/04/1917 in MS. (S) 1920,1930 Census.
She married Sherman Delancy.
She married 2nd Slim Riley.
11/26/1968 she died.
Willie Belle Elliott, born 1/6/1920 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
She married Prentiss Kaufman, born 2/19/1919.
Burl Elliott, born 2/11/1921 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
He married Nellie Ellis.
Pauline Elliott, born 4/10/1923 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
She married Lee Lowery, born 6/12/1918.
William Douglas Elliott, born 8/26/1926 in MS.
He married Julie Knight, born 9/4/1926.
5/25/1890, Martha died; burial in Thomas Bond Cem., StnCo., MS.
No.4:(S) 1900 Census.
No.4:(S) 1910 Census.
6/26/1917, Elsie married Henry Leroy Morse, born 10/1/1895 in Michigan. Aka “Uncle Roy”. (S) StnCo. Marriage Records.
1/20/1920, (S) 1920 Census, MS, StnCo., Bt1. They rent their home. They have no children. Henry is a “saw filer” at a saw mill. Both can read and write.
4/18/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, StnCo., Wiggins. They rent their home for $8 a month. They have one child. Leroy is a laborer in a lumber mill.
1935, Roy and Elsie live in Stone County. (S) 1940 Census.
1940, Henry Leroy “Morrison”, wife Elsie, and daughter Mary Elizabeth live on a “local” road in Stone County. They own their home valued at $1000. They live next to Mary Elsie’s sisters Rosie and Bessie. Henry is a machinist in a pickle factory. Elsie completed 7th grade. (S) 1940 Census.
Leroy worked at the Rainbow pickle plant in Wiggins. Elsie stayed at home and took care of the family. They ran a small milk business. Mary would deliver milk before going to school.
11/6/1969 Elsie died; buried in Woodlawn Cem., Wiggins, MS., near fence and street.
11/29/1970 Roy died, buried with Elsie.
Mary Elizabeth Morse, born 10/24/1929.
Never married.
Mary lived at 1502 McGregor Dr., Wiggins, MS.
The house was moved to this location [next to Bond-Harvison Cem.] in 1935.
Mary was the original owner of the painting of Sylvanus and Elizabeth. In 2006 she passed the picture along to be sure it stayed in the family.
No.4:(S) 1900 Census.
No.4:(S) 1910 Census.
10/12/1920 in Forrest Co., MS, Honor married Shelton C Rogers, born 4/29/1894. (S) ForrCo. Marriage Records.
4/8/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, Jones Co., Laurel. n: ”Honor B”. They own their home at 1136 1st Ave., valued at $3000. He works in an ice factory. She is a nurse in private practice. Shelton is a WWI veteran.
They owned a grocery store on 2nd St., and lived near her sister Bessie. Honor was a nurse for Metropolitan Life Insurance. She visited prospective insurers to evaluate their health. She also cared for her nephew Joseph “Bo” Davis Ratcliff, who was crippled by polio.
12/18/1934 Honor signed for funeral expenses of her brother Thomas Andrew. She lives at 1136 1st Ave., Laurel, MS. (S) Bradford–O’Keef FB22, P163.
1935, Shelton and Honon live in Laurel. (S) 1940 Census.
1938, “Rogers Shelton C (Honor B) 1 mgr East Miss Ice Co h 1136 N 1st Av” (S) Laurel City Dir.
1939, Shelton earned $1920; Honor earned $960.
4/13/1940, Shelton and Honor live at 1130 1st Avenue in Laurel. Shelton Jr. is living with them. They also have a nephew “W.D.”, age 7, living with them. They own their home worth $2500. Shellton is a local manager at an ice plant. Honor is a registered nurse for an insurance company. Shelton completed 1 year of college. Honor and son Shelton Jr both completed 4 years of high school. (S) 1940 Census.
1941, “Rogers Shelton C (Honor B) mgr Miss Utilities Co h 1130 1st Av” (S) Laurel City Dir.
1945-46, “Rogers Shelton C (Honor B) (Musick’s Grocery) h 1130 1st av” (S) Laurel City Dir.
1947-48, “Rogers Shelton C (Honor B) (Roger’s Grocery) h 1130 1st av” (S) Laurel City Dir.
4/28/1960, Shelton died.
9/1985, Honor died in Redmond, King Co., WA; buried in ???. (S) SSDI.
Shelton Rogers Jr, born 11/27/1921 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
viii. Mills Cast Bond, born 10/15/1899 in MS.
No.4:(S) 1900 Census. 
No.4:(S) 1910 Census.
9/12/1918, (S) StnCo. WWI Reg. Card. Mills is working as a teamster for his older brother Dave in Wiggins.
Mills married 1st Ancie B ?; born 1902 in AL.
1/10/1920, 1920 Census, MS, JaxCo, Pascagoula, Bt3. “Mylls D” is married, no children, and works at the shipyard. They rent a home on Orange St.
4/11/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, StnCo., BT1, Wiggins. They rent their home on a gravel road for $5 a month. He works in a lumber mill.
Mills married 2nd Hazel Laura Bond, born 10/18/1918, his 2nd cousin, d/o Hardy Fair Bond, s/o Marion (s/o No. 16).
1939, Mills earned $296; Hazel earned $100. (S) 1940 Census.
5/10/1940, Mills C. and Hazel live in Wiggins, Stone County, MS. Son Gerald, age 3, and daughter Laura, age 2, live at home. They rent their hom for $6 a month. Mills is a laborer at an “oil farm.” Hazel is a pickle cutter at the pickle factory. (S) 1940 Census. [Mills was selected to answer additional questions which indicated that he was not a veteran.]
9/7/1970, Mills died in Wiggins, StnCo., MS. Buried in Hatten Cem.
3/11/1988, Hazel died. She is buried next to Mills.
Charles Jerald Bond, born 1923 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
Honor Doris Bond, born 1927 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
She married James Graves.
She married 2nd Paul Reinhardt.
She married 3rd Henry Owens.
Jerrell Devon Bond, born 3/20/1937.
He married Joycie Tanner, born 12/4/1943.
12/11/2001 he died in Biloxi, MS. Buried in Hatten Cem, StnCo., MS.
Laura Elizabeth Bond, born 6/23/1938.
She married Haydun Taylor.
5/20/1995 she died. Buried in Taylor Cem., StnCo., MS.
No.4:(S) 1910 Census.
9/19/1925 in StnCo., MS, Bessie married Charles T Ratcliff, born 11/18/1897.
4/10/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, Jones Co., Laurel, WD4, Bt2. “Toy C” is proprietor of a typewriter company. They own their home at 135 12th Ave., valued at $1800.
1935, Toy and Bessie lived in Jones Co., MS. (S) 1040 Census.
1938, “Ratcliff Toy C (Bessie E) 3 h 127 S 12th Av” (S) Laurel City Dir.
1940, Toy and Bessie live on a “local” road in Stone county next to her sisters Rosie and Mary Elsie. Children Elizabeth, Charles and Marjorie live at home. They own their home. Toy is a farmer. Toy completed 4 years of high school. Bessie completed 1 year of high school. (S) 1940 Census.
1945-46, “Ratcliff Toy C (Bessie E) 3 office machines repr 127 S 12th Av h same” (S) Laurel City Dir.
11/29/1946, Charles died.
1947-48, “Ratcliff Bessie (wid T C) 1 h 127 s 12th av” (S) Laurel City Dir.
6/11/1977, Bessie died in Laurel, MS. (S) SSDI.
Elizabeth Louise Ratcliff, born 5/25/1926 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
Charles Henry Ratcliff, born 2/21/1928 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
He married Terry Lucinda Cox, born 1/1934.
Joseph Davis Ratcliff, born 5/1930.
“Bo” was crippled by polio and was cared for by his aunt Honor.
3/1934, he died.
Marjorie Rachael Ratcliff, born 9/1/1931.
She married Norman LeRoy Robinson and lived in Bay St. Louis.

34. Gilbert BOND & 35. Serena Cortney COCHRAN
2/15/1864 Gilbert born in PerrCo., MS, s/o 68. James Bond & 69. Ann Elizabeth Dickey.
11/5/1868 Serena born in PerrCo., MS, d/o 70. Amaziah Cochran & 71. Nancy O’Neal.
No.12:(S) 1870 Census. Gilbert.
No.12:(S) 1880 Census. Gilbert.
No.14:(S) 1880 Census. Serena.
12/20/1884, Gilbert married Cerina. (S) Who Married Whom in PerrCo., 1985, Strickland.
(S) 2/2/1886, PerrCo. Property Rolls; purchased 160 acres for $10. Expired 3/14/1891.
7/30/1889, they lived in Barbara, PerrCo., MS. (S) Son Hilton’s WWI draft reg.
5/16/1892, Acquired 160 acres in PerrCo., MS through homestead. (S) GLO Record, E½NE; 1S,10W,25; NESE; 1S,10W,25, SWNE; 1S,10W,S25; St Stephens Meridian.
6/21/1900, (S) 1900 Census, MS, PerrCo., Bt5.
4/27/1910, (S) 1910 Census, MS, PerrCo., 5-BT. Occ: Supervising general farmer. Both Gilbert and Serena can read and write. Owned farm free of mortgage. Serena had 12 children, of which 11 were still living.
1/17/1920, (S) 1920 Census, MS, PerrCo., 5-BT. Occ: farmer. Owned farm, but had a mortgage.
9/28/1927, Serena died; burial: James Bond Cem., PerrCo., MS.
11/13/1934, Gilbert died in PerrCo.; buried with Serena, several of his children, and his parents.
Children of Gilbert and Serena:
i. Nancy Elmira Bond (17), born 10/12/1885 in MS.
No.6:(S) 1900 Census. b: 9/1886
No.6:(S) 1910 Census. n: “Rankin”
6/5/1917, Rankin Brown Bond lives at Deep Creek, MS. He is a machinist for the Eddystone Ammunition Co., single. He has served in the Navy for 4 years as an engineer. He is tall, medium build, dark hair, with dark blue eyes. (S) WWI Draft Card.
Franklin married Anna M Vierch; born 11/3/1900 in PA. He became the “talk of the family” for marrying someone much younger than himself.
No.6:(S) 1920 Census. Family living with Gilbert.
1924, Rankin and Anna live in AL. (S) Birth of son Gilbert.
1935, Rankin and Anna living in MD. (S) 1940 Census.
1939, Rankin earned $2000. (S) 1940 Census.
4/23/1940, “Rankin B” and “Anna M” live at 4503 Beck Ave., Bradbury Heights, Prince Georges County, MD. The own their home worth $2500. Son Gilbert lives with them. Rankin is a “Stationery Engineer” for a laundry. Rankin and Anna both completed 8th grade. (S) 1940 Census.
6/3/1949, Franklin died.
Albert Lamar Bond, born 4/28/1918 in PerrCo., MS. (S) 1920 Census.
9/9/1966, he died in Suitland, MD.
Gilbert F Bond, born 1924 in AL. (S) 1940 Census.
iii. Hilton Lamar Bond, born 7/30/1889 in Barbara MS.
No.6:(S) 1900 Census. b: 7/1888.
6/4/1917, WWI Draft Reg., St Landry Parish, LA. He is a bridge carpenter for the Texas Pacific RR in Alexandria, LA. He is described as tall and slender with dark brown eyes and hair.
1928, Hilton married Emma Reeves, born 11/30/1898, died 4/1962.
4/19/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, PerrCo., Bt5. They rent their farm. Both can read and write. They live next to his brother James. They have no children.
6/27/1949, Hilton died in New Orleans, LA. (S) LA Death Records Index.
Emma June Bond, born ?.
She married ? Ewing, and lived at Rt4, Box 189-A, Summit, MS, 39666.
iv. James Amazara Bond, born 3/22/1891 in MS. Aka “Uncle James”.
No.6:(S) 1900 Census.
No.6:(S) 1910 Census.
6/2/1917, (S) WWI Draft Reg., PerrCo., MS. James works for the Texas Pacific RR in LA.
7/16/1918, WWI James’ enlistment, Private, #3869691. He served overseas.
4/29/1919, James discharged with a 5% disability. (S) WPA Co. Hist. of PerrCo., dated 1/29/1937.
~1921, James married Lovenia Johnson Lott; born 9/12/1902.
4/19/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, PerrCo., Bt5. They own their farm. Both can read and write. They live near Hilton and Scott.
1935, James and family lived on Bonds Road in Perry County. (S) 1940 Census.
4/17/1940, “Jim Bond”, his wife Louvinia, son Douglas, daughters Dorthy, Dora Dean, Edwina, sons Hugo and Delano, daughters Shirley and Genette, live on Bonds Road in Perry County where they own their home worth $200. Jim is a farmer. They live close to James’ brother Scott. (S) 1940 Census.
11/4/1945, James died. Buried in James Bond Cem., PerrCo., MS.
Douglas Lorenza Bond, born 1923 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
Dorothy Serena Bond, born 4/27/1924. (S) 1930 Census.
Dora Dean Geneva Bond, born 12/9/1925 in PerrCo., MS. (S) 1930 Census.
She married John Hubert Miles.
Celia Edwina Bond, born 1927. (S) 1930 Census.
Hugo Bond, born 1931.
Franklin Delano Bond, born 1934.
Shirley Lou Bond, born 1937.
Jenette Bond, born 1939.
v. Gilbert Frank Bond, born 4/12/1893 in PerrCo., MS.
No.6:(S) 1900 Census.
No.6:(S) 1910 Census.
6/5/1917, (S) WWI Draft Reg., PerrCo., MS. He is a single farmer. He is described as short and stout, with light brown eyes and dark hair.
WWI: Private, Co. G, 153rd Inf.
10/5/1918, Gilbert died in France. Buried in Woodlawn Cem., Wiggins, MS. (S) Soldiers of the Great War, MS, P136.
No.6:(S) 1900 Census.
No.6:(S) 1910 Census.
8/21/1915, Anna married Kenny John Patterson, born 8/17/1894.
11/28/1973, Anna died in Brooklyn, ForrCo., MS. (S) SSDI.
vii. Stella Geneva Bond, born 1/12/1897 in MS. Aka “Aunt Jean”.
No.6:(S) 1900 Census.
No.6:(S) 1910 Census.
Stella married Ralph Marden, who was associated with the Ocean Springs newspaper the “Record”.
5/1963 Ralph died – Jean buried him in the “Bond” plot of the Old Biloxi Cem. This caused quite a stir in the family, since he was not a Bond; and one of the siblings of the 1st generation broke up his headstone.
11/29/1988, Stella died in MS. She was in a nursing home in Brooklyn, was outside, and fell into a fire ant mound. She never fully recovered from the ensuing illness. Stella is buried with her parents in the James Bond Cem., Perry Co., MS.
No.6:(S) 1900 Census.
No.6:(S) 1910 Census.
9/12/1918, (S) WWI Draft Registration, New Augusta, PerrCo., MS. Dark hair, dark eyes; living in Deep Creek; working for his father as a farmer.
~1924 he married Carrie C McDonald, born 5/3/1904.
4/19/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, PerrCo., Bt5. They own their farm. Both can read and write. They live next to Hilton and James.
1935, Scott and family live on Bonds Road in Perry County. (S) 1940 Census.
4/17/1940, Scott W, Carries, and daughters Annie Lois, Lucille and Scottalean live on Bonds Road in Perry County where they own their home worth $280. Jim is a farmer. They live close to Scott’s brother James, and next to his sister Gola. (S) 1940 Census.
1/1966, Scott died in Wiggins, StnCo.; buried in the James Bond Cem., Perry Co., MS.
1985, Carrie died; buried with Scott.
Annalois Bond, born 1926 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
Lucile Bond, born 1929 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
Scottalean, born 1931 in MS. (S) 1940 Census.
ix. Colda V Bond, born 8/6/1901 in MS. Aka “Goldie”.
No.6:(S) 1910 Census. n: “Gola”.
1918, Gola married Earl Breland, born 8/10/1900, died 7/22/1974.
2/27/1920, (S) 1920 Census, MS, PerrCo., Bt5. They live on New Augusta – Stone Co. Rd. Earl is a laborer; they rent their home. No children.
4/23/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, PerrCo., Bt4. Earl is a WWI vet, and a farmer. They rent their home. The census indicates they were married in 1918.
1935, Earl and Gola live in a different location in Perry county from where they live in 1940. (S) 1940 Census.
4/17/1940, Earl and Gola with children Culand, born 1923, Elbert, Stella Mae [only daughter], Everette, Emmett, and William live on Bonds Road in Perry County where they are squatters. The live between Gola’s brothers Scott and James [possibly where Hilton used to live]. They are farmers. (S) 1940 Census.
12/7/1953, Goldie died.
Delany Breland, born 1920. (S) 1930 Census.
Breland G  Breland, born 1922. (S) 1930 Census.
Elbert W Breland, born 1925. (S) 1930 Census.
Stella Mae Breland, born 11/1926. (S) 1930 Census.
Evert Breland, born 3/1930. (S) 1930 Census.
Emmeth Breland, born 1933 in MS. (S) 1940 Census.
William Penn Breland, born 1936 in MS. (S) 1940 Census.
x. Laura Bond, born 5/24/1904 in MS.
No.6:(S) 1910 Census.
No.6:(S) 1920 Census.
2/9/1921 in StnCo., MS, Laura married Edgar Lott.
4/15/1930, (S) 1930 Census, MS, HarrCo, Bt5, Biloxi. They rent their home for $3 a month. He is a laborer.
They moved to TX.
Ralph Lott, born 1922 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
J N Lott, born 1924 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
Virginia E Lott, born 7/1926 in MS. (S) 1930 Census.
xi. Nellie V Bond, born 7/10/1906 in MS.
8/14/1906 Nellie died. Buried in James Bond Cem., PerrCo., MS. Gravestone: “Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”
No.6:(S) 1910 Census.
No.6:(S) 1920 Census.
4/1/1930, (S) 1930 Census, TX, Galveston. John is a single, merchant seaman on the sip “S S Eldena”. His job is “deck boy”, and he specifies that his next of kin live in Wiggins, MS.
John married Martha Roth, born 5/9/1909.
John served in the Navy in WWII.
Bef. 1951, John’s SSN was issued in Texas.
7/19/1988, John died in Wiggins, StnCo., buried in the James Bond Cem., Perry Co., MS. (S) SSDI.