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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Generation 7 {Causbie}

112. Josiah CAUSBIE: born 1798 in NC; married abt 1823; died aft 25 Nov 1850 in TN.
113. Ann : born 1802 in NC; died aft 25 Nov 1850 in TN.
1798, Josiah born in NC.
1802, Ann born in NC.
1840, Isaak, Sandy M, and Margaret “Causby” all listed in the 1840 Tax Roll of Marshall Co., TN.
1841, Isaak, Sandy M, and Margaret “Causby” all listed in the 1841 Tax Roll of Marshall Co., TN.
11/25/1850, (S) 1850 Census, TN, Marshall Co. Ann is listed as the “Renter”, born 1802 in NC. Sons Samuel and Washington were born in TN. Josiah is a tailor born in 1798 in NC.
Children of Josiah and Ann:
i. Samuel Cosby, born 1824 in TN.
4/1/1855, Samuel married Martha A Russel, sister of Washington’s wife. (S) Marshall Co. Marriages, P73.
(S) 1860 Census, TN, Marshall Co. Samuel and Martha have 2 daughters; Nancy Crunk, age 83, lives with them. [Nancy Crunk is Martha’s maternal grandmother.]
ii. Washington Jackson Cosby (66), born 6/21/1827 in TN.

114. John M RUSSELL: born 1801 in GA; married bef 1824; died aft 29 Jun 1860 in Belfast, Marshall Co., TN.
115. Elizabeth J CRUNK: born 1800 in KY; died aft 29 Jun 1860 in Belfast, Marshall Co., TN.
1800, Elizabeth born in KY, d/o 131. Nancy ?.
1801, John born in GA.
Bef. 1824, John married Elizabeth.
(S) 1830 Census, TN, Lincoln Co. John is age 30-40. He has 1 son under 5 and 1 age 5-10. He has 2 daughters under 5, and 1 age 5-10. His wife is age 30-40.
1839, John Russell has 310 acres valued at $2000. (S) 1839 Mashall Co. Tax list.
(S) 1840 Census, TN, Marshall Co. [Marshall formed from Lincoln in 1836] John is age 30-40. He has a son 10-15, a daughter under 5, 2 between 5 and 10, and a wife age 40-50.
1840, John Russell has 310 acres valued at $2000. (S) 1840 Mashall Co. Tax list.
1841, John Russell has 514 acres valued at $2800. (S) 1841 Mashall Co. Tax list.
11/21/1850, (S) 1850 Census, TN, Marshall Co. John M Russell, age 49, and wife Elinda J, age 50, live near their children. Elizabeth’s mother Nancy Crunk, born 1788 in VA lives with her grandchildren. All children in the 1850 census. The youngest 7 children had attended school within the last year.
6/29/1860, (S) 1860 Census, TN, Marshall Co., Belfast. Thomas Russell, age 32 [Elijah T], is the head of the extended family. A farmer, Thomas has assets valued at $6500. Molly, born 1830 appears to be his wife. John M Russell, age 59, lives with his son and is a farmer. Elizabeth “EJ” is 60. Rhoda E does housework. Elizabeth, age 20, also does housework. John is a waggoner. George is a farmer asst.
Children of John and Elizabeth:
i. Sarah T Russell, born 1826 in TN.
1/19/1854, Sarah married John F Bigger. (S) Marshall Co. Marriages, P68.
ii. Elijah Thomas Russell, born 1827 in TN.
6/29/1860, (S) 1860 Census, TN, Marshall Co., Belfast. Thomas Russell, age 32 [Elijah T], is the head of the extended family.
iii. Mary A Russell, born 1831 in TN.
10/30/1851 in Marshall Co., Mary married James D Dyer. (S) Marshall Co. Marriages, P60.
(S) 1860 Census, TN, Marshall Co., Belfast. JD and Mary have 3 children. JD is a mechanic.
iv. Martha A Russell, born 1833 in TN.
4/1/1855, Martha married Samuel Causbie, brother of Rhoda’s husband. (S) Marshall Co. Marriages, P73.
[See Samuel for additional information.]
1922, Martha died.
v. Rebecca Russell, born 1836 in TN.
4/28/1858, Rebecca married Nathan Petty. (S) Marshall Co. Marriages, P85.
vi. Rhoda Ellen Russell (57), born 1838 in TN.
vii. Elizabeth Caroline Russell, born 5/22/1839 in TN.
7/3/1871, Elizabeth died; buried in New Hope Cem., Petersburg, Marshall Co, TN.
viii. John H Russell, born 1841 in TN.
ix. George W Russell, born 11/25/1844 in TN.
9/30/1863, George died; buried in New Hope Cem., Petersburg, Marshall Co, TN.

116. John BUTLER: born 1806 in KY; married abt 1824; died aft 16 Jun 1860 in Wise Co., TX.
117. Susannah OWNBY: born 1805 in TN; died bef 16 Jun 1860 in TX.
1805, Susannah born in TN.
1806, John born in KY.
~1824, They married.
By 1925, They lived in MO.
1830, John “Butter” head of the family in Howard Co., MO. Males: 1 20-29 (John). Females: 1<5, 1 5-9, 1 20-29 (Susannah). (S) 1830 Census.
1840, John “Britter” head of a family in Crawford, Buchanan Co., MO. Males: 2<5, 2 5-9, 1 30-39 (John). Females: 1<5, 2 5-9, 1 10-14, 1 30-39 (Susannah). (S) 1840 Census.
8/6/1843, They live in Clay Co., MO. (S) Birth of son Samuel.
1845, They lived in IO. (S) Birth of son George.
1849, John Butler head of a family of 12 persons in Madison Co., IO. (S) 1849 IO State Census.
4/10/1850, Madison Co., IO. John “Batter”, age 44, Susannah, age 45, 9 children. John is a farmer with real estate valued at $900. (S) 1850 Census.
1851, John Butler head of a family of 11 persons in Madison Co., IO. (S) 1851 IO State Census.
By 1855, The family had moved to Lubbock, TX (S) Wedding of daughter Hannah.
Susannah died in TX.
6/16/1860, Catlett Creek, Wise Co., TX. John Butler, age 53, born in KY, a Baptist clergyman with real estate worth $1000, and a personal estate of $800. Son Sampson, age 16, born in MO, a day laborer, Martha G, age 14, born in MO, and Geo. W. age 13, born in IO. All three children had attended school within the year.
(S) 1850 Census. (S) 1860 Census.
Children of John and Susannah:
i. Elizabeth M “Betsy” Buttler, born 6/7/1825 in MO.
ii. William Butler, born 1831 in MO.
3/7/1859, William died in IO.
i. Johnathan T Butler, born 5/30/1832 in Marion, Buchanan Co., MO.
1850, John, living with his parents, is listed as a farmer.
ii. Millee Butler, born 1835 in Monroe, Madison Co., MO.
iii Jessee Joab Butler, born 2/13/1836 in Pike Co., MO.
iv. Hannah Martha Butler, born 10/11/1837 in Marion, Buchanan Co., MO.
7/12/1855, Hannah married George. S Comstock in Lubbock, TX.
12/25/1912, Hannah died in Cove, Union Co., Oregon. (S) Gravestone.
v. James Butler, born 4/15/1839 in Pike Co., MO.
vi. Grace Butler, born 1841 in MO.
vii. Samuel Langston Butler (58), born 8/6/1843 in Clay Co., MO.
viii. Martha Jane “Samantha” Butler, born 3/7/1844 in Missouri City, Fort Bend Co., MO.
ix. George Washington Butler, born 7/22/1846 in Iowa City, Wright Co., IO.
12/10/1916, George died in Welty, OK.

118. Harold SMITH: born 1814 in TN; married by 1838 in IL; died 1887 in TX.
119. Aholah Telitha ARMSTRONG: born 4 Nov 1822 in Girard, IL; died 2 May 1868 in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX.
1814, Herrod born in TN.
11/4/1822, Aholy born in Girard, IL, d/o 238. Maurice J Armstrong & 239. Elizabeth Sims.
1830, Madison Co., IL. Morris Armstrong. Males: 1<5 (Wm), 1 5-10 (James), 1 20-30 (Maurice), 1 70-80 (?). Females: 2<5 (Evaline & Mary), 1 5-10 (Ahola), 1 20-30 (Elizabeth), 1 60-70 (?). (S) 1830 Census.
By 1838, Herrod married Aholah in IL.
2/9/1838, Both “Herrod Smith and Aholah his wife” made their marks on a 40-acre land deal in Greene Co., IL.
6/9/1842, They live in Macoupin Co., IL. (S) Birth of daughter Cynthia.
6/1/1850, Herrod owns 55 improved acres of land, and 225 unimproved. His farm has a cash value of $2400. He has $80 worth of farm equipment. He has 6 horses, 5 milk cows, 8 working oxen, and 10 other cattle, with a total value of the live stock of $570. (S) Macoupin Co., IL, Agriculture Census.
10/29/1850, Macoupin Co., IL. Herrod is a farmer, age 36, born in TN. Aholy, age 30, born in IL. 5 children: Frances, Mary, Cynthia, Wm, and Nancy. 3 other relatives: Wm M Armstrong, 21, a bricklayer, Thomas R Armstrong, 19, a farmer, and Andrew Armstrong, 16, a farmer.
7/10/1860, Spears Mill, Denton Co., TX. Herrod, 45, a farmer, born in TN, personal estate of $250. Aholly, 38, born in IL. Child Nancy is not listed. A relative, Chester B Smith, age 26, born in IL, lives with them, is a farmer with a personal estate of $100.
5/2/1868, Ahola died in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX.
1887, Herrod died in TX.
(S) 1850 Census. (S) 1860 Census.
Children of Herrod and Aholah:
i. Frances M Smith, born 1839 in IL.
10/29/1850, Macoupin Co., IL. Frances, living with his parents, a farmer with a personal estate of $50.
ii. Mary E Smith, born 1850 in IL.
iii. Cynthia Evelyn Smith (59), born 6/9/1842 in Macoupin Co., IL.
iv. Willliam T Smith, born 1847 in IL.
v. Nancy S Smith, born 1849 in IL.
vi. Jasper Smith, born 1852 in IL.
vii. Telethia Smith, born 1858 in TX.

120. Aubin MAILLOUX: born 27 Apr 1816 in Ste-Jean, Quebec; married 3 Nov 1840 in Ste-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec; died 10 Jul 1875 in Ste-Sebastien, Iberville Co., Quebec.
121. Euphemie Perron SIMARD: born 14 Mar 1823 in Ste-Jean, Quebec; died aft 1901 in Ste-Sebastien, Iberville Co., Quebec.
4/27/1816, Aubin born in L’Acadie, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Canada; s/o 240. Joseph Mailloux & 241. Marie Madeleine Gamache.
1819, Aubin orphaned as a small child.
3/14/1823, Euphemie born in L’Acadie, St-Jean Co., Quebec, Canada; d/o 242. Joseph Simard & 243. Roselie Morin.
8/14/1838 in Napierville, Quebec, Aubin married Martine Bissonnette.
1839, Martine and her infant son Aubain died [likely in childbirth.]
11/3/1840 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Aubin married Euphemie.
1861, (S) 1861 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, Henriville. Aubin, age 45, is a cultevateur and a Catholique. Aubin is married; Euphemie is his wife, age 39. Children: Francois Simard, age 16; Marie, age 14, Celina, age 13; Aubin, age 11; Joseph, age 9; Julien, age 1; Denis, age 1; Agnes, age 5, Emerence, age 4; Marguerite, age 3.
1871, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville Co., St. Sebastien. Aubin, age 55, is a “cultivateur”. Wife Euphemie, age 48. Children: Francois – Emerance listed. They are a Catholic family of French descent.
7/10/1875, Aubin died in Saint-Sebastien, Iberville Co., Quebec; buried at Notre-Dame-de-LaPrairie-de-la-Madeleine. (S) Church Record.
1881, (S) 1881 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. “Euphemie Simard”, age 58, is a farmer; children at home: Francois, age 36, a cultivateur; Marie, age 33; Joseph, age 29, a cultivateur; Melina, age 23.
1891, (S) 1891 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. “Euphemie Maillou”, age 67, son Francois, age 46, daughter Marie, age 44.
1901, (S) 1901 Census, Canada, Quebec, Saint-Jean and Iberville, Saint-Sebastien. “Euphemie Simard”, age 78 is a Rentier; Francois, age 56; Marie, age 54.
Children of Aubin and Euphemie:
i. Francois Mailloux, born 1845 in Quebec, Canada.
ii. Marie Mailloux, born 1848 in Quebec, Canada.
iii. Aubain Mailloux (60), born 12/15/1849 in St. George, Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada.
iv. Joseph Mailloux, born 1851 in Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada.
(S) Church Birth Record.
v. Melanie Marguerite Mailloux, born 1854 in Quebec, Canada.
7/13/1874, Melanie married Isidore Kerouack; brother of Aubain’s wife.
Bef. 10/15/1889, Melanie died. [Isidore remarried.]
vi. Celina Agnes Mailloux, born 6/8/1848 in St. George, Henryville, Iberville Co., Quebec, Canada.
2/8/1869, Celina married Jean Baptiste Metras [1846-1884] in Iberville, Quebec.
(S) 1880 Census, CO, Jefferson Co., Golden.
1884, Celina died in CO.
vii. Emerence Mailloux, born 1/8/1857 in Quebec, Canada.
1/21/1878 in Iberville, Quebec, Emerence married Alfred Jette [1853-1913].
6/4/1896, Emerance died in Iberville, Quebec.

122. Antoine KIROUAQUE dit Breton: born 30 May 1820 in Ste-Pierre-de-la-Riviere-du-Sud, Quebec; married 4 Nov 1845 in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada; died 21 Feb 1879 in Ste-Sebastien, Iberville Co., Quebec.
123. Marie Madeleine MORIN: born 25 Dec 1823 in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada; died aft 1891 in Ste-Sebastien, Iberville Co., Quebec.
5/30/1820, Antoine born in St-Pierre-de-la-Riviere-du-Sud, Quebec, Canada; s/o 244. Louis Kerouack dit Breton & 245. Marie Angele Gendron. (S) Church Record.
12/25/1823, Marie born in Montmagny, Quebec, Canada; d/o 246. Jean Baptiste Rene Morin & 247. Marie Anne Gervais dit Gendron.
11/4/1845 in Montmagny, Quebec, Antoine married Marie.
1871, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. Antoine, age 49; Marie, age 47; Xavier, age 22, Edouard, age 21; Malvina, age 18; Clementine, age 16; Sarah, age 13; Napoleon, age 12; Octave, age 10; Denise, age 8; Louis, age 6; Theophile, age 3. The family is French Catholic. Antoine is a cultivateur. Xavier cannot read or write. Napoleon, Octave and Denise are in school.
2/21/1879, Antoine died; buried at St. Sebastien parish cemetery.
1881, (S) 1881 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. Marie Kerouck, age 57, a farmer. Son Octave, age 20, is a cultivateur, Louis, age 16, Theophile, age 13.
1891, (S) 1891 Census, Canada, Quebec, Iberville, St. Sebastien. Marie Kerouck, age 67, lives with her son Edouard and his family.
(S) Genealogie des descendants de Maurice Louis Alexandre Le Brice de Keroack, by Francois Kirouac. (S) Genealogies des Families Originaires des Comptes de Montmagny-L'Islet-Bellechasse, by Eloi Gerard Talbot.
Family notes:
In the 1901 census, brothers Francois, Edouard, and Louis and some of their married children all live near each other in Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec. Their mother Marie is not listed with any of them.
Children of Antoine and Marie:
i. Francois Xavier Kerouac, born 1848 in Quebec, Canada.
Xavier married Caroline Duval.
7/30/1922, Xavier died in St. Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec.
ii. Edouard Kerouac, born 1850 in Quebec, Canada.
1/19/1875, Edouard married Adelaide Duval.
iii. Malvina Kirouaque (61), born 9/1853 in Quebec, Canada.
iv. Clementine Kerouac, born 11/1854 in Quebec, Canada.
4/22/1873, Clementine married Moyse Lanoue.
v. Sarah Kerouac, born 9/17/1857 in Quebec, Canada.
6/17/1879, Sara married Louis Lanoue.
vi. Napoleon Kerouac, born 1859 in Quebec, Canada.
vii. Octave Kerouac, born 1861 in St. Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec, Canada.
6/23/1885, Octave married Philomene Gamache [1865-1946].
1891, they family lived in Brome, Quebec.
1900, Octave died in St. Sebastien, Iberville, Quebec.
viii. Denise Kerouac, born 1863 in Quebec, Canada.
2/1/1881, Denise married Norbert Rainville.
ix. Louis Kerouac, born 9/5/1866 in Quebec, Canada.
9/6/1887, Louis married Elisa Trahan.
x. Theophile Kerouac, born 2/10/1868 in Quebec, Canada.
9/23/1890, Theophile married Eldinas Trahan.

124. Francois Narcisse LACOMBE: born 5 Sep 1824 in Bellechasse, Quebec; married 20 Nov 1850 in Quebec, Canada; died 14 Mar 1889 in Ste-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec.
125. Marie HAMEL: born 9 Apr 1823 in Quebec, Canada; died 7 Jul 1866 in Ste-Jean, Quebec.
4/9/1823, Marie born in Quebec, Canada.
9/5/1824, Narcisse born in St-Michel (Bellchase), Quebec, Canada; s/o 248. Francois Lacombe & 249. Angele Bouchard. (S) Quebec Vital Church Records.
11/20/1850, Narcisse married Marie in Quebec.
1861, (S) 1861 Census, Canada East, Quebec. Narcissi Lacombe lives with or near a large number of “Hamel” family members – likely Marie’s relatives.
7/7/1866, Marie died in Ste-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec, Canada.
11/14/1870, Narcisse married Marie-Suzanne Davis in Quebec.
1881, (S) 1881 Census, Canada, Quebec, Quebec City, St Jean. Narcisse, age 50; Suzanne, age 49; “Wilfred”, age 2; Arthur, age 7. The family is French Catholic.
3/14/1889, Narcisse died in Ste-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec; Marie-Suzanne surviving. (S) Quebec Vital Church Records.
Children of Narcisse and Marie:
i. Edouard Lacombe, born 9/22/1851 in Quebec, Canada.
2/20/1882, Edouard married Marie Berube, 1857-1944.
3/29/1918, Edouard died in St-Jean-Baptiste, Quebec.
ii. Georges Lacombe (62), born 11/12/1854 in Quebec, Canada.
iii. Jean Baptiste Lacombe, born 12/28/1856 in Quebec, Canada.
Children of Narcisse and Marie-Suzanne:
i. Alfred Lacombe, born 8/24/1872 in Quebec, Canada.
9/11/1893, Alfred married Adeline Gignac.
11/10/1909, Alfred died in Quebec.
ii. Arthur Lacombe, born 2/6/1874 in Quebec, Canada.
9/14/1896, Arthur married Mathilda Morissette.
7/25/1911, Arthur married Marie Angelique Landry.
11/7/1936, Arthur died in Quebec.

126. Jean DUTIL: born 1812 in Bellechasse, Quebec; married 8 Jan 1839 in Notre-Dame, Quebec, Canada; died 20 Jan 1890 in Quebec, Canada.
127. Marie Lucie LACOMBE: born 26 Sep 1816 in Bellechasse, Quebec; died 1 Oct 1871 in Beaumont, Quebec, Canada.
1812, Jean born in St-Gervais (Bellechase) Quebec, Canada; s/o 252. Jean Baptiste Dutil & 253. Marie Charlotte Blais. (S) Quebec Vital Church Records.
9/26/1816, Lucie born in Ste-Villier-de-Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada; d/o 254. Joseph Lacombe & 255. Marie Archange Boutin. (S) Quebec Vital Church Records.
1/8/1839, at Notre-Dame, Quebec, Jean married Marie “Leuce” Lacombe. (S) Quebec Vital Church Records.
1851, (S) 1851 Census of Canada East, Qubec, Quebec City. J Btst and Marie Lucie have 4 children: Juline, age 10; Jean Baptiste, age 8; Joseph Honore, age 6; and Marie Lucie, age 3 months. The family is Catholique.
1861, (S) 1861 Census, Canada, Quebec. Roman Catholic, Jean and Lucie have a servant Marie Agnes Lacombe, age 30. Children: Juline-Marie are at home. A related family member, Celina, possibly a neice, born in 1842 also lives with them.
1871, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Quebec West, St. Pierre Ward. Roman Catholic, Jean and “Luco” have 3 children at home, the oldest being Georgina. Agnes Lacombe, age 42, lives with the family; as does Leon and Louise Noel, ages 12 and 20. [Luco’s age is off by 8 years – not unusual.]
10/1/1871, Lucie died in Beaumont, Quebec.
1881, (S) 1871 Census, Canada, Quebec, Bellechasse, St. Gervais. Widowed Jean, gives his age as 72. Other members of the household are: Joseph Dutil, age 15, Cordilia Dutil, age 19, and Rosalie Dutil, age 66. [The younger ones are likely grandchildren.]
1/20/1890, Jean, husband of Lucie Lacombe, died in Qubec; buried at Notre Dame de Belmont. (S) Church Record.
Children of Jean and Lucie:
i. Juline Adele Dutil, m, born 1841 in Bas, Canada.
ii. Jean Baptiste Sylvain Dutil, born 1843 in Quebec, Canada.
(S) Church Record.
iii. Joseph Honore Dutil, born 1845 in Quebec, Canada.
(S) Church Record.
iv. Marie Lucie Dutil, born 1851 in Quebec, Canada.
v. Marie Georgianna Dutil (63), born 2/1858 in Quebec, Canada.

Generation 7 {Maitlen}

96. William B MAITLEN: born 1829 in Miami, Greene Co., OH; married 11 Nov 1853 in Muncie, Delaware Co., IN; died 28 Feb 1870 in Richland, Jay Co., IN.
97. Rhoda Ann GARRINGER: born 25 Dec 1835 in Randolph Co., IN; died 22 Feb 1914 in Miltonvale, Cloud Co., KS.
1829, William born in Miami, Greene Co., OH; s/o 192. Isaac N Maitlen Sr. & 193. Sarah Fiers.
1830, (S) 1830 Census, OH, Greene Co., Miami. William, age under 5, lives with his family.
12/25/1835, Rhoda born in Randolph Co., IN; d/o 194. John Garringer & 195. Elizabeth Johnson.
1837-38, William moved with his family to Delaware Co., IN.
1840, (S) 1840 Census, IN, Delaware Co. William lives with his mother Sarah.
1840, (S) 1840 Census, IN, Jay Co. Rhoda lives with her parents.
9/26/1850, (S) 1850 Census, IN, Howard Co., Howard Twp. Rhoda, age 15, lives with her family.
11/11/1853 in Muncie, Delaware Co., IN, William married Rhoda.
7/26/1860, (S) 1860 Census, IN, Jay Co., Richland, Halfway P.O. William is a farmer with land valued at $600 and a personal estate of $150. Wm born in OH, Rhoda born in IN. Lorenzo, age 4; Alexander, age 2, and Martha, age 4/12 are listed; all born in IN.
1864, Union army: William enlisted in IO; private, 130th IN Regt.
2/28/1870, William, an LDS member, died in Richland, Jay Co.; buried in Muncie, IN.
[None of the family members have been found in the 1870 Census.]
Rhoda married Jesse McDowell, born 1819 in Penn.
6/8/1880, (S) 1880 Census, KS, Ottawa Co., Chapman. Rhoda, age 45, has 2 daughters age 7, and 1 son age 6, and 3 step children; ages 23, 17 and 12.
6/9/1900, (S) 1900 Census, KS, Coffey Co., Burlington. Rhoda has had 9 children, 7 surviving. Rhoda’s parents were born in OH.
4/19/1910, 1910 Census, KS, Cloud Co., Starr. Rhoda lives with her son Jesse, born 1875. Rhoda says has had 8 children, 6 surviving.
2/22/1914, Rhoda died in Miltonvale, Cloud Co., KS.
Children of William and Rhoda:
i. Lorenzo Dowel Maitlen, born 9/22/1855 in Kokoma, IN.
Lorenzo married Annie ?, born 1860 in IO. (S) 1880 Census, KS, Cloud Co., Starr.
12/11/1898, Lorenzo, a preacher, died; buried in Wakita Cem., Wakita, Grant Co., OK.
ii. Alexander “Elick” Maitlen, born 1856 in IN.
Alexander married Lanie Turner.
5/23/??, Alexander died in Des Moines, IO; buried in Wakita Cem., Grant Co., OK.
iii. Martha Coy Maitlen, born 1860 in Kokoma, IN.
Martha married John Goddard.
3/11/1942, Martha died in Union, IO.
iv. Clay Cassius Maitlen (48), born 6/2/1863 in Terre Haute, Dunkirk Co., IN.
v. Amanda Irene Maitlen, born 5/2/1868 in Union Co., IO.
7/3/1887, Amanda married John Bulleigh.
3/13/1939, Amanda died; buried in Miltonvale Cem., KS.

98. James H HUNTLEY: born 1836 in Jefferson Co., NY; married abt 1866; died aft 1 Mar 1885.
99. Elllen FERGUSON: born 1844 in NY; died aft 1 Mar 1885.
1836, James born in Jefferson Co., NY, s/o 196. Mark G. Huntley & 197. Hannah Rockwell.
1840, Mark Huntley, age 30-40, lives with his family in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY. Hannah is age 30-40. 3 sons, 1<5, 1 5-10 (James), and 1 10-15. 1 daughter age 10-15. (S) 1840 Census.
1844, Ellen born in NY.
8/16/1850, James, age 14, and his sister Seneca, age 16, lives with their parents in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY. (S) 1850 Census.
~1866, James married Ellen.
1868, They lived in MI.
1872, They lived in IN.
1876, They lived in IL.
1878, They lived in IO.
3/1/1885, Jas Huntley, age 51, born in NY, wife Ellen, age 41, born in NY. They live in Dickson, Lincoln Co., KS [see Children].
(S) 3/1/1885 Census of KS.
Family notes:
James had a brother William M Huntley. (S) Memo of daughter Fannie.
Ellen’s last name from death certificate of daughter Fannie.
Children of James and Ellen:
i. Millie Frances Huntley, born 9/1867 in MI.
1932, Millie died in Cass, Douglas Co., MO.
ii. William Huntley, born 1872 in IN.
i. Fannie Mae Huntley (49), born 4/2/1873 in IL.
ii. Walter Huntley, born 1876 in IL.
iii. Charlotte Huntley, born 4/1878 in Millersburg, IO.
Charlotte married ? Foley and moved to Bakersfield, CA.
iv. Viola Huntley, born 7/12/1880 in Dickson, Lincoln Co., KS.
Viola married Samuel M Donahey.
1910, They live in Depew, Creek Co., OK. (S) 1910 Census.
1920, They live in Pawnee, KS. (S) 1920 Census.
1930, They live in Little Robe, Dewey Co., OK. (S) 1930 Census.
Samuel died.
Viola married Frank D Wilcox, 4 years younger than her.
1940, They lived in Cleo, Major Co., OK. Viola completed 5th grade.
11/11/1960, Viola died in OK, buried in Roscoe Cem., Fairview, OK.

100. James Madison RYAN: born 25 Apr 1850 in Itawamba Co., MS; married 30 Dec 1872 in Prentiss Co., MS; died 20 Aug 1922 in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK.
101. Susan Elizabeth KYLE: born 13 Apr 1854 in Itawamba Co., MS; died 10 Sep 1907 in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK.
4/25/1850, James born in Itawamba Co., MS; s/o 200. William Ryan & 201. Rebecca Ann Holland.
10/24/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, Tishomingo Co. Infant James listed with his parents.
4/13/1854, Susan born in Itawamba Co., MS; d/o 202. Jessee Kyle & 203. Emely ?.
8/15/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, Itawamba Co., Susan lives with her parents.
8/17/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, Itawamba Co., James lives with his parents.
9/8/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, Itawamba Co., James lives with his parents; he is a farm laborer.
8/27/1870, (S) 1870 Census, MS, Prentiss Co., Boonville. Susan, age 16, lives with her parents.
12/30/1872, James married Susan in Prentiss Co., MS.
6/28/1880, (S) 1880 Census, TX, Cooke Co. James, age 30, a farmer. Susan age 26. Lee, age 5, Audie, age 3 are their two children.
By 1884, they had moved to OK.
9/10/1907, Susan died in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK; buried in Davidson Cem. [Next to Lester Maitlen.]
James married 2nd Fannie J ?, born 1869 in TN.
4/27/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Tillman Co., Red River. James and Fannie have her son Floyd Blair living with them.
1/15/1920, (S) 1920 Census, OK, Tillman Co., Red River. James and Fannie have a granddaughter, Carlie? Ward living with them, age 6.
8/20/1922, James died in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK; buried in Davidson Cem. near Susan.
Children of James and Susan:
i. Ada Lee Ryan, born 1875 in MS.
ii. Audie Delmer Ryan (50), born 4/23/1876 in Vicksburg, MS.
iii. Myrtle “Mertie” C Ryan, born 11/29/1881 in TX.
Mertie married Perry S Spraggins.
8/4/1953, Mertie died in OK; buried in Davidson Cem.
iv. William Clevand Ryan, born 3/13/1883 in Dexter, Cooke Co., TX.
4/10/1953, William died in Levelland, TX.
v. Mattie Agnes Ryan, born 8/15/1884 in Indian Terr. [OK]
1926, Mattied died in Southland, TX.

102. Emanuel "Bud" COUCH: born 11 May 1851 in Polk, Dade Co., MO; married 26 Apr 1869 in Grayson Co., TX; died 30 Mar 1934 in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK.
103. Sarah Wilson "Sally" BOWEN: born 24 Jun 1850 in Wilmington, Duplin Co., NC; died 17 Oct 1930 in Hildago Co., TX.
6/24/1850, Sarah born in Wilmington, Duplin Co., NC; d/o 78. Stephen Bowen & 79. Mary Ann Wilson.
5/11/1851, Emanuel born in Polk, Dade Co., MO; s/o 76. Benjamin Couch & 77. Celia Caroline Hall. [Emanuel’s gravestone indicates birth in 1850; but the census and Bible record indicates 1851.]
1859, Susan and her family moved to LA.
6/28/1860, (S) 1860 Census, LA, Winn Parish, Winnfield. Sarah lives with her parents.
Sarah moved with her family to Grayson Co., TX.
6/29/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MO, Dade Co., Polk. Emanuel lives with his parents.
1862, Emanuel moved with his family to Grayson Co., TX.
4/26/1869, Emanuel married Sarah [aka Sally] in Grayson Co., TX.
11/21/1870, (S) 1870 Census, TX, Grayson Co., Whitesboro. Emanuel and Sarah live near other family members – no children. Emanuel is a laborer. [May Ann Friday, likely Mary Ann – Sarah’s sister, lives with them.] They live next to Sarah’s parents.
By 1878, the family moved to Van Buren Co., AR.
1879, the family moved to the Indian Terr. (OK).
By 1883, the family moved to Montague Co., TX.
By 1890, the family moved to Mountainburg, AR.
By 1892, the family had moved to Durwood, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Terr.
1900, they live in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Terr. on a rented farm.
1902, Emanuel and his wife and 4 children moved by covered wagon to Texowa [later Davidson], OK in the Commanche Nation to help settle the land won by their eldest son.
4/24/1910, (S) 1910 Census, OK, Kiowa Co., Mountain Park. They live on a farm they own. Sarah has had 6 children, 5 still living. Son George lives with them.
4/21/1930, (S) 1930 Census, TX, Hidalgo Co. Emanuel and Sarah are living with their son James on his farm. James’ wife is not listed. Emanuel and Sarah both give their age as 79.
10/17/1930, Sarah died in Hildago Co., TX; buried at Donna.
3/1932, Emanuel was living with his son James when James died at Donna, TX.
Emanuel went to live with his son George.
3/30/1934, Emanuel died while living with his son George in Davidson, Tillman Co., OK; buried in the Davidson Cem.
(S) Emanuel Couch family Bible [believed to be first owned by Sarah.] (S) A Diamond Jubilee, History of Tillman County, 1976.
Children of Emanuel and Sarah:
i. James Avery Couch, born 8/27/ 1875 in Grayson Co., TX.
8/6/1901, James a winner in the lottery for land in southwest OK.
9/27/1903, James married Florence Ophelia Dacus, 2/4/1883-4/11/1937; buried with James.
3/21/1932, James died in Donna, Hildago Co., TX; buried in Davidson Cem., Tillman Co., OK.
ii. Nancy Ellen Couch (19), born 4/16/1878 in Van Buren, AR.
iii. Luther R Couch, born 6/2/1880 in the Indian Terr.
1/1898, Luther died at age 17 in Durwood, OK.
iv. Ruth Laura Couch, born 12/17/1883 in Montague Co, TX.
By 1903, Laura married Thomas Aaron Baxley; born 1884 in TX.
(S) 1910 Census, OK, Comanche Co., Zella.
4/12/1917, Laura died in Fort Worth, TX; buried in Frederick Cem., Tillman Co., OK.
v. Lemuel Leonard Couch, born in 1/4/1890 in Mountainburg, AR.
~1910, Lamuel married Mary G ?, born 1894 in TX. (S) 1920 Census, OK, Tillman Co.
11/30/1933, Lem died; buried in Davidson Cem., Tillman Co., OK.
vi. George Delmer Couch, born 8/30/1892 in Durwood, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Terr.
George married Dora Agnes Graham, born 1912 in OK.
(S) 1930 Census, OK, Tillman, Red River. They have a son James E, age 10/12.
9/7/1965, George died in Kern, CA.

104. John DAUGHTERY: born 1804 in Jefferson Co., KY; married 15 Aug 1837 in Orange Co., IN; died 26 Jan 1857 in Stockton, Greene Co., IN.
105. Lavinia : born 1817 in Orange Co., IN; died abt 1880 in Stockton, Greene Co., IN.
1804, John born in Jefferson Co., KY, s/o 208. William Daugherty & 209. Elizabeth Tanner.
1817, Lavinia born in Orange Co., IN.
8/15/1837 in Orange Co., IN, John married Lavinia.
8/10/1850, (S) 1850 Census, IN, Greene Co., Stockton. John is a farmer with land valued at $500. Children: William – Mary listed. John’s father William lives with them.
1/26/1857, John died in Stockton, Greene Co., IN. [Before his son Joseph was born.]
7/11/1860, (S) 1860 Census, IN, Green Co., Stockton. Lavania “Darita” has a farm valued at $600, with a personal estate of $158. Childre: William – Joseph are listed, except for Laura.
7/29/1870, (S) 1870 Census, IN, Greene Co., Stockton. Lavinia is keeping house of a farm valued at $1600. Her personal estate is valued at $200. Oldest sons William and James are day laborers. Sons John, Robert and Joseph work on the farm. Mary, age 20, also lives at home. Lucias is married to Priscilla and lives next to them.
~1880, Lavinia died in Greene Co., IN; age 63.
Children of John and Lavinia:
i. William H Daugherty, born 1838 in IN.
William married Mary E ?.
ii. Laura A Daugherty, born 1840 in IN.
Bef. 1860 laura died.
iii. Lucian H Daugherty, born 9/1841 in Greene Co., IN.
5/15/1870, Lucian married Priscilla A Moss, born 1843 in IN.
(S) 1900, MO, Wright Co., Pleasant Valley.
iv. James T Daugherty, born 1842 in IN.
8/5/1865, James died in LA.
v. Cynthia E Daugherty, born 1844 in IN.
“Synthia” married ? Price.
vi. Sarah L Daugherty, born 1845 in IN.
Sarah married John Hagaman.
(S) 1880 Census, IN, Greene Co. John and Sarah have a son and daughter. Sarah’s sister “Synthia Price” is a servant in the house. A neice Laura Daugherty lives with them, as does Sarah’s brother Robert, who is a day laborer.
vii. Edmund B Daugherty, born 1848 in IN.
viii. Mary F Daugherty, born 12/1849 in IN.
ix. John Daugherty, born 1852 in IN.
x. Robert Daugherty, born 1854 in IN.
xi. Joseph S Daugherty (52), born 10/15/1857 in Stockton, Greene Co., IN.

106. Thomas Jefferson DOWDEN: born 17 Sep 1831 in Monroe Co., IN; married abt 1853 in IN; died bef 8 Oct 1895 in Cedar Gap, Wright Co., MO.
107. Mary J BIRLEY: born Dec 1828 in IN; died aft 1910 in Cedar Gap, Wright Co., MO.
12/1828, Mary born in IN. [Other records give birth as 1831, but 1860 Census indicates 1828.]
9/17/1831, Thomas born in Monroe Co., IN; s/o 212. William Harrod Dowden & 213. Nancy Chambers.
7/24/1850, (S) 1850 Census, IN, Washington Co., Jackson. Thomas is listed as a laborer boarding with many others with a family [Likely a boarding house of some sort. After Thomas’ mother died, the children were given to other families.]
~1853, Thomas married Mary in IN.
6/5/1860, (S) 1860 Census, IN, Owen Co., East Division, Spencer PO. Thomas is a farmer with land valued at $1000 and a personal estate of $200. Mary’s birth is given as 1828. Children: James, age 6; Anna, age 4; “Jno”? age 2, and Mary age 1.
9/8/1870, (S) 1870 Census, IN, Greene Co., Washington, Marco PO. Thomas is a day laborer with a personal estate of $100. Children: James – William listed; Gibson and Lucy are listed as living with their grandmother. [The ages of the children given are off a few years and switched from the 1860 census.]
6/21/1880, (S) 1880 Census, IN, Greene Co., Washington. Thomas, age 49, is a farmer. Mary gives her age as 39 [only off about 10 years]. James, age 23, “Eva M” [Mary], age 19, William, age 10, “King Sol”, age 6.
1881-83, the family moved to MO. (S) Memoires of a granddaughter.
9/18/1895, Mary applied at the General Land Office in Springfield, MO, for a homestead of 40 acres.
Bef. 10/8/1895, Thomas died in Cedar Gap, Wright Co., MO.
6/19/1900, (S) 1900 Census, MO, Wright Co., Pleasant Valley. Mary, born 12/1831, a farmer, has had 6 children, 5 still living. Her son Albert, age 43, lives with her. Her son “Cain” lives next to her.
Aft. 1910, Mary died in Cedar Gap, Wright Co., MO.
Family notes:
According to a granddaughter, they were members of the Church of Christ.
Albert’s name in the 1860 census appears to be “Gibson Davis”.
A son named John died at an early age.
Children of Thomas and Mary:
i. James A Dowden, born 1854 in IN.
ii. Amma Falina Dowden (53), born 1/4/1856 in IN.
iii. Albert Dowden, born 1858 in IN.
iv. Mary Ella Dowden, born 1859 in IN.
v. Lucy E Dowden, born 1867 in IN.
vi. William Ollie Dowden, 1869 in IN.
1891, William married Katherine Dickerson, born 1872 in IN.
vii. King “Cain” Solomon Dowden, born 1/1874 in IN.
King married Elizabeth Anna Miller, born 12/1874 in KY.

108. William CALLICOTT: born Apr 1820 in Rocky Mountain, Franklin Co., VA; married 27 Jan 1842 in Callaway Co., MO; died 24 Dec 1900 in Callaway Co., MO.
109. Elizabeth Ann CALLAWAY: born 27 May 1827 in MO; died aft 1863 in Callaway Co., MO.
4/1820, William born in Rocky Mountain, Franklin Co., VA.
5/27/1827, Elizabeth born in MO.
1/27/1842, William married Elizabeth in Calloway Co., MO. (S) Callaway Co. MO Marriages.
6/6/1860, Wm, age “45”, and Elizabeth, age 33, live in Calloway Co., MO. Wm is a farmer. They have 5 children. Eldest child, John B, has the occupation of “Serving”. All of the children were born in MO. Wm has real estate valued at $300, and a personal estate of $100. (S) 1860 Census.
Aft. 1863, Elizabeth died.
6/8/1880, Wm Calicote, age 60, born in VA, and daughter Rebecca C Calicote, age 17, born in MO., live in Auxvasse, Callaway Co., Mo. Wm is a farmer. Rebecca keeps the house. (S) 1880 Census.
6/1/1900, William, father-in-law, born April 1820, lives with his daughter Rebecca’s family in Auxvasse Township (west part), Callaway Co., MO. (S) 1900 Census.
12/24/1900, William died in Callaway Co., MO.
(S) IGI.
Children of William and Elizabeth:
i. John B Calicots, born 1844 in MO.
ii. Laura A Calicots, born 2/4/1846 in MO.
1/18/1867, Laura married William Estes, born 5/26/1844 in MO.
6/28/1900, Laura A and William live in Auxvasse Township (west part), Callaway Co., MO. They have 1 son and 3 daughters. Her brother Thomas lives with them. (S) 1900 Census.
3/21/1917, Laura died in Reform, Callaway Co., MO.
iii. Thomas Calicots, born 7/1847 in MO.
6/28/1900, Thomas lives with his sister Laura. (S) 1900 Census.
iv. Giles H Calicots, born 1/1852 in MO.
1877, Giles married Georgia C ?, born 11/1854 in MO.
6/21/1900, they live in St Aubert Township, Callaway Co., MO. They have 2 sons and 3 daughters. (S) 1900 Census.
v. William (Billy) M Calicots (54), born 11/1857 in Callaway Co., MO.
vi. Rebecca Cecily Callicoat, born 2/1863 in VA.
1883, Rebecca married Robert H Wood, born 10/1850 in MO.
6/1/1900, in Auxvasse Township (west part), Callaway Co., MO, Robert and Rebecca have sons: Ora S, born 9/1883, Gordon H, born 10/1885, Edgar R, born 12/1887, and daughter Martha E, born 3/1891. All children born in MO. The 3 boys are in school. Rebecca gives her birth place as VA. (S) 1900 Census.