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There are many corrections and additions to what has been posted. There are over 8900 individuals documented involving 5200 families going back 28-plus generations in 3000-plus posts.

The items may be purchased by clicking on the link below:


All 6 of the Gs 14-28plus may be purchased for $72.00

$9.00 for a RootsMagic searchable database. A ZIP FILE, WILL NOT WORK ON OLDER PCs, NO TECH SUPPORT, PURCHASE AT YOUR ON RISK!

There are many ADDITIONS, CHANGES and CORRECTIONS to previous posts
. There is no way for me to match and update the individual posts.  

$12.00 for “PDF” formatted family ancestries: these take each family ancestry back to the 1500s.
Ancestry: Bell-Dollahite:              294 pages.
Ancestry: Bond:                             208 pages.
Ancestry: Cox:                               457 pages.
Ancestry: Maitlen-Causbie:         357 pages.
Ancestry: Gs 14-19:                       463 pages. Combines the above family ancestries.

$18.00 for “PDF” formatted combined ancestries of later generations.
Ancestry: Gs 20-21:                         601 pages.
Ancestry: Gs 22-23:                         888 pages.
Ancestry: Gs 24-25:                         890 pages.
Ancestry: Gs 26-27:                         762 pages.
Ancestry: Gs 28 plus:                      580 pages.

All of the ancestries use the AHNENTAFEL numbering system. Because some families have multiple children, some children will appear in a different ancestry before or after their parents. This will happen often in the ancestries for generations 14 or more.

These books are not about cousins. They start with specific families which are traced back with research emphasis on the parents. Some information is provided on the sibilings of the family members being traced, but it is limited.

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