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Saturday, November 28, 2009

John Loftis & Ann Powell

40. John Loftis & 41. Ann Powell {Spartanburg Co. SC}

~1770, John born in SC; s/o 80. Job Loftis & 81. Elvira Goodlet
1781 Ann born in Culpeper Co., VA; d/o 82. James Powell & 83. Frances ?.
No.80:(S) 1790 Census, SC, Newberry Co.                                                                           
1794, the family moved to Spartanburg Co.
4/14/1798 in Spartanburg Co., SC, John married Ann. John owned land between the Middle and North Tyger Rivers.
1799, John bought 200 acres in Spartanburg County, SC from Young Griffin; “said tract being an original grant to Ephriam Reese and James Powell and by them sold to Young Griffin, or rather first sold to James Powell.” (S) Book F, P455.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. John lives near his father. 1 m < 10 & 1f < 10 not identified.
(S) 1810 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. 41110,21010
Bef. 1820 Ann died in Spartanburg Co., SC.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co.: 230101,01100. They have 7 slaves.
1/5/1824, John recorded a state plat for 41 acres on the east side of Middle Tyger River in Spartanburg District and bounded by lands of McDade and Smith. (S) V47, P272.
John married 2nd Milissa Clements, born ~1810.
6/23/1824, John Loftis, a plat for 410 acres on Middle Tyger river, Spartanburg Dist. (S) SCDA&H, S-213192, V-47, P-272, I-1.
(S) 1830 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. John born 1770–1780; Milissa born 1800–1810.
10/13/1836, John mentioned in a survey on the Middle Tyger River.
1838, John bought 70 acres from R. F. Loftis [his son who had moved to MS.] (S) Book W, P584.
(S) 1840 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. John has a 10-15 year old male, and 2 females under 10 living with him and Malissa.
1845, John sold 76.5 acres on Middle Tyger River to Joseph Walden [who later married his 2nd wife Malissa]. (S) Book Z, P87.
5/22/1845, John wrote and signed his will.
1847, John sold 135 acres on Motlow’s Creek to Jacob Rudisail, et. al. (S) Book AA, P209.
3/10/1848, John died in Spartanburg Co., SC. 
8/4/1848, John’s will proved. Malissa was appointed executrix. She filed with the probate this statement, “When I married John Loftis he gave each of the children by his first wife what he wanted them to have and promised me that all the rest would come to me and any children I had by him.” She also stated that “all of the children except one lived outside of S.C. and had moved away.” Perry Smith, on behalf of his wife Mary Loftis Smith, challenged the will in a lawsuit dated 21 February 1848 with some very interesting testimonials filed, but the suit was settled on 27 March 1848. Edward Clements, friend and neighbor, was next appointed executor. Malissa received 100 acres of land “on the west side of Middle Tyger River where old W. Powell used to live.” (Will Book D, P147, Box 11, Pkg. 22). (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, Reel-24, F-631.
[Milissa married 2nd Joseph Walden.]
Family notes:
·         Lamar Co., AL is right next to LownCo., MS.
·         Persons mentioned in John’s will: Anderson (Slave)/Loftis, Margaret Ellen/Powel, W./Bomar, John/Loftis, Millissa/Loftis, Eliza Jane/Loftis, Sarah Elizabeth/Clements, Edward/Wheeler, William/Goodlett, S./
·         There is a memorial marker in Vaughn’s cemetery to Joseph H Loftis.
Children of John and Ann:

i. Lemuel Loftis, born 1798 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
(S) 1800 Census, No. 40. m<10 .="" o:p="">
Lemuel 1st married Elizabeth Smith, d/o Edward Smith & Sarah ?.
Lemuel 2nd married Minerva Z Hutchinson, born 3/3/1813 in SC, died 4/12/1891 in Lamar Co., AL.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Fayette Co. b: 1790–1800. 4 females and a wife 20-30. Daughters: 1 < age 5, 1 age 5 < 10, 1 age 10 < 15, 1 age 15 < 20.

1849 Lemuel died in Lamar Co., AL.
Children of Elizabeth: (S) Family Bible.
Mary A “Polly” Loftis, born 6/9/1824 in SC.
She married Peter Gilliam, born in NC, 1818–1863.
10/23/1904 she died in Paragould, AR, buried in Pine Knot Cem.
Achsah Loftis, born 1829 in SC.
She married William Franklin Cash, born 1821 in GA.
(S) 1860 Census, AL, Fayette Co. They have 4 children all born in AL.
~1869 she died in Sanford Co., AL.
Louisa J Loftis, born 1830 in SC.
She married Henry Cash, brother of William.
(S) 1870 Census, AL, Sanford Co. She is a widow with 5 children.
Children of Minerva:
Sarah Emma Loftis, born 1/25/1839 in AL.
She married William A Johnson, born 1831 in AL. [Brother of husband of Sarah Leech Loftis.]
(S) 1870 Census, AL, Sanford Co. They have 5 children.
4/23/1902 she died in Lamar co., AL.
Alfred N Loftis, born 4/26/1840 in AL.
6/22/1866 he married Elizabeth M Robertson, born 1844 in SC.
(S) 1880 Census, TX, Comanche Co. They have 6 children.
2/23/1910 he died in TX.
1/25/1918 she died. Both buried in Oakwood Cem. [Center section.]
Jincy A Loftis, born 1845 in AL.
Henry Loftis, born ~1847 in AL.
Died young – not in 1850 census.

ii. David Loftis, born 10/4/1801 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
No.40:(S) 1820 Census, m:16-26.
12/18/1826, David mentioned in the will of James Reynolds Sr. of Spartanburg Dist. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, Reel-24, F-270. Several Montgomery family members are mentioned that appear to be related to the wife of Charles Montgomery68iii.
~1828, David married Sarah Ann Collins, d/o John M Collins & Edith McCarter, born 1810 in SC.
Bef. 1830 Ann Collins died.
(S) 1830 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. 1f < 5.
David married 2nd Sarah S McMakin, born 1805 in SC.
(S) 1833-1835 LownCo., MS Tax Rolls.
11/14/1836 David bought land in [Lamar Co.] AL.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Fayette Co. b: 1800–1810. 2 sons 5–10. 2 girls under 5, 1 girl 10–15.
1847, David a JOP.
11/12/1849 David named Postmaster of Big Pond.
11/15/1850, (S) 1850 Census, AL, Fayette Co., Bt9, Div16. n: “Loftice”. David’s real estate is valued at $700. He had 1 slave, a 17 year old black male.
9/3/1860, (S) 1860 Census, AL, Fayette Co. David is a farmer. His real estate is valued at $3000, his personal estate at $3445. He had 1 slave, a 22 year old black male (this may be the same person).
2/2/1862, David died in Fayette Co., AL.
(S) 1870 Census, AL, Sanford Co. Sarah lives with her neice Sarah Emma Loftis, d/o Lemuel.
Children of Ann Collins:
Judah Powell Loftis, born 4/3/1826 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
She married Peter Carr Wheeler, born 1817 in SC.
(S) 1860 Census, AL, Fayette Co. They have 4 children.
6/6/1885 she died in near Vernon in Lamar Co., AL.
Children of Sarah McMakin:
Samuel William Loftis, born 1/3/1832 in AL.
He married Mary Ann Robertson, born 1841 in AL.
1862–1865 he died in AL.
Richard Thomas Loftis, born 8/20/1834 in AL. (S) 1850, 1860 Census.
He married Emily Hardy.
6/17/1864 Richard died in CSA service.
Margaret E Loftis, born 1838 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
1st she married James Sims.
(S) 1870 Census, AL, Sanford, Stickland. A widow, she has 4 children.
2nd she married James W Hardy.
Sarah Leech Loftis, born 1/10/1839 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
She married Jacob Clure Johnson, born 1830 in AL. [Brother of husband of Sarah Emma Loftis.]
(S) 1860 Census, AL, Fayette Co. 1 girl, “Sarah L”, 6 months old.
3/29/1869 she died in Lamar Co., AL.
Winea Minerva Loftis, born 1841 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
She married George Washington Allen, born 1826 in NC.
(S) 1970 Census, AL, Sanford, Stickland. 5 children.
1/5/1894 she died in Fayette Co., AL.
John Hiram Loftis, born 1842 in AL. (S) 1850, 1860 Census.
He married Susan M ?, born 1856 in TN.
(S) 1880 Census, MO, Dunklin Co., Union. 2 children.
Francis Emiline Loftis, born 1844 in AL. (S) 1850, 1860 Census.
11/30/1865 she married Joseph W Crawford. (S) AL Marriages, Fayette Co.
David M Loftis, born 2/14/1849 in AL. (S) 1850, 1860 Census.
1st he married Rachel Robertson.
2nd he married Polly Ann Collins.
3rd he married Amanda Priscilla Robertson.
7/11/1928 he died.

iii. Mary Polly Loftis, born ~1803 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
Mary married W Perry Smith, born ~1800.
(S) 1830 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. No children.
(S) 1840 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co. No children.
2/21/1848, Perry filed a lawsuit against the probated will of Mary’s father.
3/9/1858, Perry wrote his will in Spartanburg Co., SC. (S) Will Typescript (MSS WB-D, P553).
9/26/1860, (S) 1860 Census, SC, Spartanburg Co., SC. Mary lives alone and has real estate valued at $3700 and a personal estate of $4892.
They had no children. (S) Will of Perry.

iv. Powell Loftis ( 20), born ~1805 in Spartanburg Co., SC.

v. Winifred Loftis, born 7/1/1806 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
No.40:(S) 1820 Census, f:10-16.
1830 Winifred married Hiram Smith, born 1/17/1804 in SC.
11/27/1838, Hiram Smith, plat for 701 acres on Pee Dee River, Lynches Creek, Schoolhouse Branch, Darlington Dist. (S) SCDA&H, S-213192, V-52, P-201.
(S) 1840 Census, AL, Fayette Co. Winifred lives between her brothers Lemuel and David. 1 son age 10 < 15 unidentified.
11/13/1850, (S) 1850 Census, AL, Fayette Co. Bt9, Div16. n: “Wina”. Hiram is a farmer with real estate valued at $1000.
6/22/1860, (S) 1860 Census, AL, Fayette Co., Millport. n: “Winy”. Hiram is a farmer with real estate valued at $2000, personal estate at $14,000; they own 9 slaves.
6/27/1870, (S) 1870 Census, AL, Sanford Co., Wilson, Big-Pond. Hiram is a farmer with real estate valued at $900, personal estate at $1,500.
7/19/1878, The Hon. B. B. Lewis will address the people of Lamar at the following times and places: Dr. Kennedy’s store, July 25th; Hiram Smith’s store, July 26th; … (S) Vernon Pioneer Newspaper.
12/21/1879 Hiram died; buried in Walnut Grove Cem. [Vernon, take Hwy17 S to CR22]
7/17/1880, (S) 1880 Census, AL, Lamar Co., Bt11. Winny is a widow.
3/7/1882 Winifred died in Lamar Co., AL; buried with Hiram.
Mary E Smith, born 1832 in AL. (S) 1840,1850 Census.
Nancy C Smith, born 1835 in AL. (S) 1840,1850 Census.
Rachel M Smith, born 1838 in AL. (S) 1840,1850 Census.
Martin V Smith, born 1840 in AL. (S) 1850 Census.
He married Matilda ?, born 1855 in AL.
(S) 1910 Census, AL, Lamar Co., Wilson. 2 sons [1 married] at home.
Hiram David Smith Jr, born 1843 in AL. (S) 1850,1860 Census.
Henry F Smith, born 1845 in AL. (S) 1850,1860 Census.
Sarah F Smith, born 1849 in AL. (S) 1850,1860 Census.

vi. Nancy Loftis, born 1811 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
Nancy married William Lucky Ponder. He owned 363 acres “below the Ancient Boundary, Ninety Six Dist.”

vii. Richard Foster Loftis, born 1811 in Spartanburg Co., SC.
No.40:(S) 1820 Census, m age < 10.
9/17/1833, Richard bought land. (S) LownCo., 39.81 acres, Huntsville, S½W½NE,  17S,17W,33.
(S) 1833 LownCo., MS Tax Rolls.
7/16/1834 Richard married Martha H Thomas (42iii), sister of his brother Powell’s wife. (S) LownCo., MB1, P142.
(S) 1836-1837 LownCo., MS Tax Rolls.
1838 Richard became a member of the Masons, Columbus Lodge (5), LownCo., MS. (S) 1819–1849, MS Free & Accepted Masons, Jeanne Henry, 1969.
(S) 1839 LownCo., MS Tax Rolls.
1839, Richard a Masonic member.
1840, Richard withdrew from Columbus Masonic lodge.
2/1/1841, Richard sold 39.81 acres in Huntsville. (S) Columbus, MS Land Office.
Bef 5/10/1847, Richard died in Lafayette Co., AR.
Children: see Martha.