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Friday, December 11, 2009

James B Stem & Sarah Bullock

56. James B Stem & 57. Sarah “Sally” Bullock {Granville Co. NC, … TN}

1794, James born in NC, s/o 112. Jacob Stem.
9/9/1796, Sarah, aka “Dolly”, born in Granville Co., NC; d/o 114. James Bullock Jr & 115. Mary Phillips.
No.112:(S) 1800 Census in Hillsboro, Granville Co., NC – James m:<10.
No.114:(S) 1800 Census in Hillsboro, Granville Co., NC – Sarah f:<10.
No.112:(S) 1810 Census in Granville Co., NC – James m:16<25.
No.114:(S) 1810 Census in Granville Co., NC – Sarah f:10<16.
11/2/1813 in Granville Co., NC, James married Sally; Aaron Farabough bondsman. (S) Granville Co. Marr’s, P311.
1820, (S) 1820 Census, TN, Bedford Co. Unknown family members. He lives next to his siblings Elizabeth “Osteen” and Asa.
2/20/1824, Anna White sold 200 acres … in Bedford Co., on waters of Wilson Creek … Borders James Stem … (S) DB-S, P167.
10/6/1827, James left $230 in his father’s will. (S) See No.112 Family notes.
8/1/1830 James wrote his will. (S) Family notes.
1830, James died in Henry Co., TN. [See will – several unidentified “Bullock” relations signed the will.]
1830, (S) 1830 Census, TN, Henry Co. Sally a widow. Multiple children that could not be hers according to the will of James.
3/28/1835, James’ estate was settled. (S) Family notes.
[It is highly likely that Sarah remarried.]
4/12/1856, Sarah died in Paris, Henry Co., TN.

Family notes:
• Will of James Stem, deceased. In the name of God, Amen. I, James Stem, of the county of Henry and state of Tennessee, being weak in body, but in sound mind and perfect memory, blessed be God for the same, do this first day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty, make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, (viz). Item first, My desire that all just debts be paid. Item 2nd, The balance of my property, I wish my beloved wife Sarah, to have during her natural life or widowhood, for the benefit of herself and children. At her death or marriage, I wish all my property sold and equally divided between my two surviving children or the heirs of their body forever. I do herby appoint my friends, Richard Wright, Leonard Bullock, James Ogelvie, and James Moore, Executors to this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year before mentioned. Signed and acknowledged in the presence of us, /s/ J. Bullock, T. H. Mays, Mary (X) Bullock, William Potts, Priscilla (X) Bullock, James (X) Stem. (S) Henry Co., TN Will Books, V–B 3/1827–1/1833, P86.
• Settlement with Administrator of the Estate of James Stem, deceased. Amount of sale of personal goods $99.71. Amount of sale of land in North Carolina $1126.62. Expenses paid by Administrator $1186.33. Leaving a balance in the hands of the Administrator $40.00. Witnes our hand this 28th March 1835. /s/ Lenard Bullock, Administrator, … (S) Henry Co., TN Will Books, V–D, P5?.
• James’ birth in NC from census’ of children.
• There supposedly exists a Bible of Isaac’s wife which may be source of many of the family details. The lack of identification of her parents seem to not support its existance.

Children of James and Sally:

i. Issac Philip Stem, born 5/23/1819 in Bedford Co., TN.
1836, Issac called as a witness in a divorce in Bedford Co.
1836, Issac enlisted in the Western Frontier Service of the state of TN.
10/1836, Issac joined the Republic of Texas at Houston.
8/10/1837 at Houston, Issac relieved from service when the army was disbanded.
8/12/1840, Issac participated in the Battle of Plum Creek in present-day Cauldwell Co. The battle was fought between Texas soldiers and Comanche Indians, who had raided the coastal towns of Linnville and Victoria. General Huston’s Report: “ … To conclude, I believe we have given the Comanches a lesson which they will long remember; near four hundred of their brave warriors have been defeated by half their number, and I hope and trust that this will be the last of their depredations on our frontier.”
1841, Issac served in the Somervell Campaign.
5/8/1846, Issac served under Gen. Zachary Taylor at the battle of Palo Alto, as member of a cavalry of mounted volunteers during the Mexican War. The American army, which totaled over 2,200 soldiers, reported 5 dead and 43 wounded. Mexican losses numbered about 400. [He served under him for 8 months.]
1846, After his discharge from the Texas troops, Issac joined the US Infantry at Corpus Christi, TX and continued in the war with Mexico. He served 12 months under Gen. Winfield Scott.
9/14/1847, Issac was at the fall of Mexico City to Gen. Scott.
1847, discharged at Monterey due to illness, Issac returned to TN and joined the TN Volunteers at Memphis.
4/15/1849 in Stewart Co., Issac married Lucy Ann Weaks, born 3/14/1830 in Stewart Co., TN.
11/27/1850, (S) 1850 Census, TN, Henry Co. Issac is a farmer with real estate valued at $175. They have one child. His realtive “Leonard Stem” lives with him. [Leonard may have been his brother.]
1856, [after his mother died] they moved to Dewith Co., TX. (S) Births of children.
7/28/1860, (S) 1860 Census, TX, Jackson Co., Morales. Issac is a farmer with a personal estate of $200.
1869, they moved to Robertson Co., TX.
7/2/1874, Issac awarded an annual pension of $250 for his service in the TX military.
7/2/1879 in Limestone Co., Issac appointed E. M. Pierce of the city of Austin as his attorney.
6/11/1880, (S) 1880 Census, TX, Robertson Co., Bald Prairie. Issac is a farmer. Lucy is keeping house.
10/2/1891, Lucy died in Robertson Co., TX; buried with Issac.
11/23/1893, Issac died in Robertson Co., TX, buried in Wesley Chapel Cem.
Washington T Stem, born 6/1850 in Henry Co., TN.
12/18/1873 in Grimes Co., TX, he married Eliza Henderson, born 1853.
2/14/1884, he married Catherine Johnson.
8/5/1916, he died in Robertson Co., TX, buried in Wesley Chapel Cem.
Richard Burton Stem, born 5/12/1852 in Henry Co., TN.
He married Amanda E ?, born 1862.
Aft, 1906, he died in Robertson Co., TX, buried in Wesley Chapel Cem.
Laura Caroline Stem, born 1856 in Dewit Co., TX.
1875, she married Needham Ethridge Norris.
Robert Wesley Stem, born 1/1860 in Jackson Co., TX.
Issac “Ike” P Stem Jr, born 1863 in TX.
1923, he died; buried in Wesley Chapel Cem.
James Wilson Stem, born 12/4/1866 in TX.
He married Delia ?, born 1869 in TN. (S) 1920 Census.
5/18/1956, he died in Robertson Co., TX, buried in Wesley Chapel Cem.
Tabitha E Stem, born 1869 in TX.
She married Morgan Whitley Grubbs.

ii. R Wilson Stem ( 28), born 6/16/1821 in Henry Co., TN.