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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bond 208 Dickey

208. Robert Dickey & 209. Susanna ? [Ireland, SC]

1735, Susanna born in Ireland.
1737, Robert born in Ireland, s/o 416. John Dickey & 417. Jane ?.
~1759 in Ireland Robert married Susanna.
1/5/1768, Robert arrive in SC from Ireland and received 350 acres of Bounty Land. (S) SCDA&H, S-213184, V-14, P-389. [They may have been joining other family members who had arrived earlier in VA and then transistioned to SC. There are definitely multiple Dickey families in the area at this time.]
5/13/1768, Robert, land grant for 350 acres in Craven Co. (S) SCDA&H, S-213019, V-17, P-276.
(S) 1768 SC Census, Craven Distr. Robert & Susanna.
5/13/1773, Robert, plat for 100 acres, Craven Co. (S) SCDA&H, S-213184, V-14, P-394, I-1.
5/17/1774, Robert, land grant for 100 acres, on Bullocks Creek, Craven Co. (S) SCDA&H, S-213019, V-30, P-334.
~1776 [or later], Robert Dickey, account audited (file no. 1926) of claims growing out of the American Revolution. (S) SCDA&H, S-108092, Reel-34, F-263.
(S) 1778 SC Census, Camden Distr. Robert.
(S) 1779 SC Census, 96th Distr. Robert.
2/13/1789, Robert listed [with other Dickeys] in the will of John Dickey. Will Typescript, York County (Estate Packet: Case 55, File 2455). [Dickey, John/Dickey, Martha/Dickey, David/Dickey, Susanah/Dickey, Jane/Dickey, James/Dickey, George/Dickey, Mary/Dickey, Elinor/Kennedy, Robert/Dickey, William/Dickey, Robert]. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, Reel-29, F-57. [York Co. evolved from Craven Co.]

Family notes: Robert Dickey:
• Immigration record: Council Journal 34, (S) Protestant Immigrants to S. Carolina, 1763-1773, Petitions for Land, 1763-1773, page 93.

Meeting of the Council 5 Jan 1768
Immigrants on the Brig “Chichester”
From Belfast, Ireland, Wm. Reed, Master.
Robert Dickey …….. age 31 (b. 1737)
Susannah Dickey…... age 33 (b. 1735)
William Dickey …… age 7 (b. 1761)
James Dickey …… age 6 (b. 1762)
Elizabeth Dickey … age 4 (b. 1764)
Jane Dickey …… age 3 (b. 1765)
Hector Dickey …… age 23 (b. 1745)
Jane Dickey …… age 58 (b. 1710)
• Hector received 100 acres of bounty land.

Children of Robert and Susanna:

i. William Dickey ( 104), born 1761.

ii. James Dickey, born 1762 in Ireland.
(S) 1768 SC Census, Craven Distr. with family.
(S) 1778 Census, SC, Camden Distr. Lives near his father.
(S) 1790 Census, SC, Camden Distr. 1m>16, 1m<16, 3f’s.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, York Co., York. Age>45.
(S) 1830 Census, SC, York Co. Age 60-70.

iii. Elizabeth Dickey, born 1764 in Ireland.
(S) 1768 SC Census, Craven Distr. with family.

iv. Jane Dickey, born 1765 in Ireland.
(S) 1768 SC Census, Craven Distr. with family.