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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

John Bond Sr - Great Migration

The Great Migration

During the first two decades of the nineteenth century, Americans moved west in such great numbers that historians refer to that mass movement as the “Great Migration.” In 1800 there were only two states west of the Appalachians — Kentucky and Tennessee. In 1820 there were eight: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. The population of these eight western states had grown from 386,000 persons in 1800 to 2,216,000 in 1820. Mississippi was a product of the Great Migration. Many of the westward travelers used the “Old Post Road” through GA. The Bond and Batson lands in GA were close to this old Indian trail. The Mississippi country was opened to settlement in 1798 when Congress organized the Mississippi Territory. (Until it became a separate territory in 1817, Alabama was part of Mississippi.) A few settlers already lived in Mississippi when it became a territory. They were concentrated in two principal areas — the Natchez District and the lower Tombigbee settlements above and west of Mobile. In the period from 1798 to 1812, when the Bond clan was moving west, the flow of immigrants was steady, but not in large numbers. In 1800, when the Bond clan first arrived, about 4,500 people, including slaves, lived at Natchez, and a combined free and slave population of 1,250 inhabited the Tombigbee settlements. Outside of these areas the territory was populated only by the Native Americans. The Bonds initially settled in the Natchez area of what is now Amite Co. For the average person, economic opportunities had diminished in the older southern agricultural states. Generations of ruinous agricultural practices had, by 1800, exhausted the soils of the old plantations. This made the rich virgin land of Mississippi all the more attractive. Closely linked to the notion that Mississippi offered exceptional economic opportunities for the immigrant was the widespread belief that the Territory was an unlimited expanse of fertile country “like the land of promise, flowing with milk and honey.” One Mississippi immigrant described his new home as “a wide empty country with a soil that yields such noble crops that any man is sure to succeed.” Another new settler wrote to family back in Maryland that “the crops are certain.., and abundance spreads the table of the poor man and contentment smiles on every countenance.” Migration to the Territory slowed during the War of 1812. But after peace was made in 1814, immigration resumed and surpassed anything that had ever been witnessed. Thousands of immigrants began to pour into the country by horse, wagon, boat, and on foot. One traveler, during nine days of travel in 1816, counted no fewer than 4,000 immigrants coming into the Territory. Residents of the older states, such as Virginia and the Carolinas, began to fear that the “Mississippi Fever” would depopulate their states. Then, in 1819, an economic panic, followed by a general depression, arrested the migration.

A general timeline of events affecting the Bond clans:
• Starting in 1805, Indian lands in Mississippi were opened to white settlement after six major treaties with the Choctaws and the Chickasaws.
• 1812 - The War of 1812 begins. Mississippi gains West Florida territory east of the Pearl River and south to the Gulf of Mexico.
• 1817 - The Mississippi territory, which included what is now Alabama, is divided. The western half becomes the 20th state.
• 1822 - The state capital is moved to Jackson. Built on the site of Lefleur’s Bluff, Jackson was one of the first planned cities in the nation. It was named for Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson.
• 1830 - The Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek cedes all Choctaw territory east of the Mississippi River to the U.S. Government. John Bond (32) is a signer of this treaty. Most of the Choctaws leave the state.
• 1837 - First major commercial logging of white pine forests begins. Many of the Bond clan moved to Perry and Stone counties to participate in this industry.

1749 John born in Beaufort Co., NC the s/o 128. John Bond Jun. & 129. Lydia Wallis. 

John’s mother remarried to John Roe. (S) National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1991, Hendrix, P278.

6/1757, Court appointed John Wallis [his Uncle] as John’s guardian.

9/1757, An acct. of chattle recd. Of Wills. Springer for the use of John Bond orphan was exhibited into court on oath by John Wallis Guardian of the said John Bond. (S) Pameteco Tracings, 6/1992.

3/1758, John Wallis guardian of John Bond orphan exhibited into Court on oath an Acct. of disbursements for the said orphan which was allowed. (S) Pameteco Tracings, 6/1993.

(S) NC 1764 Tax Rolls, Beaufort Co.: John & Robert & Richard & James Bond.

John married 1st Unknown. (S) DAR Records. The children are from this marriage.

5/1770, John Bond “Jr” called to jury duty in Beaufort Co. (S) Pameteco Tracings, 6/1995.

1770, The Bond family had a ferry across South Dividing Creek to the town of Bath. (S) 5/1/1770 Map by S. Hooper, NC State Archives, Raleigh.

4/9/1772, John purchased 300 acres on east side of Durham Creek.

4/15/1772, John purchased 230 acres on east side of Durham Creek.

5/22/1772, Beaufort Co. Court: John Bond, Wm Wallis to testify for the King against William Pender.

8/21/1772, Beaufort Co. Court: Appearance bond for William Pender (£50) with John Bond and Robert Roland, bondsmen (£25 each) for charge of theft of one bay mare.

12/1/1773, John sold land purchased on Durham Creek. (S) Deed Bk.4, P.443.

12/24/1774, John bought 225 acres from John Wallis (his childhood guardian and Uncle) on Long Point, on the north side of South Dividing Creek.

12/7/1778 in Beaufort, John Bond signed as administrator of the estate of Coleman Roe a bond of John Fallin. (S) National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1991, Hendrix, P279. 

1779, John is a tax assessor in Beaufort Co., NC. (S) Beaufort Co. tax rolls.

1779, (S) Tax Roll, John sold land valued at £1610.

4/4/1781, John received a grant for 245 acres in Orangeburg Distr. of SC.

4/20/1781, John Bond Senr. and Robt. Bond listed as members of Div. 1 of the Beaufort Militia. (S) “A List of the Several Divisions of Affective Men in the Beaufort Ragiment of Militia Made the 20th of April 1781”; Div of Archives & Hist., Raleigh, NC.

5/1782, John Bond is recognized in the sum of 50 pounds Specie to appear next term and answer such things as may be alleged him. (S) Pameteco Tracings, 6/1995.

5/1784, … Whether John Bond in right of his wife to whom the said Negro’s were bequeathed could lawfully convey an interest in them to another without ever having obtained actual possession of them. (S) Pameteco Tracings, 6/1995.

(S) 1790 Census, Beaufort Co., NC. John living next to Robert Bond and Abram Pritchett Jr. This Robert ( 256iv) is John’s great uncle. He is married and has his 2 daughters at home.

2/14/1791 in Orangeburge Distr., SC, John deeded land in Long Branch to Robert Cannon. (S) National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 1991, Hendrix, P279. [The signature matches that of 1778 – however, see family notes. This is the last land record of the family in SC.]

1795, (S) Tax Roll, HancCo., GA. John. He lived at the head of Town Creek, southwest of Sparta.

1796, Hancock Co., GA, John witnessed a land sale of David Tool [formerly of Orangeburg, SC.]

3/1798, John served as HancCo., GA, grand juror. (S) Southern Sentinel & Universal Gazette, Augusta, GA, 3/22/1798.

Bef. 1799, John married 2nd Eleanor Miller born 1755–1775 (probably ~1770) in NC, the d/o Alexander Miller, and the sister to his son Gideon’s wife. This marriage produced no children. (S) NGSQ, 6/1990, PP98-114, by G L C Hendrix.

1/12/1799, John and “Allenor”, with son Gideon and his wife Mary, and Samuel Barron with his wife Jenny, and Brice Miller jointly sold their interest in 87.5 acres of land they had acquired as “heirs of Alexander Miller”; father of Eleanor, Mary, Jenny and Brice.

2/27/1799, John bought 198 acres on Rocky Creek from James and Nancy Pritchett on Little Rocky Creek.

(S) 1800 Census, NC, Beaufort Co. The families must have returned to Beaufort Co. for some reason prior to finally settling in GA. The only other Bond in Beaufort Co. is Robert Bond ( 256iv). Note that John Sr is >45, but his wife Eleanor is 26–44. Robert would be the m<10, the other is unknown.

5/15/1800 in GA, John & Eleanor Bond sold 98.75 acres (in 2 lots) on Little Rocky Creek.

2/2/1801, John sold 140 acres in HancCo., GA, at head of Town Creek.

1803, Franklin Co., GA, John on the tax list.

5/5/1804, John bought 160 acres in HancCo., GA.

2/2/1808, John Sr and son John L both drawn for possible jury duty in Jones Co.

2/18/1808, John Sr called to serve on 1st Grand Jury of Jones Co., at the courthouse of Gray, Jones Co., GA. (S) Courthouse Records P1.

4/4/1808, John served on 1st Grand Jury of Jones Co. (S) Courthouse Records P.2.

1/13/1809, John witnessed a deed transaction from William Bond to Levi Ellis.

By 1813 they were in Marion Co., MS. (to become Pike Co., and the Lawrence Co.)

(S) 1816 MS Census, Pike Co. John and Eleanor living near his son John L32, and near Eleanor’s younger brother Brice Miller. 1m>21, 1f>21.

(S) 1820 Census, MS, Pike Co. Living near sons Henry and Gideon, and James Batson.

Aft. 1820 census, Eleanor died in Pike Co., MS.

(S) 1830 Census, MS, Hinds Co.,  m:80–90. He is living with his son James.

~ 1835, John died; buried in Wiggins, StnCo., MS. Cenotaph: Bond-Harvison Cem., StnCo., MS.

Family notes: John Bond Sr:

·         (S) DAR report (RXAGTTPK) indicates John Bond, born in NC ~1748, died in MS ~1825, with 2 spouses (1st unknown), 2nd Eleanor Miller, had a rank of Civil Service during the Revolutionary War and his female descendents are entitled to membership.

·         It is highly unlikely that Eleanor is the mother of the children, because her immediate ancestry, as well as the Bond–Miller family relationships, is well documented, and Gideon would have married his Aunt Mary, Eleanor’s sister.

·         John Bond apparently grew up in the home of his Uncle John Wallis on the plantation of his Grandfather - William Wallis. Jun. 1757 - Court minutes of Beaufort Co., NC – “Court appoints John Wallis guardian. of John Bond, a minor orphan of John Bond, deceased, ordered bond of £100, Letters issued to John Wallis to take sd orphan and his estate into care and possession out of hands of William Pringle.” How William Pringle came to be in guardianship of John is unknown.

·         Tax records supposedly show a “John Bond” was living in South Carolina in 1785, where his last four children were supposedly born. John may have owned property in SC; however one John Bond by the 1790 Census has no children. Another John Bond in SC in 1790 has 1 son over 16 and 6 sons under 16. John ( 64) would have at most 3 sons under 16. There are 2 John Bond’s in SC in the 1783 census, but this is the only year they appear in SC state census’. Neither of these are John Bond ( 64), he is still where he previously lived in NC; and appears there again in 1800 with John Jr. There were no other known John Bond’s in Beaufort Co. at that time. In addition, the 1790 census John Bond’s in Orangeburg Distr. live near Thomas Bond, which is not a family name at this time. The John Bond in Union Co, SC in 1800 appears to live with a Wm Bond that has 3 sons 10-15.

·         Upon the death of Samuel Barron in HancCo., documents name Samuel’s widow as Jane (Miller), her brother as “Brice Miller, guardian for Alexander and Andrew Miller”, with Gideon Bond ( 64iii) as standing as surety for Brice’s guardianship bond. This is further evidence that Gideon’s wife had a family relationship with Brice, Jane, Alexander and Andrew, all siblings of Eleanor. (S) HancCo. GA Wills and Estates, VAAAA:154–61.

·         Other Bond clan members appear to have moved to MS with the John Bond clan. A Moses Bond and Thomas Bond, not known to be sons of John ( 64), are also members [privates] of Lt Col Nixon’s and Col Claiborne’s MS regt.’s respectively at the Battle of New Orleans.

Children of John and ?:

i. Lt. Col. John Bond (32), born 1770 in Beaufort Co., NC.

ii. Lt. William Bond, born 1772 in Beaufort Co., NC
5/08/1802, married 1st Georgia Minurva Batson (sister to wife of John Bond32) in Montgomery Co., GA.
1807, Franklin Co., GA, William and his son on the tax list.
1/13/1809, John64 witnessed a deed transaction from his son William Bond to Levi Ellis.
(S) 1810 MS Terr. Census, Amite Co. 1310500. The 3 m<21 cannot be specifically identified from the 4 male sons born prior to 1810.
(S) 1813 MS Terr. Census, Marion Co.
1/8/1814, 13th MS Militia, Battle of New Orleans, Lieutenant.
1814, one of the founders of the Silver Creek Baptist Church.
1/15/1815, William signed a petition a Congress on land issues as part of “Camp Pearl River”.
(S) 1816 MS Terr. Census, Pike Co. 1m>21, 2m<21, 1f>21, 2f<21.
1816, Clerk of Silver Creek Baptist Church, Marion Co., MS, near MS-LA border.
~1819 Georgia died.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, Lawrence Co., No TWP. A widower. 1f:<10 unidentified.
Bef. 1830, William married 2nd Zilpha Wiggins born 3/19/1798 in NC.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo. William lives near his son Brantley and brother Robert. He is now married to Zilpha.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. William lives next to his son Brantley.
(S) 1841 MS Census, HancCo.
(S) 1845 MS Census, HancCo.
9/12/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. William is a farmer. He and Zilpha have no children living with them.
9/14/1860, (S) 1860 Census, MS, HarrCo, Bt4., Pass Christian. Living with daughter Jane and her husband John Hickman.
~1862 William died in HarrCo, MS; Burial: Bond-Harvison Cem., StnCo., MS.
(S) 1870 Census, Zilpha is living with daughter Minurva and her husband William Hickman.
[Family note: William was a Justice-of-the-Peace in HarrCo.]
Children of Georgia:
Robert Bond, born ~1802 in GA. (S) 1816 Census.
William Bond Jr, born ~1803 in GA. (S) 1816,1820 Census.
Brantley Bond, born 1/6/1804 in GA. (S) 1816,1820,1840 Census.
He married Elizabeth Batson, born 1808 in GA.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo. 20-30, wife 20-30, 2 sons, 2 daughters.
11/9/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. His land is valued at $1500.
8/26/1853 Brantley died. Burial: Bond-Harvison Cem., StnCo., MS.
Bargel L Bond, born 5/3/1806 in GA. (S) 1816,1820 Census.
(S) 1840 Census, Mobile Co., AL. [Bayou La Batre]
He married 2nd Louisa Culpepper, born 1820 in MS; died 1875.
11/9/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. Multiple family members not her children.
1883 Bargel died. Both buried in Bond-Harvison Cem., StnCo., MS.
Elizabeth Bond, born 3/24/1808 in GA. (S) 1816,1820 Census.
4/7/1866 she became the 2nd wife of John Dale, born 2/22/1790.
Barney Bond 1810 in GA.
1830, he married Melina Terrell, born 1815 in MS, likely d/o Josiah Terrell [his son William lives next to Brantley Bond in HancCo. in 1830].
11/9/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. 9 children.
Minurva E Bond, born 3/15/1819 in MS. (S) 1816,1820,1830,1840,1870 Census.
10/31/1842 she married William M Hickman, born 5/14/1818, died 3/8/1872. (S) HarrCo. Marr. Rcds., P18.
1/17/1891 she died; both buried in Hester-Hickman Cem., StnCo., MS.
Sarah Bond, born 1820 in MS. (S) 1820,1830,1840 Census.
She married Robert Dobson, born 1816 in NC.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. They live next to her brother Bargel; 6 children.
Children of Zilpha:
George W Bond, born ~1822 in MS. (S) 1830, 1840 Census.
Jane Bond, born 1826 in MS. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
11/13/1842 she married John Hickman, born 1820 in MS. (S) HarrCo. Marr. Rcds., P19.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. They live next to her brother Barney; 2 children.
Mary Polly Bond, born 1828 in MS. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
She married Samuel Hickman, born 1824 in AL.
John “Tiger” Bond, born 1829 in MS. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
1847 he married Nancy Wheeler. (S) Who Married Whom in PerrCo., 1985, Strictland.
Elizabeth Jane Bond, born 1832 in MS. (S) 1840 Census.

iii. Gideon Bond, born 1774 in Beaufort Co., NC
No.64:(S) 1790 Census. m<16.
1795, (S) Tax Roll, HancCo., GA: 204 acres and 1 slave. He lived at the head of Town Creek, southwest of Sparta near his father.
Gideon married Mary Miller, born ~1774 in Wilkes Co., GA, sister of his father’s 2nd wife.
1/2/1801, Gideon bought 73 acres in HancCo., GA on Rocky Creek from James Pritchett.
2/2/1801, Gideon sold 64 acres in HancCo., GA on Town Creek.
1802, (S) Tax Roll, HancCo., GA: Gideon , 73 acres.
1805, Gideon received 2 “draws” in the Georgia land lottery; he won land in Baldwin Co.
5/7/1813, Gideon in Marion Co., MS, he consented to his daughter Eleanor’s wedding.
1/8/1814, 13th MS Militia, Battle of New Orleans, Corporal.
1814 Gideon is on the tax rolls in Lawrence Co., MS.
(S) MS 1816 Census, Pike Co., Gideon “on Pearl River”. 3m>21, 1m<21, 1f>21, 7f<21. 2m>21, 6f<21 unknown.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, Pike Co. Gideon lives near Henry. 4f<10, 1f:10-16 unidentified.
4/7/1825 Gideon purchased 80 acres through the Washington, MS land office.
9/1/1834 Gideon purchased 80 acres through the Washington, MS land office.
1835 Pike Co., MS, tax list. $80 tax on 80 acres on the Baily Chitto, plus 2 slaves. No poll tax. (S) MS Dept. of Archives, Jackson, V536, RG29.
6/1835–9/14/1836 Gideon died in Pike Co., MS.
9/14/1836, Mary moved to land next to her daughter Jennie. (S) US BLM., Washington MS Land Office, V17:3633.
Eleanor Bond, born 1797 in GA.
5/17/1813 she married John Akin. (S) Marion Co., MS, MBNo.1, P13. The wedding was performed by Gideon’s brother James, the JOP.
Peyton Bond, born 4/27/1806 in HancCo., GA. (S) 1816,1820.
10/23/1816 he married 1st Cinderella Charlotte Hope. (S) Hope Family Bible.
(S) 1835 Pike Co., MS, tax list. 1 white poll tax, and tax on 1 slave.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, Pike Co.
By 1842 he married 2nd Harriett A Welsh.
(S) 1850 Census, LA, Washington Co. Married with 6 children.
Mary Jane Bond, born 11/17/1808 in GA. (S) 1816,1820 Census.
11/24/1825 in Pike Co., MS, she married William S Miller.
(S) 1870 Census, LA, Sabine Parish, Ward3. Son John lives with them.
11/19/1875 she died in Sabine Parish, LA; buried in an unmarked grave in the Antioch Cem.
Louisa Bond, born 1809 in MS.
She married Rev. Henry Simmons, clerk of the Silver Creek Bapt. Church near Magnolia, MS.
1834, Louisa and Henry joined the Bogue Chitto Bapt. Church.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, Pike Co. An elderly lady and a young girl live with them.
(S) 1860 Census, LA, Sabine Parish.
1865, Henry died in Sabine Parish, LA. [No children.]
Aft. 1870, Louisa died. (S) 1870 Census, LA, Sabine Parish.

iv. Henry Bond, born 11/04/1775 in Beaufort Co., NC.
No.64:(S) 1790 Census. m<16.
1794, (S) Tax Roll, HancCo., GA.
Henry married 1st Elizabeth Muse, born 3/10/1779 in SC.
12/11/1800, bought 100 acres in HancCo., GA on Big Island Creek.
1802, (S) Tax Roll, HancCo., GA: 100 acres and 5 slaves.
1805, received 2 “draws” in the Georgia land lottery; he did not win any land.
9/19/1808, sold 80 acres in HancCo., GA on Big Island Creek. (S) Deed Bk1, P282.
11/15/1808, sold 20 acres of land. (S) Deed Bk. H, P463.
10/28/1811, sold 202.5 acres in Jones Co., GA.
1813 tax list in Lawrence Co., MS. Taxed for 160 acres on the Balachitto, on what is known as the “William Allen Place”. (S) Conerly.
(S) 1813 MS Terr. Census, Marion Co.
1/8/1814, 13th MS Militia - Battle of New Orleans, Private.
1814, one of the founders of the Silver Creek Baptist Church.
1/15/1815, petitioned Congress on land issues as part of “Camp pearl River”.
10/19/1815, Elizabeth died in MS.
(S) MS 1816 Census, Pike Co., 2403. 2 m>21, 4 m<21, 3f<21.
1817, Henry moved to the Bala Chitto where he remained the rest of his life and was a founder of the Bala Chitto Baptist Church.
Henry married 2nd Mary Thompson, born 5/18/1778, d/o John. (S) 1820 Census. f:26-45.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, Pike Co. Henry lives near Gideon. 4f<10 unidentified. The children do match well with this census.
9/27/1822, Henry a delegate from Bala Chitto Baptist Church to the Pearl River Assoc. of the Baptist Church convened at New Chapel Church.
(S) 1825 Tax List, Pike Co., MS. $2.26 on 1 white, and 240 acres on Baily Chitto.
(S) 1835 Pike Co., MS, tax list. $480 tax on 240 acres on the Baily Chitto. No poll tax.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, Pike Co. Henry and Mary live next to their son Preston.
(S) 1843 Tax List, Pike Co., MS. 1 slave.
5/15/1843, Mary died.
10/24/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, Pike Co., PD1. Living with his son Preston.
2/04/1856, Henry died in Pike Co., MS.
Children: (S) Conerly.
Laban Bond, born 10/10/1797 in GA. (twin)
Seaborn Bond, born 10/10/1797 in GA. (twin)
Rebecca Bond, born 10/25/1799 in GA. (S) 1816 Census. f<21.
She married Louis Ballard. (S) Conerly.
Preston Bond, born 1/8/1802 in GA.
He married Annie Muse, born 1806 in TN. (S) Conerly.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, Pike Co. 7 children, his father lives with him.
Lydia Bond, born 7/23/1804 in GA. (S) 1816 Census: f<21, 1820 Census: f:10-16.
She married Willis Mullins. (S) Conerly.
Elizabeth Bond, born 4/4/1807 in GA. (S) 1816 Census: f<21, 1820 Census. f:10-16.
“Betsy” married Jesse Barron. (S) Conerly.
Thomas Muse Bond, born 3/10/1810 in GA. (S) 1820 Census. m:10-16.
A Baptist preacher, he married Rebecca Felder, born 1807 in SC. (S) Conerly.
(S) 1850 Census, LA, Washington Parish. 2 children.
10/7/1855 he died.
Henry Bond Jr, born 9/12/1812 in MS.
1834 he married Samantha Dickerson, born 4/10/1817.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, Pike Co. 6 children.
7/29/1895 he died; buried in the Bond Cem. 5 miles west of Kentwood, LA.
(S) Henry Bond Bible, in “Be It Known and Remebered”, LA Gen. Soc., 1960.
Milton Napoleon Bond. (S) Conerly.
He married Mary C Wilson.

v. Ensign James Bond, born 1785 in NC.
No.64:(S) 1790 Census. m<16.
~1804 in GA James married Sarah ?, born 1788 in NC.
1805, Franklin Co., GA, James on the tax list.
1812, paid taxes in Marion Co., MS.
6/1812, appointed Justice-of-the-Peace of Marion Co.
(S) 1813 MS Census, Marion Co.
5/9/1813, James performed the marriage of his brother Gideon’s daughter Eleanor.
1/8/1814, 13th MS Militia, Battle of New Orleans, Ensign. James voltuneered for a Mounted Rifle Co. in the Creek War commanded by Capt. John Bond. They fought at Vernon on the AL River. He served 6 months as an Ensign. He mustered out in 4/1814 at Ft. Claiborne, AL. (S) Claim for Bounty for War of 1812 service, National Archives, Wash. D.C.
1813-1826, James on tax rolls, and Justice-of-the-Peace, in Lawrence Co., MS. He lived on 320 acres on White Sands Creek.
1/15/1815, James petitioned Congress on land issues as part of “Camp Pearl River”.
6/2/1815, James served 1 month as a Private in H.M. Runnel’s Co., 13th Regt. Discharged 2/7/1815. (S) Lawrence Co. Court House Records, National Archives, Wash. D.C.
(S) 1816 MS Census, James lived on “White Sands” creek.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, Lawrence Co. James: 1m<10, 1m>45, 1f>45 unidentified.
10/23/1826, James acquired land in Hinds Co., MS. He later bought adjoining land until he had 550 acres located about 6 miles south of Raymond, MS. Two of his sons-in-law also acquired adjoining land.
6/10/1827, James & Sarah helped found the Palestine Baptist Church. James was a Deacon, the first Clerk, and the Treasurer. Earliest pages of the 1st records were written by James.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, Hinds Co. b:1780–1790. His father John64 (b:1740–1750) is living with him. 2f<5, 1f:5-10 not identified.
1/28/1834 in Hinds Co., MS, James is named executor of sister Gracie’s husband’s will.
11/1834, James was excommunicated from the Palestine Baptist Church. Sarah was excommunicated shortly afterwards for defending him.
2/26/1835, James resigned as administrator of Gracie’s husband’s estate.
9/28/1835, James became guardian of daughter Delaney’s children.
10/17/1835 James sold his Hinds Co., MS plantation for $5,199.99. (S) Deed Bk6, P154. In a later estate sale it was described: “The place is in fine order for cultivation having about 200 acres cleared land and a good gin, negro cabins, dwelling house and necessary outbuilding, with three excellent orchards, and never failing springs”. (S) 4/10/1840 issue of the Raymond Times. James maintained a home in Hinds Co.
(S) 12/29/1837, Raymond Times: “Married at the residence of James Bond, Esq., Hinds Co., … Mr. Amos L Kent and Miss Melissa Bond.”
(S) 1837 MS Census, Lawrence Co. James.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, Choctaw Co. Delaney’s children live with James. He lived on Mulberry Creek, near Karmichael, MS. There are 17 people residing in the family.
(S) 1841 MS Census, Choctaw Co. James.
1842–1846, James served as a Senator from Choctaw Co.
1843, James was involved as a surety in the theft of state money by the Treasurer R S Graves.
(S) 1845 MS Census, Choctaw Co. James.
(S) 1851, Catherine B Jones vs. James Bond. Hinds Co. Court Case 2088, Drawer 86.
12/3/1851, James wrote a letter to the Comissioner of Pensions, Washington D.C., for land in Choctaw Co., MS. (S) National Archives, Wash. D.C.
11/1852, James committed suicide in Karmichael, Montgomery Co., MS. (S) 11/27/1852 issue of the Columbus newspaper The Democrat. Citing the Paulding (Miss.) Clarion: “James Bond, formerly State Senator from Choctaw county, Miss., recently committed suicide in his own house. He was one of the securities of the defaulting State Treasurer, Graves, and this, with other pecuniary embarrassments, is conjectured to have been the motive for the act.”
Serena Bond, born 1807 in GA. (S) 1820 Census.
5/30/1851 in Lawrence Co., MS, she married John Allen Pace.
Evalina Bond, born 1808 in GA. (S) 1820 Census.
12/26/1822 in Lawrence Co., MS, she married Wiggins Biggs.
11/23/1872 Elvina died in Hinds Co., MS. Buried in Palestine Church Cem.
Delaney Bond, f, born 1810 in GA. (S) 1820 Census.
She married 1st Stephen Lee Jr. (S) Probate Crt., Hinds Co., MS, Dec. Term, 1840, P438.
1842 she married 2nd Jesse Pittman.
Delaney died in Carrol Co., MS.
Zillian Ann Bond, born 1814 in Lawrence Co., MS. (S) 1820,1830 Census.
8/26/1834 she married Henry Lee.
1842 she married Enos Pittman.
Catherine Bond, born 1816 in Lawrence Co., MS. (S) 1820,1830 Census.
3/27/1838 she married Charles D Kent.
Melissa Bond, born 1819 in MS. (S) 1820,1830 Census.
12/21/1837 in Hinds Co., MS, she married Amos L Kent.
E Jackson Bond, born 1/21/1821 in MS. (S) 1830 Census.
7/21/1841 he married Nancy Hill.
9/23/1898 he died.
Lusina Bond, born 11/14/1824 in MS. (S) 1830 Census.
1839 in Choctaw Co., MS, she married David Blount.
Lucretia Bond, born 1826 in MS.
~1841 in Choctaw Co., MS, she married George W Townsend.
12/25/1865 she died in Carrol Co., MS.

vi. Gracey Bond, born 1787 in NC.
No.64:(S) 1790 Census. f.
No.64:(S) 1800 Census. f:10-15.
~1807 Gracey married 1st Walter Jacob, born 1785 in MD.
(S) 1813 MS Census, Marion Co. Living next to John64.
(S) 1816 MS Census, Pike Co.
(S) 1820 MS Census, Pike Co. 1m:18-26, 1f<10 unidentified.
1826, Gracie moved with her father to Hinds Co., MS.
4/1/1827, Gracie made a land purchase/sale in Choctaw Co. (S) Mt. Salus land office records.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, Yazoo Co. 1m:10-15, 1f:5-10 unidentified.
1/19/1833 Walter died; Gracie is left all of his possessions. Jane, Permilia, Sarah, and Eleanor all have the last name “Roberts”. (S) Walter Jacob will of Yazoo & Hinds Co.
9/2/1835, Land purchase/sale in Choctaw Co. (S) Mt. Salus land office records.
11/22/1838, Gracey married 2nd Jonathan Kent in Hinds Co., MS.
2/1/1840, Land purchase/sale in Choctaw Co. (S) Mt. Salus land office records.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, Hinds Co. Only 2 sons living with them.
(S) 1841 MS Census, Hinds Co.
1845–1849 Gracie died in Hinds Co., MS.
Jane Jacob, born 12/23/1808 in GA. (S) 1820 Census.
She married Orville Roberts.
Permilia Jacob, born 8/12/1810 in GA. (S) 1820,1830 Census.
She married Elisha Roberts.
(S) 1850 Census, AL, Barbour Co. Widow with 4 children.
Joseph M Jacob, born 5/8/1815 in MS. (S) 1820 Census.
Sarah Jacob, born 10/20/1817 in MS. (S) 1820,1830 Census.
She married Hamilton Cooper.
Mordecai Ezekiel Jacob, born 9/4/1819 in MS. (S) 1820,1830 Census.
He married Nancy ?, born 1827 in MS.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, Copiah Co.
Lydia Jacob, born 5/8/1821 in MS.
She married John Oliver Cooper.
Eleanor Ellen Jacob, born 1822 in MS.
John W Jacob, born 1824 in MS. (S) 1830 Census.
James W Jacob, born 1826 in MS. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
Benjamin F Jacob, born 4/13/1828 in MS. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
He married Martha ?, born 1829 in MS.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, Hinds Co., no children. [Actually appears twice in the census.]

vii. Frances Bond, born 1790 in NC.
No.64:(S) 1790 Census. f.
No.64:(S) 1800 Census. f<10.
2/20/1810 in Jones Co., GA she married James Batson66ix.
No.66ix:(S) 1811.
No.66ix:(S) MS 1816 Census. 2:f <21 unidentified.
No.66ix:(S) 1820 Census. 1f<10, 1f>45 unidentified.
No.66ix:(S) 1830 Census. 1m:5-10, 1f<5, 1f:10-15 unidentified.
Bef. 1840 James died.
(S) 1840 Census, LA, Rapides Parish. Frances.
1845, Frances died in Rapides Parish, LA.
Note: in the 1850 census in Grimes Co., TX, several family children are living together, but the ages are all off.
Francis Batson, born 1810-1816 in MS. (S) 1816,1820 Census.
(S) 1840 Census, LA, Rapides Parish.
Mary Batson, born 1817 in MS. (S) 1820,1830,1840 Census.
Never married.
Melinda Batson, born 1820-1823 in LA. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
Minurva Batson, born 1824 in LA. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
Never married.
Lomar Batson, born 5/8/1825 in LA. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
Never married.
Matilda Batson, born 1834 in LA. (S) 1840 Census.
Never married.
Elizabeth Batson, born 1837 in LA. (S) 1840 Census.
Elisha Batson, born 1839 in LA. (S) 1840 Census.

viii. Robert Bond, born 2/12/1792 in NC.
No.64:(S) 1800 Census. m<10.
1806, Franklin Co., GA, Robert on the tax list.
10/28/1813 in Holmesville, Marion Co., MS, Robert married Judith Thompson, born 6/29/1798 in GA. (S) Marion Co. 1813 Marriage Records.
1/8/1814, Robert in 13th MS Militia, Battle of New Orleans, Private.
(S) 1813 MS Terr. Census, Marion Co.
(S) 1816 MS Terr. Census, Pike Co. 1m>21, 1m<21, 1f<21 (Judith).
(S) 1820 Census, MS, Pike Co.
(S) 1825 Tax List, Pike Co., MS. Robert: $2.46 on 1 white, 1 slave, and 160 acres on Bogue Chitto.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo.
(S) 1835 Pike Co., MS, tax list. Robert: $320 tax on 160 acres on the Bogue Chitto. No poll tax.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo.
(S) 1841 MS Census, HancCo.
(S) 1845 MS Census, HancCo.
12/04/1849, Robert died in Biloxi, HarrCo, MS.
9/8/1850, (S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo. Judy is a widow. [She later moved to LA.]
Children: (S) Widow’s War of 1812 Pension Application.
Tarlton Bond, born 6/15/1815 in MS. (S) 1816,1820,1830,1840 Census.
He married Martha ?, born 1817 in MS.
(S) 1850 Census, TX, Smith Co. 5 children.
2/1870, he died in Henderson Co., TX. (S) US Fed. Mortality Sch.
Maria Bond, born 8/29/1817 in MS. (S) 1820,1830,1840? Census.
Sarah Bond, born 9/5/1819 in MS. (S) 1820,1830,1840? Census.
Nancy Bond, born 10/10/1821 in MS. (S) 1830 Census.
10/30/1841 she married William Jouillan. (S) HarrCo. Marr. Rcds., P5.
Jesse Bond, born 4/12/1826 in MS. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
Lydia Bond, born 9/25/1828 in MS. (S) 1830,1840 Census.
11/20/1843, she married William H Marshall. (S) HarrCo. Marr. Rcds., P47.
Mary Bond, born 1/31/1832 in MS. (S) 1840 Census. Married in 1846.
Lewis Bond, born 12/21/1832 in MS. (S) 1840,1850 Census.
He married Mary B ?, born 1832 in MS.
(S) 1860 Census, LA, Rapides Parish. 4 children.
Lycippus Bond, born 1/2/1835 in MS. (S) 1840,1850 Census.