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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Philip Anthony Bessellieu & Susannah Maçon

78. Philip Anthony Bessellieu & 79. Susannah Maçon [SC]

3/31/1748 Philip born in Charleston, SC s/o 156. Mark Anthony Bessellieu II & 157. Martha Chicet (Cheche).
1751, Susannah born in Charleston, SC.
4/10/1771 in Charleston, “Philip Besseleu and Susannah Mason, spinster, were married per license.” (S) St. Phillips Reg. (1754-1810), P197.
8/21/1783, Philip left money in the will of his aunt Joannah Cheche Riley315i.
2/26/1785, Philip gave George Flagg a receipt for a legacy left his children by his aunt Joannah. (S) SCDA&H, Misc. Records LLL, P65.
1787, Philip A Baziloe on the Poll List of Charleston municpal elections records. (S) SC Gen. & Hist. Mag., V56, P48.
(S) 1790 Census, SC, Charleston Dist., St. Phillips & St. Michaels Parish. Many of the 36 males under 16 were orphans. 3 slaves. See CD Census Record 78-1790.
11/4/1792, “John Baptist Chevanes releases to Phillip Anthony Besselieu all that plantation of one thousand acres in Camden District at the head of Taukaw Creek and Ox Swamp in consideration of the payment of 175 pounds.” (S) Mesne Conveyance Office, Bk-Z, P404, Charleston, SC.
1/9/1795 Philip died. “Died on Friday morning last Mr. Philip Besselieu for several years master of the Orphan House school in this city; his wife and family have to lament the loss of an affection husband and father.” (S) Charleston City Gazette, Thursday, 1/13/1795. (S) SC Gen. & Hist. Mag., V23, P26. He is buried in the French Huguenot Churchyard. His tombstone reads “Aged 47 years, 9 mos., 10 days. A tutor of the Orphans”. (S) WPA E22, P15.
12/31/1795, Susannah married 2nd John Gissendanner.
6/8/1799, John died, buried in the Huguenot Church Cem.
(S) 1800 Census, SC, Charleston, Susannah appears to the living with Lucretia Gessintannia.
(S) 1810 Census, SC, Charleston, “Sus Gissendanner” lives near a child or grandchild. See CD Census Record 79-1810.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, Charleston, Susan Gissendanner is the head of a household of 10 persons. See CD Census Record 79-1820.
1/11/1829, “Susannah Besselieu Gissendanner” died; age 77 years, born in Charleston; buried in Trinity Church Cem.

Children of Philip and Susannah:

i. Susannah Elizabeth Bessilleau, born 5/12/1773, Wednesday, home of J Henderson, Charleston.
[The home where she was born was the home of her great-aunt Mary Cheche.]
1/25/1773 Susannah baptized. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
2/6/1792, “Married on Thursday evening last. Mr. Abraham Joy to Miss Susannah Besseleau.” (S) Charleston City Gazette. (S) SC Hist. & Gen. Mag., V21, P122.
1800, (S) 1800 Census, SC, Charleston. Abraham & wife, 4 sons, 1 daughter, 3 slaves.
10/6/1802, Will of Abraham Joy of the City of Charleston. Wife Susannah; after her death all property to go to son Abraham Philip and daughter Mary Susannah. Witness: John M Frazer, J. Dean, J Wagoner. (S) Charleston SC Probate Court, V28, P340. [WB-D, P310]. Abraham was a “ship joiner”.
10/1802 Abraham died, will proved 10/22/1802, Susannah qualified as executrix.
Susannah married 2nd William Addison.
3/3/1827, Susannah died; buried in the Huguenot Cem., Charleston, next to her father.
Children of Abraham:
Mary Elizabeth Joye, baptized 12/30/1797. (S) 1800 Census.
Must have died as a child – not mentioned in her father’s will.
Abraham Philip Joye, born 1798-1802 in Charleston.
Mary Susannah Joye, born 1798-1802 in Charleston.
Children of William:
Jane Bessellieu Addison, baptized 8/18/1814. (S) St. Phillips Register, 1810–1822.
1839, she married Thomas W. S. Chrietzberg. (S) Abstract of Charleston Observer, PP14–17.

ii. Capt. Mark Anthony Bessilleau IV, born 10/22/1774, Saturday morning at 1:15, St. Thomas, SC.
11/13/1774 Mark was baptized. (S) Annals and Parish Reg., St. Thomas & St. Denis, by Clute, 1884, P50.
9/11/1800, “Mark Anthony Besselleu of Charleston, Mariner, and Maria Williams, of the same place were married per Lic”; married on a Thursday evening by the Rev. Mr. Frost. (S) Charleston City Gazette. (S) St. Phillips Reg. (1754-1810), by Smith & Huger, 1927, P271. (S) SC Hist. & Gen. Mag., V26, P169.
1801 Mark probably died.
5/25/1802 Maria remarried to John Cowan of Charleston.

iii. Charles Bessilleau, born 5/14/1776, in Berresford’s Bounty, St. Thomas, SC.
Charles born a Tuesday night, at 10 O’clock. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
Charles baptized 7/21/1776. (S) Annals & Parish Reg., St. Thomas & St. Denis, Clute, 1884, P50.
Charles 1st married unknown?
Charles married 2nd Mary Riley, born 1883, d/o John Riley Sr.
1/13/1798, Charles and his aunt Susannah involved in the purchase/sale of a slave. (S) SCDA&H, Misc. LLL, P173.
12/28/1801, “Mrs. Mary Besselleu wife of Charles Besselleu of Jacksonborough and d/o John Riley Senior died in the 18th year of her age.” (S) Georgetown Gazette, Charleston Column.
Charles married 3rd Elizabeth Annie Howell, born in GA.
11/6/1809 Charles granted 721 acres in Beaufort. (S) Land Grant File, Office of the Sec. of State, Columbia, SC.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. 1m:<10, 1m:10-16, 2f<10, 1f:10-16, wife 26-45. 29 slaves.
(S) 1830 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. Charles, multiple family members, 58 slaves.
3/27/1840 in St. Pauls Parish, Beaufort Dist., Charles Besselue wrote his will. He left his plantation in Colleton Dist. and slaves to his 2 daughters Eliza S Delgar and Mary R Eikerenkoetter. (S) SCDA&H, Misc. Records 5X, P222.
(S) 1840 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. Charles, multiple family members, 56 slaves.
1844 Charles died; buried in the Euhaw Churchyard, Beaufort Dist. [now Jasper Co.]. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
(S) 1850 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. Mrs. E. A. Besselleu. 5 sons live with her. They have 45 slaves.
Cecelia Annie Bessilleau, born 1825-6 in SC.
She married Benjamin Franklin Boyd, they had 7 children.
(S) 1880 Census, SC, Beaufort Co., Yemase Ship Village of Hardeeville.
She died in Greenville, SC. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
William Frazer Bessilleau, born 1832 in SC. (S) 1850 Census.
He married Martha “Mattie” A Henningway, born 1843 in MS. They had 10 children.
(S) 1860 Census, AR, Drew Co., Monticello. William a doctor., P932, PP1006-7.
5/20/1863, CSA: from Pine Bluff, AR William wrote a letter to the Surgeon General in Richmond tending his resignation due to ill health.
(S) Bio. & Hist. Memoirs of S. AR, Goodspeed Publishing, 1890
Charles Mason Bessilleau, born 1834 in SC. (S) 1850 Census.
He married A. Wincey.
(S) 1860 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist.
6/19/1861, CSA: Enlisted at Grahamville, Private, Co. B, SC Calvary, Hampton’s Legion. He Transferred to 1st SC Infantry.
He died in New Orleans, LA.
Jane Bessilleau, born ?.
She married Rev. Dr. Hopkins.
She died in Texas.
John H Bessilleau, born 1836 in Grahamville, SC. (S) 1850 Census.
1861, CSA: Enlisted, Private, Co. B, SC Calvary, Hampton’s Legion.
12/30/1863 he transferred to the Navy. Blue eyes, light hair and complexion. 5’11’’ in tall.
Julia Bessilleau, born ?.
9/18/1856, she married Rev. B. F. Dunkin Perry.
She died in Spartanburg, SC.
Thomas Edward Bessilleau, born 12/30/1838 in SC. (S) 1850 Census.
He was born on the Plantation on the Euhaw known as “Hebron”.
6/21/1859 he married Harriet Euphemia Zealy of Grahamville, SC; they had 9 children.
(S) 1860 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s parish, Grahamville. Edward is a “Surgeon Dentist”. 1859 he graduated from Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.
1862, CSA: Enlisted Yorktown, Capt. Stewart’s Co. Beaufort Volunteer Artillery.
7/1898 he died in Tybee, GA, buried in Savannah, GA. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
H. Thurston Bessilleau, born 1843 in SC. (S) 1850 Census.
He never married.
CSA: Co. C, SC Calvary, Hampton’s Legion. He became a Sergeant in Co. B.
8/1/1863 his horse was killed in action at Brandy Station, VA. He was wounded and captured near Culpepper. Grey eyes, dark hair, light complexion, 5’8” tall.
He died in either Georgetown or Hardeeville, SC.

iv. Johannah Martha Bessilleau ( 39), born 2/25/1784.

v. Philip Anthony Bessilleau Jr, born 2/27/1778, a Friday morning at 6:00, in St. Thomas, SC.
3/17/1778 Philip baptized. (S) Annals and Parish Reg., St. Thomas & St. Denis, by Clute, 1884, P50.
3/19/1778 Philip buried as an infant. (S) Annals and Parish Reg., St. Thomas & St. Denis, by Clute, 1884, P96.

vi. Lewis Bessilleau, born 3/26/1779, a Friday morning at 3:15, in St. Thomas, SC.
4/6/1779 Lewis was baptized. (S) Annals and Parish Reg., St. Thomas & St. Denis, by Clute, 1884, P50.

vii. Mary E Bessilleau, born 1/29/1782, Tueaday night, at 8:30, in St. Thomas, SC.
(S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
11/4/1799, “Married on Saturday evening last by the Rev. Mr. Frost, Mr. David Maull of Jacksonborough to Miss Mary E Besselleu of this city.” (S) Charleston City Gazette. (S) SC Hist. & Gen. Mag., V26, P48.
2/1816, David died at 40 years of age. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, Charleston Co. M E Maul. She has 4 young males and 2 young females living with her.
(S) 1830 Census, SC, Charleston Co., Charleston Ward 4. Mary E Maul. Her married son James and his family appear to live with her.
(S) 1840 Census, SC, Charleston Co. Mary Maul. Her married son James and his family appear to live with her.
7/1/1849, “Mary E Maull mother of James departed this life.” (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
Charles W Maull, born ?
2/22/??? he died at 22 years old. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
David Mason Maull, born 5/15/1811 at 7 AM in SC. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
He married Mary Ann ?. [died 1840 at Summerville, age 23.]
4/7/1842, he married Mary Eikerenkoetter.
James Maull, born ?.

viii. Martha Catherine Bessilleau, born 1/30/1786.
Born a Monday night, at 11:30 on Beaufain St, Charleston. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible.
4/25/1804, “Married on Sunday evening last, in Jacksonborough, by the Rev. Thomas D Bladen, Mr. Joseph Dilgar to Miss Martha Catherine Besseleu.” (S) Charleston City Gazette. (S) SC Hist. & Gen. Mag., V27, P221. (S) St. Phillips Reg. (1754-1810), by Smith & Huger, 1927, P270. Thomas Dedimus Bladen arrived in Charleston by ship in 1798.
They lived on Guignard St. in Charleston. (S) Negrin’s Directory, and Almanac, 1806.

ix. Philip John Bessilleau, born 2/14/1788 in Charleston.
2/28/1788 Philip baptized. (S) Bessellieu Family Bible. (S) St. Phillips Reg. (1754-1810), by Smith & Huger, 1927, P107.
(S) 1820 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. Single, 1 slave.
(S) 1830 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. Single, 6 slaves.
(S) 1840 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. Single, 8 slaves.
(S) 1850 Census, SC, Beaufort Dist., St. Luke’s Parish. Single, 5 slaves. Philip a tavern keeper.
“A summer retreat was a necessary of life with the people of Cooswatchie. To live in the village two summers was an impossibility for all white men with one exception, just enough to prove the rule. The exception was Mr. Besselleu who kept a shop and furnished gentlemen of the bar with board and lodging. He was able to dwell with bilious fever and country fever, as Indian conjurers, handle poisonous serpents without harm. His mother must have anointed him when an infant with some medical charm. He was a wizard so far and yet he seemed in all besides a plain and simple-hearted man. To all but him a summer in Cooswatchie was death.” (S) Autobiography of William J Grayson, SC Hist. & Gen. Mag., V51, P109.