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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nicholas Ladner dit Christian & Marie Ann Paquet

86. Nicholas Ladner dit Christian & 87. Marie Ann Paquet [LA, MS]

~1727 Nicholas born in Pascagoula, MS; s/o 160. Luis Christian Ladner & 161. Marie Barbe Bounal.
1742, Marie born in New Orleans, LA; d/o 174. Pierre Paquet, Jr and 175. Magdeleine Baudreau Dit Graveline. (S) No. 174 Family notes.
4/25/1748 christening of Marie in New Orleans, LA. (S) No. 174 Family notes.
~1747 Nicholas moved to Cat Island. (S) Family notes – petition of 1781.
~1758 Nicholas married Marie. (S) L.O., P693.
2/12/1760, “On February 12, 1760, I, the undersigned Capuchin Apostolic Missionary priest, baptized with the ordinary formalities of the Church, Nicolas, born June 24, 1759 of the legitimate marriage of Nicolas Ladner dit Christian and of Marie Paquet, his father and mother. He had as his godfather Pierre Zerengue, and as his godmother Anne Chenette. The Godfather signed and the father and mother made their ordinary marks not being able to sign.” /s/ F. Eustache. (S) SLC, BB IV, P25.
10/31/1761, “In the year 1761 and on October 31, I, the undersigned Capuchin Apostolic Missionary Priest, baptized with the ordinary ceremonies of the Church, Marie Louise, thirteen months old, of the legitimate marriage of Christian Ladner, residing on Cat Island, and Marie Ann St. Martin, her father and mother. She had as her Godfather Joseph Carmouche and as her Godmother Louise Carmouche. The Godmother with the father declare that they cannot write to sign and in faith I have signed with the Godfather on the day and date shown above.” /s/ Joseph Carmouche.” /s/ F. Eustace, Cap. (S) SLC, BB4, P86.
5/12/1763, son Michael baptized. (S) SLC, B5, P14.
10/2/1764, Nicholas took the Oaths of Allegiance and Fidelity to His Brittanick Majesty King George. (S) 1764 British Census of Mobile, West Florida.
Baptism of Michael: “ … born on November 4, 1762, of the legitimate marriage of Nicholas Ladner, called Christian, and of Marie Anne St. Martin, his father and mother.” (S) SLC, BB5, P14.
4/1/1765, Baptism of Pierre: “born November 13, 1764 and baptized April 1, 1765 of the legitimate marriage of Nicolas Christian, resident of Cat Island, and Magdeleine Paquet, his father and mother.” (S) SLC, BB5, P86, A3.
1/6/1769, Baptism of Francois: “ … born on November 11, 1766, and baptized January 6, 1769, the legitimate son of Nicholas Ladnaire called Christiane, resident of Cat Island, and of Magdeleine Pacquier, his wife.” (S) SLC, BB4, P38.
3/14/1780 Galvez captured Mobile.
7/31/1781, Nicholas petitioned and was granted ownership of Cat Island. (S) Family notes.
?/14/1782, they were the sponsors at the baptism of their granddaughter Maria Josefa Morin21. (S) No. 42 Family notes.
(S) 1786 Spanish Census of Mobile. Ages 49 & 43, 2 freed slaves, 1 male slave, 1 house, 10 children.
(S) 1/1/1787 “Favrot Census” of Mobile, Bay St. Louis & Pascagoula. Nios Christian 51, wife 45, 10 children, free mulatto Joseph, free black Mongoulas.
5/24/1788 Nicholas petitioned for 20 arpens of land near Pass Christian (cited as Biloxi, but later surveys indicated the actual area to be in Pass Christian). This property was later known as the “Old Chimneys”. (S) Family notes. He had been on the island for about 40 years and had probably had enough of the hurricanes. He states he needs land for his cattle.
6/3/1788 Nicholas land grant approved. (S) Family notes.
4/30/1791, Nicolas Christian, his wife, & 10 children, on Cat island. (S) Miro Spanish Census of MS gulf coast.
1798–9/24/1799 Nicholas died in Chimney Point, MS. (S) No. 40 Family notes – marriage of Dominique.
4/22/1801, 4 children of daughter Marie baptized in the family home on Cat Island. (S) No. 42 Family notes.
4/23/1801 on Cat Island, Marie gives permission for her “minor” son Joseph to marry. (S) CIC, MB1, P92a.
4/27/1801, Marie named in son Joseph’s marriage dispensation.
Marie left the land grant to her son Claude and moved the rest of the family to Deer Island. Cat Island is about 10 miles off shore, where Deer Island is only a mile off shore.
9/1808–10/1809 Marie is cited as a resident of Biloxi by her son Claude. (S) LSU Libr., Pintado Papers, Bk. J, P122-3.
1814, Marie gave a deposition regarding her grandfather Graveline’s property.
Aft. 1814, Marie died and buried in North Biloxi, MS.

Family notes: Nicholas Christian Ladner:
• Marie Ann Madeleine Paquet, aka Marie Ann St. Martin.
• ~1778 marriage of Louisa says Marie Ann Magdelaine
• 7/31/1781 petition of and grant to Nicholas Christian of Cat Island, located to the southwest of the Bay of St. Louis. “To his Excellency, the Governor General: Nicholas Christian, an inhabitant of Cat Island situated to the South West of the Bay of St. Louis, before your Excellency with all due respect and with the utmost profound veneration, presents himself and says: that for the last thirty-five years be the same more or less, he has been in possession of and has actually occupied said Island, but has not as yet obtained a legal title for the same. For the purpose therefore of preventing him from being disturbed by any one in his aforesaid possession; he appeals to the known goodness of your Excellency, and may be pleased to order that a title in due form may be issued in his favor for the Island aforesaid in order that he may at all times appear that our Petitioner is the legal and rightful owner of the same. A favor which our Petitioner hopes to receive from the great goodness so uniformly received of your Excellency.” Reply: “Henry …, Governor Ad-Interim of the Town of Mobile will put the Petitioner in possession of Cat Island, provided that the same is vacant and that no one is thereby injured, the proceedings of which in continuation herewith, shall be duly signed by him and by the persons residing in the neighborhood if any such there be, and shall transmit them to me in order to provide the Petitioner with the title in due form”. /s/ Galves. (S) Land Holdings of Nicholas Ladner, Brother Jerome Lepre, P59,60. The Grant was consummated and Nicholas Ladner dit Christian was then declared to be the owner of Cat Island of the mainland of western HarrCo., MS.
• 5/24/1788 petition of and grant of land to Nicholas Christian Ladner: “To his Excellency, Stephen Miro, Colonel of the Royal Armies, Political and Military Governor of the City and Province of LA: Nicholas Christian, an inhabitant of the jurisdiction of Mobile, with the greatest respect, represents to your Excellency and says: ‘That he is the owner of a stock of cattle and having no lands for their entertainment, he appeals to the goodness of your Excellency in order that you may grant him twenty arpens of land situated on the coast called Biloxi bounded on the South West by lands of Francis Carrie, and on the North East by vacant lands, which tract of land has not at any time heretofore been owned by any person; In consideration of all of which; your Petitioner hopes that your Excellency will be pleased to grant him the said tract of land, ordering the necessary titles in due form to be issued form the Secretary’s office of the Government. Wherefore, your Petitioner prays a grant of the same in which case he will receive many thanks. Mobile, Twenty-fourth day of May, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-eight.” /s/ Nicholas Christian Ladner. In response: “I, Vinzente Folch, Captain of the Regiment of LA, Infantry, Political and Military Commandant of the Town of Mobile and its District: Do hereby certify that the tract of land solicited by the petitioner is vacant and of the Royal Domain according to the information which has been obtained for that purpose of various inhabitants who are well acquainted with the same. In testimony whereof, I grant this present under my hand at Mobile on the day and date above written.” /s/ Vinzente Folch. New Orleans, 6/3/1788: “The Commandant of the Post of Mobile will put the Petitioner in possession of the twenty arpens of land in front by the usual depth of forty which he solicited in the foregoing Memorial, provided the same is vacant and without causing injury to a third person; under the express conditions, that the Petitioner shall make the customary road and clear sufficient ground thereon within the precise time of one year and that this grant shall be void , if at the expiration of the exact period of three years, the said tract of land shall not be actually occupied and cultivated, during which time, he shall not sell it, or in any other way dispose of the same. In consequence of which, let the proceeding of the survey be made and in continuation herewith by the Surveyor and submitted to me in order to provide the Petitioner with the responding title in due form.” /s/ Stephen Miro. (S) Land Holdings of Nicholas Ladner, Brother Jerome Lepre, P60.
• “Today, the 14th day of the month of December, 1790, I, Father luis Guigues, assistant pastor of the parochial church of St Louis of New Orleans in the Province of Louisiana, in America, baptized and put the holy oils to a boy, who was born on the 20th of June of 1790, to whom was given the name Santiago, the legitimate son of Nicholas Cristhiana Adner and of Marie Bodereau. The godparents are Santiago Notien and Catherine Quessi, and for this I sign by my hand on the same day, month and year as above.” /s/ Father Luis Guigues. (S) SLC, BB2, P115, A728.
• 4/21/1798, baptism of child of Marie Helene, Helen: “On April 21, 1798, I, Father Antonio de Sedella, Capuchin Reli¬gious, priest of the Cathedral Church of the City of New Orleans, baptised and administered the Holy Oils to a girl who was born on October 1, 1797, the legitimate daughter of Juan Cuebas and Maria Ladner, the first from Argomitas, in the Province of Andalucia in Spain, of the Bishopric of Malaga, the other from Deer Island, of the jurisdiction of Mobile. The sacred ceremonies were administered to the child and she was given the name Elena. Paternal grandparents are Pedro de Cuebas and Isavel Bautista. Maternal grandparents are Nicolas Ladner and Mariana Paque. The godparents were Nicolas Ladner and Magdelena Ladner, who were advised of their spiritual parentage.” /s/ Father Antonio de Sedella. (S) CIC, BB2, P69.
• 5/4/1801, baptism of children of Marie Helene, Francisco and Bridget: “On May 4, 1801, I, Don Francisco Vaugeois, Curate of the parish church of Our Lady of the Conception of Mobile, solemnly baptised on Deer Island and administered the Holy Oils to two legitimate children of Don Juan de Cuevas, native of Algomite of the District of Sevilla in Spain and of Helena Ladner, native of this parish. The first was given the name Francisco Ygnacio, born on May 22, 1799, and the second was named Brigita Monica, born on March 4 of the following year. Paternal grandparents are Pedro de Cuevas and Ysabel Batista. Maternal grandparents are Nicolas Ladner and Mari¬ana Paquet. The Godparents for Francisco Ygnacio are Don Ygnacio Sierra and Madalene Ladner, represented by Santiago Ladner and Maria Juana Karcaux. For Brigita Monica the godparents are Domingo Ladner and Helena de Cuevas, who were advised of their spiritual parentage. For this I sign my name.” /s/ Juan Francisco Vaugeois. (S) CIC, BB2, P78a.
• Nicholas Ladner and his wife left Cat Island, leaving a portion to his son-in-law, Juan de Cuevas, and made the necessary improvements, cleared a sufficient portion of the land for cultivation, constructed houses with tall chimneys (causing these chimneys to be seen for long distances at sea and therefore known as “Old Chimneys”) and remained there for the rest of his natural life. The home of Nicholas at Long Beach was eventually destroyed by fire, and all that remained on the site for many years were two chimneys which were landmarks used as navigation aids by mariners. The area became known as “The Chimneys.” The house was built on a small stream known as Bear Creek. Gulf Park College now stands at that site.After his death, Marie left the land grant to their son, Claude Ladner and his wife, and moved to Deer Island, Biloxi, MS. The land was later certified by the U S Congress as being 640 acres. (S) LSU Libr., Pintado Papers, Bk. J, P122-3.
• Legend states that Marie is buried in the old Moran burying ground in North Biloxi.
• Marriage of Claude: “… legitimate son of majority age of deceased Nicholas Ladner and Marianne Paquet.” (S) Mobile ICC, MB1, A49.
• Marriage of Joseph: “… legitimate son of minor age of the deceased Nicholas Ladner and of Marianne Paquet.” (S) Mobile ICC, MB1, P92a.
• 9/28/1830. Commisioner’s report #5, Distr. Land Office of Jackson Court House, Cert. #7, MS. “In pursuant of the Act of Congress … We certify that Claim #7 in the report of the Register and Receiver #5 (claimed by Widow N. Ladnier) original claimaint Widow N. Ladnier is recognized by the said act and confirmed as a Donation and entitles to a parcel of land for 640 acres, situated on the Sea Coast – Old Chimneys and claimed under and by virtue of inhabitation and cultivation.” (S) Land Holdings of Nicholas Ladner, Brother Jerome Lepre, P63.

Children of Nicholas and Marie:

i. Nicholas Ladner II, born 6/24/1759 on Cat island. (S) Family notes.
2/12/1760 Nicholas baptized. (S) Family notes.
Nicholas married Marie Angelique Baudreau, d/o Jean178ii.
1795 Nicholas died in Pascagoula, MS.
Marie married two more times.
4/29/1853, Marie died in AL.
Jacques “Jacob” Ladner, born 6/20/1790 on Cat Island, MS.
Baptized “Santiago”. (S) Family notes.
~1817 he married Mary Ann Cooper, born 1800, d/o William, in a civil ceremony.
His property was at Belle Fontaine in JaxCo. (S) JaxCo., DB2, P212-5.
(S) MS 1825 Census of JaxCo. “Jacob Ladnier”.
(S) 1836 Tax Roll, JaxCo., MS. “Jacob Ladnear”.
2/1860 Jacob died of “unknown causes”. (S) 1860 JaxCo. Mortality Schedule.

ii. Marie Louisa Christian Ladner ( 43), born 10/30/1760.

iii. Michel Ladner, born 11/4/1762 on Cat Island, MS.

iv. Pierre (Peter) Nicholas Ladner, born 11/13/1764 on Cat Island, MS.
4/1/1765 Pierre baptized. (S) Family notes.
Pierre married Helene Moreau, born 1775 in MS, possibly of Indian descent.
1809 Pierre settled on the Pascagoula River, on land originally claimed by John Havens in 1802. (S) American State Papers, P34, Claim 133. (S) Cyril Cain, V1, P176.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, JaxCo. n: “Peter”. Age > 45. He has freed “colored” persons living with/working for him: 3 males, 2 females.
(S) 1830 Census, MS, JaxCo. n: “Peter, Sr”.
1830 Pierre died in JaxCo., MS.
Monique Ladner, born 1795 in MS.
Babet Ladner, born 1797 in MS.
Baptiste Ladner, born 1798 in MS.
Pierre (Peter) Ladner Jr, born 1802 in MS. (S) 1830 Census, MS, HancCo.
(S) 1836 Tax Roll, JaxCo., MS. “Peter Ladnear”.
Marie Ladner, born 1805 in MS.

v. Francois Nicholas Ladner, born 11/11/1766. (S) Family Notes.
He married his 1st cousin Marie Louise Christian Ladner II, d/o Jean B Ladner160i.
Francis Nicholas Ladner Jr, born 5/4/1790 in MS. (S) Creole Mobile, P54.
He married Marie Nicaise, d/o Jean194iv. (S) L.O., P51.
4/3/1853 he died in Bay St. Louis; buried in Cedar Rest Cem.
Helene Ladner, born 6/24/1792 in MS.

vi. Claude Christian Ladner, born ~ 1768 on Cat Island, MS.
5/6/1801 in the CIC, MobCo., AL, Claude married Anne Marie Francoise LaFontaine, born 1772 in MobCo., AL. She was the widow of Pedro Paquinet. (S) CIC, MB1, P93b. They had no children.
Aft. 1799, after death of his father, he was given the family land, “old Chimneys”, and lived there most of his life.
1804, Claude accompanied Pierre Misonet while he surveyed the Gulfport-Biloxi coastal area. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P19.
9/1808–10/1809, Claude, ill, sent papers to Don Nicholas de Finiels, an engineer, surveying the MS coastal area, about his father’s land grant near Pass Christian. (S) LSU Libr., Pintado Papers, Bk. J, P122-3.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, HancCo. m>45.
(S) MS 1825 Census of JaxCo. “Glade Ladnier”.
2/2/1833, Claude and Mary sold the Old Chimney land. (S) HarrCo., DB6, PP513-4.
1833-1843 Marie died.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HarrCo., Long Beach. b:1760–1770. 1 f:40–50.
10/25/1843, Claude sold land on the gulf to Widow Marguerite Morin, wife of Josef42i. She was also d/o Claude’s wife by her 1st husband. (S) HarrCo., DB7, P443.
6/25/1847 Claude gave a deposition in Biloxi stating he had never lived more than 10-12 miles from Biloxi. (S) L.O., P706.
1/22/1848 Claude gave a deposition stating he had received the land at Old Chimneys from his deceased parents, he was a brother of Joseph Ladner, a cousin of Jacques Ladner, that he had been raised with and knew well J B Carco, and that he was residing at Pierre Harvey’s house in Biloxi. (S) L.O., P706.
Bef. 1850 Charles probably died – he is no longer living with Pierre Harvey, and does not show up in the census.

vii. Magdalene Ladner, born ~ 1770 on Cat Island, MS.
1786 Magdalene married Ignacio Sierra, born 1760 in SPA.
3/28/1793 Ignacio is mentioned in a letter from Carondelet sent to Paris. He served on ships (including Captain of the San Marcos) transporting goods between LA and FL.
6/28/1797, Ignacio is charged with letting 2 prisoners escape from on board his boat in Pensacola. (S) ISF, P14.
4/1/1798, the family traveled to Deer Island, MS so that the children could be confirmed with their cousins as “soldiers of Christ”. (S) ISF, P80. Magdalene is also the godmother to her neice Helen, d/o Marie Helen.
4/2/1800, Ignacio and Magdalene purchased a home where the Pensacola Navy Base now exists. (S) ISF, P21.
7/8/1815, Ignacio is identified as the Chief Pilot of the Port of Perdido Bay. (S) ISF, P52.
3/1823, Ignacio died. (S) ISF, P52.
12/1/1826, the last date a document mentions Magdalene.
(S) 1830 Census, FL. Magadelene appears to be elder female (70–80) in the census.
(S) ISF: The Ignacio Sierra Family, by Lepre; Biloxi, MS Libr..
Juan Sierra, born by 1786.
4/21/1798 confirmed on Deer Island. (S) SLC, CB 1789-1841, P73, #1726.
~1817 died. (S) ISF, P81.
Jose Ignacio Sierra, born by 1786 in FL.
4/1/1798 confirmed on Deer Island. (S) SLC, CB 1789-1841, P73, #1727.
1798–1801 died. (S) The Ignacio Sierra Family, P35, by Lepre; Biloxi, MS Libr..
Maria Josepha Sierra, born 1800 in Pensacola, FL.
4/2/1826, she married Francisco Commyns. (S) ISF, P117.
Bef. 10/15/1838 Maria died. (S) ISF, P119.
Celestino Sierra, born 1802 in Pensacola, FL.
Never married. (S) ISF, P102.
He died 9/1856 in Baldwin Co., AL. (S) ISF, P112.
Ursino Sierra, born 1807 in Pensacola, FL.
Rosa Sierra, born 7/12/1809 in Pensacola, FL.
2/21/1831 she married John Greenwood II, in a Methodist Episcopal Church. (S) ISF, P82.
2/14/1884 Rosa died in Penscola, FL. (S) ISF, P99.

viii. Marie Helene Ladner, born ~ 1775 on Cat Island, MS.
~1788 Marie’s father left Cat Island and deeded a portion of it to Juan and Marie. (S) Family notes.
1795 on Cat Island, Marie, married Juan Jose de Cuevas, born 3/16/1762 in Algomite, Sevilla, Spain. (S) Family notes – baptism of their children Francisco, Bridget, and Helen.
4/21/1798, Juan was the sponsor of Marie’s grandfather at his baptism on Deer Island. (S) No. 160 Family notes. He was also the sponsor for Dominique Ladner40i. Marie “Elena” is the sponsor of her sister Genevieve’s confirmation.
~1801 the family moved to Cat Island, where Marie’s family was living when she was born.
1/15/1829, Juan made a claim for land on Cat Island, approved 5/28/1830. (S) General Land Office, Washington D C. The land claimed was for about 1/3 of the island, of the part running from east to west.
2/1/1840 Juan and Marie sold the land on Cat Island to Ramond, their son. He received $200 and she received $100 for her dower rights. (S) HarrCo., DB7, PP134-5.
7/28/1845 Juan sold 160 acres to daughter Marie Solitelle for $1. (S) HarrCo., DB3, PP73.
3/21/1849, Juan and Marie, living on Cat Island, emancipated servants. Son Francisco, daughter Celest, daughter Euphrosine and with her husband Pierre, and daughter Helene with her husband Julien also witnessed the document. (S) HarrCo., DB4, P515.
9/24/1849 Juan died; buried in Old French Cem., Hwy 90, Biloxi, MS. (S) C S Castelin, C1,P1.
10/10/1853 Marie died; buried in Old French Cem., Hwy 90, Biloxi, MS. (S) C S Castelin, C1,P1.
(S) Ancestors & Family of B M Cuevas Castelin, by C S Castelin, 8/1997.
Juan Jose Cuevas Jr, born 1796 on Deer Island, MS.
11/12/1818 he married Eugenie Ladner, born 4/6/1802, d/o Jean Jr, s/o Jean160i. (S) SLC, MB3, P224b, A818.
Helene Cuevas, born 10/1/1797 on Deer Island, MS.
2/4/1820 she married Julien Ladner, born 2/15/1800, s/o Jean Jr, s/o Jean160i. (S) SLC, MB3, P238, A948.
Francisco Ygnacio Cuevas, born 5/22/1799 on Deer Island, MS. (S) C S Castelin, C1,P4.
He married Félicité Morin, d/o Pierre42vi.
1/28/1863 he died. Buried in Rotten Bayou Cem., East HancCo., MS.
The heirs, in 1893, donated land for Rotten Bayou Cem., NE¼,SW¼,S26,T7S,R14W.
Bridget Monica Cuevas, born 3/4/1801 in Biloxi, MS. (S) Creole Mobile, P75.
1/30/1820 on Cat Island, MS, she married Jean Ladner III s/o Jean Jr, s/o Jean160i. (S) Creole Mobile, P75. (S) L.O., P41.
3/22/1897 died in HarrCo., Long Beach, MS.
Celeste Galixta Cuevas, born 1803 on Deer Island, MS. (S) CIC, BB2, P96.
6/12/1803 she married Gines Garcia. (S) SLC, MB4, P74, A372.
Marie Anastasia Cuevas, born 1805 on Deer Island, MS. (S) CIC, BB2, P109.
1840 she died. Never married.
Marie Solitelle Cuevas, born ~1807 on Deer Island, MS.
~1830 she married Henry Augustus Krohn, born in Hamburg, Germany.
Aft 2/20/1861–1870 she died. (S) HarrCo., DB9, PP436-7.
Pierre Baptiste Cuevas, born ~1809 on Deer Island, MS.
10/27/1827 he married Marie Louise Ladner, born 4/18/1810, d/o Jean Jr, s/o Jean160i. (S) SLC, MB4, P106, A483.
1834, they moved to Biloxi. (S) Laroissini vs. Heirs of Carco. At Biloxi, he operated a market on Lameuse Street.
1847, the moved to JaxCo.
~1860, a widow, Pierre married Marie Arsene Ladner LaForce and moved to LA.
1889 Pierre died in St Tammany Parish, LA.
Charles Ferdinand Cuevas, born 1811 on Deer Island, MS.
He married Rose Desiree Caillavet, d/o Marguerite246iv.
1894 he died. Both buried in Biloxi Cem., Hwy 90. (S) C S Castelin, C1,P12.
Raymond Cuevas, born 1812 on Deer Island, MS. Light keeper on Cat Island in 1850.
4/14/1834 he 1st married Isabelle Penalver, died 1849. (S) SLC, MB5, A440.
11/3/1850 he married Irma Monet (widow Wilkinson), died 1/6/1910 in Gulfport, MS.
6/18/1869 he died in Bay St Louis.
Euphrosine Cuevas, born 7/18/1813 on Deer Island, MS. (S) SLC, BB8, P110, A678.
She married Pierre N Guardia. (S) SLC, MB8, A106.
Henrietta Pauline Cuevas, born 2/2/1815 on Deer Island, MS. (S) SLC, BB8, P110, A679.
5/31/1837 on Cat Island, MS she married Jose Basque (Vasquez), born 1804 in Spain.
9/22/1866 Henrietta died. Buried in Old Basque Cem., Ocean Springs, JaxCo., MS.

ix. Genevieve Magdalene Ladner, born ~ 1781.
4/21/1798, Magdalene confirmed on Deer Island. (S) SLC, CB 1789-1841, P74, #1735. Magdalene is also godmother to her 1st cousin, once removed, Suzanne Carquot90iv. (S) No. 90 Family notes.
9/24/1799 in St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA she married Dominique Santiago Ladner40i.
No. 40i:(S) 1820 Census.
Bef. 1830, Genevieve died in HancCo., MS on Cat island. Dominique is a widow.
Children: see Dominique.

x. Jean Baptiste Ladner dit Christian, born 11/1783 on Cat Island, MS.
(S) SLC, V1 1778-1786, P392, A1224.
5/6/1803, John is the godfather to Rose Ladner61, his neice, d/o his brother Joseph.
1800, Jean obtained a Spanish Land grant.
1806, Jean Baptiste dit Christian is mentioned in Spanish communications as an inhabitant of Pass Christian. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 20001, P18.
~1813 Jean married Julienne LaFontaine, d/o Catherine Bourgeois, d/o Marie Anne Fayard492ii.
12/1828, Jean awarded a land grant in S16, T7S, R9W. He obtained it in 1800, when the area was a apart of Spanish West Florida. Known as Claim No. 158, the Ladner tract was later confirmed by an Act of Congress in March 1819, when the area was part of the United States. The survey plat of 12/1828, depicts the claim as containing 609.32 acres. (S) American State Papers, Claim 158.
9/26/1840 Jean deeded land on the Bay of Biloxi to his daughter Julienne. (S) JaxCo., DB4, PP453-4.
10/2/1840 Jean deeded land on the Bay of Biloxi to his daughters Eulise and Arsene. (S) JaxCo., DB4, PP474-5.
1847, Upon the death of the Widow LaFontaine, Julienne’s mother, Jean Baptise Ladner inherited Lot No. 3, a 720-foot strip on the Bay of Biloxi, at Ocean Springs. It was situated between Jackson and Washington Avenues. Jean sold the land immediately to Robert B. Kendall.
~1848 Julienne died.
~1850 Jean died.
Julienne Celina Ladner, born 1/16/1814. (S) CIC, BB2, P145.
~1834 she married Francois Fontaine, born in France, died ~1885.
Bef. 1870 she died; buried in the Fountain Cem. on the bay in North Biloxi.
Mary Arcinta “Arsene” Ladner, born 7/24/1817. (S) SLC, BB9, P51b, A283.
She married Victor LaForce.
Louise Ladner, born 6/26/1819. (S) CIC, BB2, P185.
~1840 she married Stanislaus Beaugez.
8/25/1896, she died of asthma. (S) St Alphonsus, Ocean Springs, B-A, P114, A878.
Elouise Ladner, born 8/26/1821. (S) CIC, BB2, P184a.
~1839 she married Louis Groue (Gregory), born ~1813, died 10/11/1887.
1890 Elouise died.
Alfred Ladner, born ~1825.
4/1/1848 he married Caroline Ryan, d/o Marie Ladnier122i. (S) HarrCo., MB1, P140.
11/22/1876 he died at Fort Bayou, MS. (S) St Alphonsus Ocean, Springs, B-A, P109.
Marie “Desiree” Ladner, born 2/22/1828.
4/17/1842 she married Victor Ryan. (S) HarrCo., MB1, P27.
3/28/1909 she died.

xi. Joseph Nicholas Ladner ( 122), born Aft 1781 on Cat Island.
(S) No. 122 marriage record – “minor”. If he had been born before Jean there would probably be a baptism record.