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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cox 96 Grelot-Nicaise

96. Bartholomey Grelot I & 97. Marie Jeanne Nicaise [Fra, AL, MS]

12/13/1728, Bartholomey born in Libourne, Bordeaux, France s/o 192. Etienne Grelot & 193. Peyronne Ferchaut. (S) Love’s Legacy, P353.
12/22/1749, Marie born in MobCo., AL, d/o 194. Jean Baptiste Nicaise and 195. Marie Catherine Miout. Baptized on Christmas Day, 1749. (S) Love’s Legacy, P353.
Bartholomey traveled to colonial LA.
1/23/1759, living in colonial LA, Bartholomey was godfather of Bartholomew Robert in New Orleans. (S) SLC, BB3, P107.
10/2/1764, Bartholomey took the Oaths of Allegiance and Fidelity to His Brittanick Majesty King George. (S) 1764 British Census of Mobile, West Florida.,
4/30/1767, Bartholomey witnessed a marriage. (S) Love’s Legacy, P351.
1767, Bartholomey married Marie. Pierre Baptiste178vi was a witness. (S) MAA, MB1, P50. They lived on Dauphin St in Mobile.
1772, Bartholomey signed a petition to the British governor which asked the governor to assign a resident Roman Catholic priest to Mobile and to pay a pension to support him.
3/14/1780 Galvez captured Mobile.
3/22/1780, Barthelemy took the oath of loyalty to Spanish King Charles III. (S) LMVDP, Inglis.
~1785, they lived in Bayou La Batre, AL. (S) No. 88 Family notes.
~1/1787, they moved to Bay St Louis, MS.(S) No. 88 Family notes.
11/25/1778, Barthelemy a signer of a memorial to the “King’s Majesty in Council”, requesting Mobile be re-infranchised,declaring it “by far the most important of any in the province ..” (S) Old Mobile, P246.
8/9/1793, Barthelemy and three brothers-in-law, Martial Nicaise, Joseph Nicaise and Philippe Saucier, sold their half of Belle Fontaine Plantation, inherited from their uncle Charles Miou390iii, to Widow Mary Ann Amon, who had inherited the other half of the property. (S) The L.O., P82. The plantation was sold for $60 or its value in seven head of horned cattle to be delivered to Pascagoula. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P78. Belle Fontaine was located on the west coast of Mobile Bay.
12/16/1793, Bartholomey petitioned the Spanish Government for a tract of land. (S) Family notes.
10/1/1794, the land was grant was approved. (S) Family notes.
Bef. 1/11/1799, Bartholomey died in Delisle, HancCo., MS. (S) Sale of Marie’s house on this date refers to him as deceased.
1/11/1799, Marie gave her son, Barthelemy II, authority to sell her lot and house on Dauphine Street in Mobile for $250. (S) MS Coast Historical & Genealogical Society, V37, 2001, P80.
1814, Marie living in HancCo. (S) HancCo. Tax Records.
Marie died in Delisle, HancCo., MS.
(S) Bouzage Bosarge, P45.

Family notes:
• 12/16/1793 Bartholomy petitioned the Spanish Government for a tract of vacant land “situated at the mouth of Grand River distant one league from the said Bay, bounded on the east by a Bayou called Delisle and on the West by vacant land.” Bartholomy claimed that he “had improved and cultivated the said land for about three years.” The petition was granted on 1/10/1794. The legal description of the land was Section 16 in Township 8 south and Section 40 in Township 7 south, all in Range 13 west of the St. Stephens meridian, MS, containing 637 acres. This land is located at the north end of the present Delisle Bridge, on the west side of Delisle road. (S) Mobile Translated Records, PP109-10. (S) American State Papers, V3, P9, Pat. 980269.
• On 7/16/1794, Bartholomey’s wife’s brother-in-law, Philippe Saucier, got the land northeast of him, 20 arpens fronting on Bayou de Lisle. His brothers-in-law Martial and Joseph Nicaise were granted the Bay St. Louis shoreline west of him in 1792, extending into the area of Jordan River in the present day city of Bay St. Louis. Between them they held much of the north shore of Bay St. Louis. (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P24.

Children of Bartholomey and Marie:

i. Bartholomy Grelot II ( 48), born 12/21/1768.
(S) MAA, BB1, P234a.

ii. Justine Grelot, born 1773.
1773, her grandmother, Marie Miout195, was a sponsor at her baptism. (S) MAA, BB1, P237a.
2/8/1791 Justine married Antonio Bayard born ~1771 in Geneva, France. (S) MCH&GS, Vol. 37, 2001. They were slave traders.
Bef. 1808 Antoino died. (S) L.O., P83.
1/4/1811 she married 2nd Carlos Delepian. (S) SLC, MB3, P89a, A225.
1814–1817 Justine died. (S) L.O., P85.
Children of Justine and Antonio:
Antoine Bayard Jr.
He married Anazille Ladner d/o Jean Jr, s/o Jean160i. (S) L.O., P40.

iii. Ursula Grelot, born 177? MobCo., AL.
10/25/177? christening CIC, Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BB1, P238a.
5/24/1794 in St. Louis Cathedral, N.O., LA, Ursula married Phillip Pierre Saucier, born 1773 in New Orleans, LA.
1804, Phillip, a Spanish government official, accompanied Pierre Misonet while he surveyed the Gulfport-Biloxi coastal area. (S) MCH&GS, V37, 2001, P19.
2/28/1805, Phillip sent a letter to the Spanish Governor about an incident he had by boat with an American Corsair boat, and the subsequent killing of animals of Pierre Morin on Cat Island. (S) LMVDP, Inglis.
11/25/1805, in Pass Christian, Felipe witnessed the wedding of Pierre Morin42vi. (S) No. 42 Family notes.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, HancCo. f:>45. Living next to Margaret.
~1830 Ursula died in HancCo., MS. (S) Phillip Sr is a widower in 1840 Census.
Aft. 11/11/1850 Phillip died. He lives with Philip Jr in 1850.

Marie Anne Saucier, born 2/24/1795 in HancCo., MS.
Philip Pierre Saucier Jr, born 10/11/1796 in HancCo., MS.
4/15/1818 he married Isabel Nicaise, d/o Jean194iv.
2nd he married Josephine Nicaise, d/o Joseph194v.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo.
Edward Saucier, born 2/12/1800 in N.O., LA. (S) 1820 Census. m:18-26.
Severin Saucier, born 4/17/1802 in HancCo., MS. (S) 1820 Census. m:16-18.
Camille Saucier, born 10/10/1804 in HancCo., MS. (S) 1820 Census. f:10-16.
Ursule Gustine Saucier, born 1807 in HancCo., MS. (S) 1820 Census. f:10-16.
Adele Saucier, born 1809 in HancCo., MS. (S) 1820 Census. f:10-16.
Marie Saucier, born 2/13/1810 in HancCo., MS. (S) 1820 Census. f: to 10.

iv. Margaret Grelot, baptized 11/9/1782 in Mobile, AL. (S) MAA, BB2, P13.
1/15/1810 Margaret married Honor Felix Turin, born 1778 in France.
(S) 1820 Census, MS, HancCo. f:26-45. Living next to Ursula. 1m, 2f all under 10.
(S) 1840 Census, MS, HancCo. Margaret is not listed. Both boys are listed. She may have been off visiting a relative.
(S) 1850 Census, MS, HarrCo Margarite b: ~1783 in AL. Charles and his expectant wife, Clara, live with his parents.
~1855 Honor died.
(S) 1860 Census, MS, HarrCo., Pass Christian. “M Turin”, a widow. She has real estate valued at $600 and a personal estate of $800. Charles and his family live with her.
Bef. 1870 Margaret died.
Charles Turin, born 1817 in MS. (S) 1840, 1850, 1860 Census.
He married Clara ?. (S) 1850 Census.
A Turin, born 1821 in MS. (S) 1840 Census.
(S) 1860 Census, MS, HarrCo. He lives next to his mother.

v. Isabel Grelot, born 6/18/1787 in Bay St. Louis, MS.
4/3/1819, Isabel married Jean Jacques Belon DeDeaux, born in 1775.
1826, Isabel died in Delisle, MS.