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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bell 178 Anthony-Jones

178. John Anthony & 179. Ursula Jones {Caswell Co. NC}

~1725, Ursula born in Louisa Co., VA; d/o 358. Richard Jones & 359. Tabitha Bird.
~1725, John born in VA; s/o 356. James Anthony.
7/29/1761, John patented a tract of land in Caswell Co. (S) DB–4, P104, Deed of Jesse Stallings.
1777, John on Gloucester Distr., Caswell Co., NC tax rolls.
5/3/1779 in Caswell Co., John listed as a neighbor to George Brooks. (S) DB–A, P144.
6/16/1783, John provided surety with son-in-law Hudson Berry for the estate of William Berry.
12/1783, John witnessed the wedding of widower John Cooper and widow Mary Gibson.
5/9/1785, John died in Caswell Co., NC.
1785, Ursula died in Caswell Co., NC.

Children of John and Ursula:

i. Sarah Anthony, born 11/3/1756 in NC.
Sarah married Hudson Berry, born 9/10/1752.
1/13/1840, Hudson died in Greenville Co., SC.
4/26/1842, Sarah died in Greenville Co., SC.

ii. Johnson Anthony, born ~1758 in NC.
11/7/1781 in Caswell Co., Johnson married Rebecca Berry; Hudson Berry bondsman.
5/3/1779 in Caswell Co., John a chain carrier for survey of George Brooks. (S) DB–A, P144.
1/14/1786, Tax list of Caswell Co., Gloucester Dist., P1: John Anthony: 1,4,2, 4 slaves.
10/11/1786, Henry Turner ( 182) is recorded as having 400 acres on the south fork of Country Line Creek. The property was adjacent that of John Anthony. (S) DB–E, P98.

iii. James Anthony, born ~1759 in NC.
2/7/1781 in Caswell Co., James married Elizabeth Corder; Hudson Berry bondsman.
1/14/1786, Tax list of Caswell Co., Gloucester Dist., P1: James Anthony: 1,1,1, 0 slaves.

iv. Jane Anthony, born ~1762 in NC.
11/15/1784 in Caswell Co., Jane married Joel Corder; David Enochs bondsman.

v. Johnathan Anthony, born ~1764 in NC.

vi. Elijah Anthony, born ~1766 in NC.
Elijah married Elizabeth Jane Browning.
1867, Elijah died in Giles Co., TN.
Ursula J Anthony, born 2/13/1801 in Caswell Co., NC.
3/5/1818, she married Henry Kimbrough, s/o James ( 90).
3/20/1880, Ursula died in Aspen Hill, Giles Co., TN.

vii. Joseph Anthony, born ~1767 in NC.
2/17/1802 in Caswell Co.; Joseph married Hannah Cantrell; Thomas Gooch bondsman.

viii. Nancy Anthony ( 89), born 1771 in NC.

ix. Mary Elizabeth Anthony, born 11/17/1777 in Caswell Co., NC.
8/13/1799 in Caswell Co., Mary married Thomas Gooch, born 12/22/1773 in NC; s/o William.
10/5/1817, Thomas died in Williamson Co., TN.
2/21/1872, Mary died in Oakflat, Giles Co.,TN.
(S) Gooch Family Bible, transcribd by Mary Lou White, Nashville, TN, c1940.
David A Gooch, born 10/4/1805 in TN.
2/27/1826, he married Margarette E Yancey, born 8/28/1801 in NC; died 1841.
10/30/1850, he died in Giles Co., TN.