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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bond 416 Dickey

416. John Dickey & 417. Jane ? [Ireland, SC]

~1710, John born in Ireland.
1710, Jane born in Ireland.
~1730 in Ireland John married Jane.
Bef. 1765 John immigrated before the rest of his family.
10/25/1765, John Dickey, plat for 100 acres in Granville Co. (S) SCDA&H, S213184, V8, P323, I2.
1/5/1768, Jane arrived in SC from Ireland with sons Robert and Hector. (S) Meeting of the Council. [Note, other siblings may already been in SC with John.]
(S) 1768 SC Census, Craven Distr. Jane.
2/13/1789, John wrote his will.
Jane died in SC.

Family notes:
• 2/13/1789, Will of John Dickey. Will Typescript, York County (Estate Packet: Case 55, File 2455). [Dickey, John/Dickey, Martha/Dickey, David/Dickey, Susanah/Dickey, Jane/Dickey, James/Dickey, George/Dickey, Mary/Dickey, Elinor/Kennedy, Robert/Dickey, William/Dickey, Robert]. (S) SCDA&H, S-108093, Reel-29, F-57.

Children of John are Jane:

i. Robert Dickey (124), born 1737 in Ireland.

ii. Hector Dickey, born 1745 in Ireland.
(S) 1768 SC Census, Craven Distr. Living near Robert and his sons.
(S) 1779 SC Census, 96th Distr. Probably living near Robert, also in 96th Distr.
10/1799, Hector mentioned in the will of John Bullock of 96th Creek, Saluda river, Edgefield Distr.