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Saturday, January 9, 2010

James Roberts & Cordelia Edwards

466. James Roberts & 467. Cordelia Edwards [NC]

~1700 James born in Dobbs Co., NC. [possibly of James Roberts of Chowan/Bertie Co., NC.]
~1700 Cordella born in Chowan Co., NC; d/o 934. John Edwards & 935. Dorcas ?.
1718, James married Cordelia.
7/8/1718, John Edwards of Chowan Prect and Dorcas my wife to James Roberts our son-in-law and Cordelia his wife 320 acres joining John Byrd, and the swamp all houses Gardains etc.
7/16/1718, John Edwards attorney for John Edwards and Dorcas his wife ack land to Richard Fryer and another conveyance to James Roberts. (S) Chowan 1696-1723 Deed Abstracts, PP38-40.
1721, James “88 acres on ye N. side of Racquis swamp”. (S) PB3, P82.
5/28/1722, James witnessed a deed of his parents-in-law to their son John Jr.
7/17/1722, James in court at Edenton, Chowan prct., acknowledged the deed of 5/28/1722.
2/1/1725, James 317 acres in Rocquis Island Bertie precint, … at the head of outlet Branch.
1732, James of Bertie prct. signed a petition against moving the seat of government. (S) NC Exec. Council Minutes.
2/17/1737, James Roberts received a 200 acre patent for land on the “road of Great Contentnee” joining below the Ferry. (S) B8, P6.
6/29/1738, James 250 acres in Craven Co., joining near Cattle swamp.
4/1754–4/1755, James Roberts to Edward Coward [son-in-law] grant in (S) Dobbs Co., B3, P50.
5/26/1757, Mark Mears joining James Roberts on a branch of Cat Tail swamp in Johnston Co. (S) PB15, P237.
1761, James died in Johnston Co., NC. [Eastern potion became Dobbs in 1758.]
~1790 Cordella died in Johnston/Dobbs Co., NC.

Children of James and Cordella:

i. Dorcas Jane Roberts ( 233), born 1732 in Chowan Co., NC.

ii. James Roberts Jr., born ~1740 in NC.
James married Amy Creech.
11/27/1762, James Roberts 200 acres in Craven Co. (S) NC PB15, P467.
(S) 1769 NC Early Census, James & John Roberts.
(S) 1780 NC Tax list for Dobbs Co.
7/1788 in Dobbs Co., James Roberts to William Ormand.
1802, James wrote his will; children named in will.
Dorcas Roberts, born ?.
She married William Curlee.
They lived in Anson Co., NC.
Stephen Roberts, born ?.
He married Elizabeth Fannon.
Winney Roberts, born ?.
She married James Barfield.
Mary Roberts, born ?.
She married Matthew Paramore.
3/1/1764, in Orange Co., NC; daughter Mary born, who married Thomas Fain.
Elizabeth Roberts, born ?.
She married John Stancil.

iii. John Roberts, born ~1735 in SC.
John married Nancy ?.
(S) 1769 NC Early Census, James & John Roberts.