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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bond 530 Hanby-Daniels

530. Daniel Hanby & 531. Mary Daniels [VA] 

~1660, Daniel born in ?, s/o 1060. Richard Hanby & 1061. Susann ?.
~1660, Mary born in ?, d/o 1062. Unknown Daniels.
8/1682, Daniel named in his father’s will.
5/1688, Daniel a juror in Northampton Co., VA.
~1691, Daniel married Mary.
1/1694, Daniel a juror in Northampton Co., VA.
1/1696, Daniel a juror in Northampton Co., VA.
1697, after the death of their mother, brothers Daniel, Richard, and John each received 50 acres.
6/1697, Daniel witnessed the will of Thomas Shepherd presented on this date.
1702, a cattle mark was recorded for Susanna, d/o Daniel Hanby; the mark that of her uncle John Daniels.
1704, Daniel with 50 acres on Northampton Co. Quit Rent rolls.
3/1705, Daniel a juror in Northampton Co., VA.
1/3/1709, Daniel wrote his will: To my dau Susana Hanby personalty, to dau Elizabeth Hanby personalty. My loving wf Mary resid. legatee and exx. My bro Charles Hanby and Littleton
Robins to oversee. wit Mordica Holt (x), John Roberts (x), Terance Senee (x). (S) Deeds, Wills, etc. XIX, No. 19 1708-1717.
9/1709, Esther Sanderson was apprenticed to Daniel and Mary Hanby until the age of 16.
11/1709, Daniel was appointed to administer the estate of William Harmanson.
1709, Daniel and his brother Charles named in their brother Richard’s will.
Bef. 2/28/1710, Daniel died; will probated.
1720, Mary named in the will of her nephew William Hanby, s/o John, brother of Daniel.
Aft. 1724, Mary died.

Children of Daniel and Mary:

i. Susanna Hanby ( 265), born 1692 in VA.

ii. Elizabeth Hanby, born ? in VA.
Elizabeth married Thomas Parker.
Bef. 1/7/1724, both Elizabeth and Thomas were deceased.
John Parker, born ?.
1735, he died.