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Friday, January 8, 2010

Cox 134 Taliaferro-French

134. Robert Taliaferro III & 135. Margaret French [VA]

~1685, Margaret born in Richmond Co., VA; d/o 270. Hugh French & 271. Margaret Gaines.
~1688, Robert born in Rappahannock Co., VA; s/o 268. Robert Taliaferro Sr and 269. Sarah Catlett.
11/12/1701, “Margaret French” inherited 130 acres from her father. (S) See No. 270.
3/1705, Margaret (spinster) purchased a 36 acre tract of land.
Bef. 1710 Robert married Margaret in Essex Co., VA. (S) Proved when Robert and Margaret sell a parcel of land deeded Margaret by her father Hugh French. The metes and bounds of the land matches.
1710, Robert (with Margaret’s dower release) sold the land acquired by her in 1705 to Seme Cox.
8/8/1711, Robert sold 100 acres of the land left to him by his father.
5/8/1723, Robert and Margaret are involved in a deed covering 196 of 792 acres previously owned by John Catlett538; “given to his two daughters Sarah269 and Elizabeth, the one moiety of which … doth … belong to me the said Robert Taliaferro … I being the only Son and heir of the said Heir at law of the said Sarah”. [His father Robert268 was the husband, and hence “Heir at law” of Sarah Catlett269].
Bef. 1724 Margaret died in Essex Co., VA.
1724, Robert deeded slaves to his daughters Anne and Elizabeth. Margaret’s brother Daniel was a witness. This was apparently a settlement prior to his next marriage.
Bef. 9/1726 Robert married Ann Pittman in Essex Co.
9/26/1726 Robert sold the remaining land mentioned in the deed of 1711. The dower release was from wife Ann.
1732, Robert signed a release for his interest in William Pittman’s estate (father of 2nd wife) in King George Co.
5/14/1736, Robert was called before the court for not keeping his road in repair. (S) Caroline Co. VA Order Book 1732-1740 by Dorman, 1966.
3/12/1752, Robert, with Thomas Samuel and Peyton Smith ordered to appraise the estate of John Munday. (S) VA in 1740 T L C Gen.
6/14/1753, Roger Madison66 and wife Elizabeth [Robert’s daughter] acknowledge deeds to Robert Taliaferro, Gent. in Caroline Co.
2/15/1754-5, a lawsuit of Roger Madison against Robert and John Taliaferro on an obligatory note in Caroline Co. [John was a cousin of Robert, probably the son of his Uncle John536vi.]
(S) William and Mary College Quarterly, V2, #’s 1,4; V5, #3; V8, #2; V9, #1; V10, #’s 1,4; V12, #’s 1,2; V20, #4; Second Series, V1, #3.

Children of Robert and Margaret:

i. Anne Taliaferro, born ~1710.
1724, Robert deeded slaves to his daughters Anne and Elizabeth.

ii. Elizabeth Taliaferro ( 67), born 1711 in Caroline Co., VA.

iii. Samuel Taliaferro, born ~1712.
3/10/1737, Samuel bought 400 acres in Orange Co. from John Garth.
1798 Samuel died in VA.
C Francis Taliaferro, born ~1750 in Westmoreland Co., VA.