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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Estienne Grelot & Peyronne Ferchaut

192. Estienne Grelot & 193. Peyronne Ferchaut [Fra]

~ 1702, Estienne born in Libourne, Bordeaux, France.
~ 1706, Peyronne born in Libourne, Bordeaux, France.

Family notes:
• The town of Libourne, founded in 1720, is in the department of Gironde, Aquitaine region, in SW France. It is NE of Bordeau, at the confluence of the Isle and Dordogne rivers.

Children of Estienne and Peyronne:

i. Marie Grelot, born1/23/1712.

ii. Charlotte Grelot, born 9/27/1714.

iii. Jean Grelot, born 1/22/1717.

iv. Anne Grelot, born 6/28/1722.

v. Jeanne Grelot, born 5/17/1726.

iv. Bartholomey Grelot I ( 96), born 12/13/1728.
(S) Extract from the Registers of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials of the Parish of St Jean of Libourne, Reg. 1728–1740, A176, Municipal Archives of Libourne, Cote G G 29.