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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Robert Powell & Sarah Taylor

328. Robert Powell & 329. Sarah Taylor {… VA}

1669, Robert born in Old Rappahannock Co., VA; s/o 656. John Powell & 657. Mary Coghill.
6/30/1676, Sarah born in Hare Forest, New Kent Co, VA; d/o 658. James Taylor & 659. Frances Walker.
1690 Essex Co., VA deed from Charles Walker and John Sothorn of the Parish of Farnham to Jonathan Fisher of St. Stephens Parish, New Kent Co., VA of 300 acres in (Old) Rappahannock Co., VA in Farnham Parish. Witnesses: James Taylor, Robert Powell, and James Taylor, Jr. (S) Essex Co., VA, OB–1, P273.
1696 in Orange Co., VA, Robert married Sary. [Recorded in 1740’s deposition of Caroline Co. Chancery Court – see No. 658.]
4/1698, Sarah’s father and 3 sons died within weeks of each other.
11/18/1719, Will of Thomas Pettit of Southfarnham Parish in the County of Essex: “… Unto my son Thomas all that tract and parcell of land situate in King and Queen County beginning on the river in Collo. ... to one Robt Woolfolks corner tree ... line of one Robert Powell ... containing 500 acres …”.
1724, Robert’s homestead in St. Margaret’s Parish, Caroline Co. is “400 acres on South River begin at mouth of creek”. It is adjacent to the property of his son James.
11/2/1726, Robert granted 580 acres”in the fork of the South River beginning on the North side of the South River at the mouth of the North Creek.
1727, Robert Powell, 580 acres on South Fork of South River adjoining the earlier grant.
2/26/1730, “For Zach Martin, 306 acres in St. Margaret’s Parish, near Paul Pigg, Robert Powell, ….” (S) Caroline Co., VA - Survey Book.
1732-1745, Robert twice a juror in Caroline Co.
1732 in Caroline Co., Robert sued Charles Durrett for assualt and battery.
6/13/1735, Robert acknowledged 4 deeds to sons Benjamin, Charles, John, and Ambrose. (S) CCOB, 1732-1740, PP297-8. [Indirect evidence of relationship: other records establish that the 4 were a generation younger, all moved to Orange Co. about the same time, and Culpeper Co. records show Benjamin and Ambrose were brothers.]
By 3/1740, Robert died in Caroline Co., VA. His will was presented by son James, and witnessed by Erasmus Taylor and Esubius Stone. (S) CC WB 1741-1746, P20. ???
Aft. 3/29/1745, Sarah died in VA. (S) She testified in the case Baylor vs. Powell – see Family notes.
(S) The Powell Families of VA and the South, Lucas, 1969, Section 8.

Family notes:
• Caroline Co., VA, lawsuit entitled “John Baylor v. James Powell”: depositions recorded in the Caroline Co. Court Order Book, 1746-1754, Part 1, PP28-31. “March 29, 1745, John Baylor Gentleman, planter, and James Powell, defendant; Mary Stone, wife of John Stone of Caroline County, aged 68 years, states she knew James Taylor, the elder, also John Powell and Robert Powell, deceased sons of Robert Powell and grandsons of said James Taylor; said Robert Powell, the father and his wife said they had lost a young child and her husband went to said Robert Powell’s house and found sons John and Robert Powell sick and that these sons died soon after. At their burial a letter came to Mrs. Powell their mother (said John and Robert Powell) that her father the said James Taylor was like to die and that Mrs. Powell visited her father and that he died severaldays later. That at the time the only other child of Robert Powell and wife alive was said James Powell, defendant. Mary Baile of Essex County, about 67 years of age said she took the said James Powell who was then a child, home with her to take care of him at the time; that Robert Powell the father and James Taylor, the elder, lived about 22 miles distant from each other. Mary Thomas of Caroline County aged about 80 years says her former husband James Taylor, the elder, died after his two grandsons, John Powell and Robert Powell (about 1 week later.) October 6, 1746, Mary Stone of Caroline County, aged about 70 years, she lived near Robert Powell, late of this county, deceased, that Robert Powell (Jr.) was his 3rd son and died on day after son John Powell; the children died in April. Mrs. John Sutton was James Powell’s daughter.” The deposition of Mary Thomas, age 80, former spouse of James Taylor, was taken on 28 March 1745 at the house of Roland Thomas of Caroline County. She referred to going “down” from Robert Powell's to James Taylor's house. 16 Dec 1748, Mercy Puett aged about 70 years gave a deposition in which she said and she was at James Taylor burial and she asked Mrs. (Sarah) Powell how her family did and she answered very well, the next day they bought a coat from her for their youngest child and a short time thereafter she learned that the two youngest children of Robert and Sarah Powell had died. On 11 January 1749, Mary Cook aged 88 years gave a deposition for this case in Orange Co., VA before George Taylor and Henry Towne in which she said that she saw Robert and Sarah Powell on their way to visit Sarah's father, Mr. James Taylor, and James Taylor was not dead and Robert and Sarah Taylor said that their two sons, Robert & John Powell were dead.

Children of Robert and Sarah:
(S) See Family notes No. 658.

i. Robert Powell Jr, born ~1694 in Culpeper Co., VA.
4/1698, Robert died as a child.

ii. John Powell, born ~1695 in Culpeper Co., VA.
4/1698, John died as a child.

iii. Unnamed son, born ~1697 in VA.
4/1698, Unnamed died as a child.

iv. James Powell, born bef. 4/1698 in Culpeper Co., VA.
1724, James’ homestead of 436 acres was in St. Margaret’s Parish, Caroline Co., “on branch of Polecat” … begins at Robert Powell’s line.
1732-1745, James 5 times a juror in Caroline Co.
3/29/1745, James was the defendant in a lawsuit that establishes his lineage through James Taylor and his daughter Sarah. (S) see Family notes.
1761, Thomas Callawn vs. James Powell.
By 1762 James died; estate administered by James Hubbard.
Unk Powell, born?.
She married John Sutton.

v. Benjamin A Powell ( 164) born ~1702 in VA.

vi. John O Powell, born ~1704 in VA.
John married Judith ?.
1739, John and wife Judith sold land to William Throckmorton.

vii. Robert Powell II, born aft. ~1706 in VA.
By 1766 Robert died; estate administered by Richard Woolfolk.
Children: [3 minor children identified in the estate papers.]
Robert Powell, born bef. 1752 in VA.
Ambrose Powell, born aft. 1752 in VA.
1773, his older brother Robert was assigned as his guardian.
Rachel Powell, born ?.

viii. Charles Powell, born ~1708 in VA.
Charles married Sarah ?.
5/8/1741, Charles and wife Sarah sold land to Mordecai Throckmorton.
8/27/1741, Charles purchased land in Orange Co.
1/1743, Charles sold the land in Orange Co.

ix. Capt. Ambrose Powell, born 9/18/1713 in Culpeper Co., VA.
[Birth date is from a Bible record.]
[From “Browning Genealogy”, Ambrose was an intimate freind of James Madison, Sr., the father of the 4th President of the United States. He was the godfather of Nellie Madison, a daughter of James Madison Sr.]
11/3/1743, William Crosthwaite estate, receipts from Benjamin and Ambrose Powell.
4/9/1750, Ambrose, an explorer with Dr. Thomas Walker, reached the Clinch River near the present town of Sneedville, TN. Ambrose Powell had carved his name on so many beech trees that it was said you could follow his trail from VA into TN and on through to the fork of Rockcastle River in KY. Powell River and Powell Valley are both named for Ambrose.
3/10/1752, Ambrose married young Mary Bledsoe, born 1735, sister of Benjamin’s wife.
4/19/1759, Benjamin and Ambrose Powell witnessed the estate of Joseph Wood.
10/21/1762, Wm. Bledsoe, Grantee - Ambrose Powell & wife, Grantors - Deed recorded 3-17-1763.
1764, Ambrose Powel on the quit rent rolls of Culpeper Co. [Along with his brothers Benjamin Powell and John O Powell.]
Rev. War – Ambrose and officer. (S) Received a warrant for 2000 acres for being “an officer in the last war.”
1768, Ambrose named Executor in will his brother Benjamin Powell.
12/27/1769, Ambrose and Mary named in her father’s will.
1773-1787, Ambrose appears in multiple estate papers of Culpeper Co.
1/26/1782, Ambrose wrote his will. He names his sons, with military rank, and his son-in-law, and identifies his daughter Fanny as deceased.
(S) 1783 Tax List Culpeper Co., Ambrose Powell.
9/8/1788, Ambrose died.
1/9/1791, Mary remarried to Benjamin Rowe.
6/15/1789, Mrs. Mary Rowe, widow of Ambrose Powell, deceased. (S) Inventory of Estate of Capt. Ambrose Powell.
1802, Mary died.
Maj. Robert Powell, born 1753 in Culpeper Co., VA.
He married Ann West, d/o John and Margaret Pearson of Fairfax Co.
1776, promoted to Capt. in the 3rd VA Regt. (S) DAR Lineage Book, 1897, P70.
5/1815, he died in Adair Co., KY.
Capt. William Powell, born 1754 in VA.
He married Sarah Stewart.
(S) 1783 Tax List Culpeper Co.
Anne Powell, born 5/13/1755 in VA.
2/2/1771, she married Col Henry Hill, s/o Russell Hill and Anne Towles.
7/5/1805, she died.
[Anne’s grandson was CSA Gen. Ambrose Powell Hill.]
Fanny Powell, born ~1757 in VA.
She married James Sutton.
Bef. 1782 she died.