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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bell 338 Black-Walker

338. Robert Black Sr & 339. Ann Walker {… PA}

5/11/1698, Robert born in Ireland; s/o 676. John Black & 677. Jane ?.
~ 1702, Ann born in Chester Co., PA.
In Chester Co., PA, Robert married Ann.
5/1740, Robert Black one of the “Pioneers of Cumberland Twp., squatters of the original Manor of Maske”. (S) This list was made in 1765, and recorded in 1792, with the aid of the descendants of the old settlers.
11/23/1770, Robert died in Peters Township, Lancaster Co., PA.

Children of Robert and Ann:

i. Martha Black, born ~ 1722 in PA.
Martha married Daniel O’Cain.
1/13/1751 in Cumberland Township, John O Cain, brother of Daniel, named him and his son Richard in his will.
1751, Daniel listed in records in Hopewell Township, Cumberland Co.
2/8/1752, Daniel administered the estate of his brother John.
1778, Daniel and his son Richard listed in records in Hopewell Township, Cumberland Co.
Richard O Cain, born bef. 1/13/1751.

ii. Jane Black ( 169), born 7/8/1723.

iii. James Black, born ~ 1725 in Lancaster Co., PA;
James married Jane Thomas.
Rev War: the 2nd Battalion of Pennsylvania Militia was entirely raised in the Scotch-Irish section of southern Lancaster county, Joshua Anderson as company commander, John Cunningham, Lieutenant. James Black appears on the roster of this unit.
6/1781, “class roll of the male white inhabitants of marticks militia being the 7th Company of the 6th Battalion of Lancaster county commanded by Col. James Taylor” – James Black is listed as Private, 1st Class.
1/1806, James died in Lancaster Co., PA.
     Joseph Black, born 1776 in PA.
     Joseph married Esther Dickson, born 1772–1844.
     1840, Joseph died.

iv. Thomas Black, born ~ 1727.

v. Elizabeth Black, born ~ 1729.
Elizabeth married Robert Beck.

vi. Robert Black Jr, born ~ 1731.
Robert married Agnes Woods. [Likely a d/o Hugh Woods who filed a land claim Mar, 1741.]
1760, Robert died; buried with his brother John in Black’s Graveyard near Gettysburg. [Robert is sometimes identifed as dying in SC – that was a son of Mathew Black, whose entire family moved to SC.]

vii. Rev. John Black, born ~ 1733 in York Co., PA.
1771, John a graduate of Princeton University. (S) Research by John Braswell at Florida State Univ.
10/14/1773, John licensed by Donegal Presbytery.
John married Elizabeth Newell.
8/15/1775–1786, Rev. John Black became pastor of the “Upper Marsh Creek”, York Co., near Gettysburg. The Upper Marsh Creek Church stood in what is now the desolate looking “Black’s Graveyard”. The church stood on the cemetery grounds, north of the Chambersburg road.
1783–1802, John was a founding trustee of Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA.
1786, John, with others, went off to form the Carlisle Presbytery.
4/10/1794, John joined a Reformed Dutch congregation near Hunterstown.
8/6/1802, John died in Redstone, Westmoreland Co., PA; buried in Black’s Graveyard.
(S) Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution, V2, No.5, P20.

viii. Ann Black, born ~ 1735.