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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Louis Bret & Elizabeth Le Roy/Rouet

334. Louis Bret & 335. Elizabeth Le Roy/Rouet [Fra, LA]

~1680, Louis born in Aunis, La Rochelle, France.
~1685, Elizabeth “Isabel” born in St. Sauveur Parish, La Rochelle, France, d/o 670. Jaques Le Roy & 671. Suzanne Duchanne. (S) Love’s Legacy, P39.
~1700 Louis is known to live in La Rochelle, France.
3/17/1719: The Le Bret party were included on the passenger list as private passengers for the ship La Dauphine sailing from Lyon and bound for Louisiana from La Rochelle: Sieur Louis Le Bret, wife Elizabeth Le Roy, children Elizabeth, Thereze, Louise, Perrine, Renee, Marianne Thereze, Louis & Jeanne.
Bef. 6/1721 Elizabeth died. (S) Maduell’s Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana (June 1721): Louis “Brest” listed as resident of Mobile with his 5 children (but not his wife). Elisabeth either died during the trip or shortly after arrival. This also indicates that three of the youngest of the children had died. It was not unusual for children to died on the voyages, nor due to the harsh living conditions. They may have even died after their mother died.
8/16/1721, at St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA, Louis, “widow of Elizabeth”, married 2nd Marie Baudouin, widow of Pierre Marioche. Louis would have had to marry to have help with his children. (S) The New Orleans French, P16. (S) SLC, M1, P41.
4/14/1724, Louis witnessed the baptism of his grandson Louis. (S) 166 Family notes.
5/1/1724, Louis witnessed the wedding of his daughter Marie Therese. (S) No. 166 Family notes.
5/25/1724, Louis witnessed the wedding of Jean Phillipe Roy. (S) Love’s Legacy, P71.
8/14/1724, Louis witness the baptism of his grandson Louis Sallier166i. (S) No. 166 Family notes.
8/8/1726, Louis witnessed the baptism of his grandson Joseph. (S) 166 Family notes.
Bef. 11/9/1726 Louis died in Mobile. (S) Family notes – wedding of daughter Perine.

Family notes:
• Louis was a master tailor. (S) Love’s Legacy, P39.
• Marie Therese Bret and Marie Louise Bret are sisters. (S) GCC, P19.
• 11/9/1726, “Nicolas De Cour, son of Antoine de la Cour and Fran├žoise Duclos, residents of St Jean de Champs, bishopric of Contance, parishioner of Natchez, and Perine Brette, daughter of deceased Louis Brette and Isabelle Roy. The father died at Mobile. Perine Brette is a parishioner at New Orleans.” (S) The New Orleans French.
• 2/9/1797 Zenon’s request for dispensation: “Lacour, age 21, of the parish of Punta Cartada wishes to marry Margarita Frederick of the same parish. He is the son of Nicolas Colin Lacour and Magdalena Armand. Margarite Frederick is the daughter of Joseph Frederick and Isabel Roy daughter of Carlos Roy and Petrona Colin Lacour. Zenon’s father, Nicolas Colin Lacour and Pertrona Colin Lacour, Margarita’s grandmother, they are children of Nicolas Colin Lacou and Petrona [Perinne] Bret. [Groom’s father and bride’s grandmother are sister and brother]. They are related in the 2nd and 3rd grades and their families were among the first to settle in Punt Carted and that all the inhabitants are related in some degree. Witnesses: Gill Guillermo de Labor, age 34 and Valero Boisdoret, age 31, who swore to the same information given above.” Granted. (S) Bourquard, P?.

Children of Louis and Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth Brett, born ~1703 in France.
Elizabeth married Sebastion [Sauinien] Carpentier dit Le Breton.
Sebastion is considered one of 27 Founder’s of Old Mobile
Marie Elizabeth Le Breton, born 1/29/1721. (S) GCC, P46.

ii. Marie Therese Bret ( 167), born ~1705 in the Parish of Notre Dame, La Rochelle, France.

iii. Marie Louise Bret, born ~1707 in the parish of Notre Dame, La Rochelle, France.
1/4/1720–1/24/1721, Marie Louise embarked on the ship Aurore from La Rochelle for LA. (S) 1st Families of LA, V1, P71.
4/8/1726 Marie Louise married Joseph Barbeau dit Boisdore, master tailor, native of Quebec. (S) Love’s legacy, P39. (S) GCC, P19.
8/1/1726, Joseph and Louise was the godparents to her nephew Joseph Claude, s/o Marie Therese. (S) SRAoM, #474.
1/7/1735, a slave girl of Mr. Boisdore was baptized. Their son Jean Claude was the godfather. (S) SRAoM, #737.
1/25/1735, Louise witnessed the wedding of Antoine Baron. (S) Love’s Legacy, P81.
6/6/1746, Joseph bought the St Louis Plantation from Mr Lalande. (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P2.
5/27/1747 Louise died. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P23.
10/13/1747 Joseph, “widow of Marie”, remarried. (S) Love’s Legacy, P267.
1749-1757 Joseph died. (S) Sale of St Louis Plantation by heirs of Joseph. (S) Mobile Land Grants, 1710-1795, P3.
Joseph Etienne Barbaud, born 2/23/1727 At Fort Conde, Mobile. (S) SRAoM, #493.
1/3/1749 in Mobile he married widow Marie Jeanne Deslandes. His father attended. (S) LA Marriage Contracts, 1725–1758 by Firsyth-Pleasonton.
Jean Claude Barbau, born 3/13/1729. (S) SRAoM, #565.
3/5/1746 Jean Claude buried. (S) GCC, P19.
Louis Boisdore, baptized 1/3/1731. (S) SRAoM, #641.
1/3/1749 in Mobile he witnessed his brother Joseph’s wedding.
Louise Barbaux dit Boisdore, born 6/13/1732. (S) SRAoM, #659.
9/2/1732 buried as an infant. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P2.
Marie Louise Boisdore, born 11/7/1733. (S) SRAoM, #695.
Marie Joseph Barbaux dit Boisdore, born 12/2/1735. (S) SRAoM, #757.
11/4/1737 Marie buried as a child. (S) Mobile Funerals, 1726-1764, P10.
Jean Barbeau, baptized 11/4/1737. (S) SRAoM, #810.

iv. Perinne Brette, born ~1709 in France.
11/9/1726 Perinne married Nicolas De LaCour, born ~1700 in Normandie, France. (S) Family notes.
3/16/1761 Perinne died at Pointe Coupee, LA.
12/27/1761 Nicolas died at Pointe Coupee, LA.
Children: (S) Family notes – Zenon’s dispensation request.
Nicolas Colin Lacour.
He married Magdalena Armand.
     Zenon Colin Lacour, born 1776. (S) Zenon’s marriage record.
     2/9/1797 in Pointe Coupee he request dispensation to marry Margarita Frederick.
     Petrona Colin Lacour.
     She married Carlos Roy – children: Isabel Roy.
     She married Joseph Frederick – children: Margarite Frederick.

v. Renee Brette, born ~1711 in La Rochelle, France.

vi. Marianne Thereze Bret, born ~1713 in La Rochelle, France.
~1737 Marianne married Pierre Barre.
2/8/1748, Marianne married Marin Lenormand.

vii. Louis Dominique Brette, born ~1715 in La Rochelle, France.
9/29/1744 Louis died in Mobile, AL. (S) GCC, P24.

viii. Jeanne Brette, born ~1717 in ?.