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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sir Robert Savile & Anne Hussey

11540. Sir Robert Savile & 11541. Anne Hussey   

Bef. 1510, Robert Barkstone born in England, illegitimate s/o 23080. Henry Saville & 23081. Margaret Barkston.

~1525, Anne born in England, d/o 23082. Robert Hussey & 23083. Anne Pudsaye .

Robert was a favorite of his father who allowed him to assume the name Savile.

Anne 1st married Matthew Thimelby [died ~1551.] (S) Deeds of Robert’s father.

3/4/1530-31, “Indenture. Grant: John Helywell to Robert Savile, bastard of Henry Savile of Thornhill, and John Thornhill and other Saviles, 1 garden, etc.” (S) UKNA.

6/20/1553, “…, for a consideration of £200 George Talbot, knight, lord Talbot, and Robert Savile of Powlam, co Linc, esq, grant with warranty to Henry Savile of Barroughbie, co Linc, esq, and George Savile his son, the manor of Brambton, ....” (S) UKNA. [Brampton near Thornhill, co. York.]

1553-58, “Defendant: Robert Savill. Place Or Subject: Distraint of cattle in Horsington, assault in Horncastle etc. County: Lincoln.” (S) UKNA. [“The manor of Horsington did belong to Sir Robert Savill. Survey.: Lincoln”]

3/1/1554, Robert, alias Barkstone, 1st married Anne, a sister of John, Baron Hussey. (S) Dictionary of national Biography, 1909, P861.

2/15/1555, Robert named in the will of his father (S). In the will Robert inheritance was to remain the same even if his half-brother, the legal heir, should die without issue. The lands would then go to the half-sister Dorothy, or the heirs of their mother.

11/9/1555, the Earl of Shrewsbury wrote a letter to Sir Henry Savile requesting Robert appear before him at Sheffield. (S) Illustrations of British History, Brography, and Manners; 1838, Lodge, P257.

8/25/1558, IPM of his father Henry: “in default to Robert Sayvell and heirs, … In consideration of a marriage between Robert Sayvell and Anne Thymbleby, widow, he granted to Humfrey Browne, Knt., and Francis Ascough, Knt., he would have an estate made in the manors of Elland, etc., to the use of Sir Henry, Knt., remainders to Robert Sayvell, …”

3/30/1559, “Indenture between Edward Savile of Thornehill, esq, and Robert Savile of Wodkirke, gent, for assuring according to the covenants made diverse manors, advowsons and lands (as listed in the next column) to Edward Savile and his heirs.” (S) UKNA.

1566–1583, Robert described: “of Pullam, (f.) co. Lincoln, Esq.”.

10/5/1567, “Sir Thomas Gargrave to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 5 October 1567, relating to negotiations with Robert Savyle [Illegitimate son of Sir Henry Savile. Calendar of State Papers Domestic, 1547-1580, 129, 207.]” (S) UKNA.

4/11/1572, “Conveyance by Bargain and Sale: for £300: Robert Savill of Pullam, co.Lincoln, esq. and Anne his wife, to Nicholas Mitchell of Colne, …, yeomen -- the manor of Foulridge and messuages in tenure of Edmund Holgate, …; also water corn mill and free rents from messuages of Henry Shaw, …” (S) UKNA.

Aft. 1572, Anne died.


3/18/1572-73, “Grant with warranty by Robert Savile of Pullam, co Lincs, esq, Thomas Watteston of Walton, esq, …, of an annual rent of 46 shillings and 8 pence issuing out of the manor of Denby and the lands etc, …” (S) UKNA.

Robert married 2nd Isabella Copley, d/o Alured of Batley. [They had 1 daughter].

1573 [32nd Elizabeth], Robert High Sheriff of Lincoln.

2/12/1575, “Paid by: Robert Savile, esq. For what reason: late sheriff. Amount: 80.” (S) UKNA.

1578, Mr. Robert Savile made “article of complaint” against Lord Clinton. (S) Lansdowne Manuscripts of the British Museum, 1974. [Lord Clinton with 7 men had forced himself into Powlam and assaulted Robert’s son Sheffield. The two families were constantly feuding.]

1579, Sir Francis Leek sold Howley [near Leeds] and other property to Robert of Lincolnshire, “bastard son of Sir Henry Savile, of Thornhill.”. (S) Yorkshire Notes and Queries, 10/1888, P120.

1583, Robert knighted, “Sir Robert Savell de com. Lincoln., nothus Henrici Savell equitis.”

1584, Robert, Knt. of Howley,  conveyed multiple manors including Kirkstall to Francis Bosvile and John Dighton [in some form of trust, for they remained in the family until 1671].

5/15/1585, Sir Robert, K.B., buried at Howley.

2/27/1589, “Averay Coplay to [the Earl of Shrewsbury], …, stating that according to the Earl's orders he and some of the most substantial inhabitants of Batley have viewed the escutcheons in the church set up for the funeral of Sir Robert Savile, kt., and have ordered the churchwardens to be responsible for their preservation.” (S) UKNA.

(S) The Complete Peerage, V-XI, P459.  (S) Biological Peerage of the Empire of Great Britian, 1817, Brydges, P82. (S) Memoirs … History and Antiquities of the County and City of Lincoln, 1850, P73.

Children of Robert and ?:

i. Edward – illegitimate, born ~1538.

3/30/1559, “Indenture between Edward Savile of Thornehill, esq, and Robert Savile of Wodkirke, gent, for assuring according to the covenants made diverse manors, advowsons and lands (as listed in the next column) to Edward Savile and his heirs.” (S) UKNA.

Children of Robert and Anne:

ii. John Savile (5770), born ~1555 in Powlam, Lincoln, England.

iii. Sheffield Sevile, born ?.

Sheffield married ? Beiston, d/o Robert.

1591, “Ralph Beiston, esq., Sheffeild Savill, esq., and John Linley, esq. … Manor of Beiston als. Beeston and 40 messuages and a watermill with lands there and in Churwell, Morley and Cottyngley.” (S) UKNA.

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