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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bell 1952 & 1953

1952. William Alexander & 1953. ? Stanbridge {… VA, Somerset Co. MD}

~1625, William born in Ireland, s/o 3904. John Alexander.
~1655, William Alexander left Scotland to seek a better life for himself in America. He first settled in on new lands opened up in Eastern Shore of VA, Northamptons Co. William was a first cousin or brother to a John Jr., William, Archibald, Robert, and Rev. Francis Alexander who remained in Donegal Co., Ireland. He brought 9 children – 7 boys and 2 girls.
1659, William’s father, John, migrated to VA with some of his children.
~1660, William and his relatives left VA and moved to Somerset Co. MD.
1665, William bought 300 acres called Daintry in Somerset Co., on the south side of the Wicomoco River. He also bought 300 for a plantation called “Rapho”.
1668, William bought “Hunting quarter” in Somerset Co. from Cornelius Anderson.
11/9/1670, William was transferred a cattle mark from Thos. Stanbridge.
1675, William Sr acquiring land in Somerset Co. (S) Origin and Hist. of the Name of Alexander, 1904, P20.
(S) Taylor, James. The Great Historic Families of Scotland. London: J.S Virtue & Co., 1889. : “William Alexander, Earl of Stirling to John Alexander, b.c 1590, Tarbert, Kintyre, Scotland whose children were William, and seven other sons. William, son of John, had the 7 boys and two girls who came to Somerset. and Cecil Co.”
(S) Records of a Family of the House of Alexander from 1640 to 1909, Butterworth, 1909. [See CD]

Children of William and ?:

i. William Alexander II, born ~1652 in Ireland.
William married Catherine Wallace.
1685, William named by Matthew Wallace to settle his estate in Somerset.
1689 in Somerset Co., MD., “William Jun.” took an oath of allegience to the crown. (S) History of Maryland from the Earliest Period to the Present Day, Scharf, 1879, P329.
7/13/1693, William in a Somerset Co. Judicial record. (S) V407, P31.
8/11/1693, William Jun. served on a jury. (S) Somerset Co. Jud. Rcds., V535, P66.
1695, William charged Wm Currie of trespassing. (S) Somerset Co. Jud. Rcds., V687, P3.
3/1695, William “Junr” in a Somerset Co. Judicial record. (S) V687, P146.
1698, William bought “Trouble plantation” in Somerset Co. from Thomas Strawbridge.
1720, William bought 100 acres on Chesapeake Bay for £50.
3/7/1732, William wrote his will. (S) Somerset Co., MD, WB9, Folio 174. He left Samuel the plantation that Samuel lived on at the time. Sons James and Moses split the 350 acres that his father “William A.” had lived on. Liston got the plantation called “Trouble”.
William wrote a 2nd will after his son James died.
James Alexander, born ?.
Samuel Alexander, born ?.
3/30/1725, he wrote his will.
Moses Alexander, born ?.
Liston Alexander, born ?.

ii. James Alexander ( 976), born ~1654 in Ireland.

iii. Andrew Alexander, born ~1656 in Ireland.
1690 in Somerset Co., Andrew witnessed a court record of his brother Samuel of Animessex Co.
1698, Andrew appeared as a witness in the trial of John Alexander. (S) Somerset Jud. Rcds. 1696-98, P25.
Abigail Alexander, born 9/15/1677 in MD. (S) Somerset Co. Court Liber IKL.
Elias Alexander, born 2/26/1679 in MD. (S) Somerset Co. Court Liber IKL.

iv. Samuel Alexander, born ? in Ireland.
Samuel married Mary ?.
1/11/1687, Coll Wm Coulbourne of Animessex Co. indebted to Samuel of Animessex Co. (S) Somerset Co., V191, P168.
1690 in Somerset Co., Samuel of Animessex Co. is indebted to Coll Wm Coulbourne. His brother Andrew witnessed the record. (S) V191, P160.
7/12/1691, Samuel took in an orphan of Richard Bright. (S) Somerset Co., V191, P160.
8/91693 in Somerset Co. a charge against Samuel dismissed because he paid a fine. (S) V535, P64.
8/10/1693, Samuel testified in Somerset Co. court.
They lived in Annamessix and Pocomoke, Somerset Co., MD.
James Alexander born 1/1/1685 in MD.
Martin Alexander born 3/18/1687 in MD.
Sarah Alexander born 8/28/1690 in MD.
Francis Alexander born 3/1693 in MD.
Mary Alexander born 1695 in MD.
Andrew Alexander born 1697 in MD.
Samuel Alexander born 1699 in MD.

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