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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bell 1962 & 1963

1962. Matthew Borden & 1963. Sarah Clayton {England, …RI}

5/16/1638, Matthew born in RI, s/o 3924. Richard Borden & 3925. Joan Fowler. [Friend’s Record of Mathew: “hee being the first Inglish child that was born in Rhood Island.”]
1654, Sarah born in Newport, RI, d/o 3926. Thomas Clayton.
~1658, Matthew one of the charter members of the Portsmouth Friends Church, likely started by Robert Hodgson ( 1960), father of his son-in-law.
1671 in RI, Matthew was Executor of his father’s oral will: To son Matthew, whole estate after payment of debts and legacies, and if he die without issue said estate not[?] to remain to any brother older.
3/4/1672, Matthew married Sarah “of Newport”. (S) Friends Record.
4/1673, “Racholl” Hodgson ( 1961) and Sarah “Borden” signed an Epistle from the women Friends of Rhode Is. to their “Friends and Sisters” at Sandwich, Duxbury, Situate, and Boston, at each of which locations Friends may have held a yearly meeting. …
3/4/1674 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI, Matthew married Sarah. (S) Early Marriages in Newport, RI from Friends’ Records.
10/13/1682, “… Thomas Manchester of … Portsmouth … Black-smith … for … Thiriy seven Pounds in Currant New-England mony … paid by Mathew Borden of … Portsmouth Yoeman … one halfe … of one whole share or thireth part of all … land at Pocassett … “. (S) RI Land Evidences, 1921, P170.
12/24/1684, “At a man and womens meeting at ye house of Mathew Borden the 24th Day 12 mo, 1684 this meeting has thought fit with the approbation of Jamestown alias …” (S) RI Hist. Soc., 1941, P56.
1685, Matthew owned land on Coopers Creek, Glouster Co., RI.
1687, Mathew one of the “Overseers of the Poor”. (S) Civil and Military List of RI, Smith, 1901, P-VI.
8/1/1692, Quit Claim record: Richard Borden of Providence, RI, eldest son of Thomas Borden of Providence, dec'd, signs quit claim deed. Mentions grandfather Richard Borden of Portsmouth, grandmother Joan Borden, wife of said Richard Borden, father Thomas Borden of Providence dec'd, Uncles Mathew Borden ….
1695, Matthew given a patent for 400 acres at Crosswicks Creed and John Tomlinson’s Run.
1702, Deed of sale – Ann Bull to Nicholas Easton, “… lyeing in the town of Newport … Eastward upon land of Mathew Borden, in his possession.”
5/5/1708, Matthew died of a fever in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.
7/7/1708, Matthew received a Friend’s funeral at Lynn, RI.
4/19/1735, Sarah died in RI.
(S) Colonial Families of Philadelphia, P1737. (S) Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island.

Children of Matthew and Sarah: [10 children]

i. Richard Borden, born 10/25/1671 in Portsmouth, RI.

ii. Sarah Borden ( 981), born 12/29/1680 in RI.

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