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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sir Henry Knevet & Anne Pickering

23086. Sir Henry Knevet & 23087. Anne Pickering   

~1510, Henry Knyvett born in England, s/o 46172. Thomas Knyvet & 46173. Muriel Howard.

8/12/1512, Henry’s father died in battle at sea.

12/14/1512, Henry’s mother died in childbirth.

12/1512, Henry’s paternal grandmother Eleanor became the guardian of him and his siblings.

7/1515, King’s book payments: Eleanor Knyvet [Henry’s grandmother], quarter's wages for the finding of Sir Th. Knyvett's children, £22 8s. 4d. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V2, 1864.

8/23/1517, Anne born in England, heir & d/o 46174. Christopher Pykering & 46175. Jane Lewknor.

10/5/1523, Anne, heir to Pickering & Moresby estates on the death of her grandmother Anne Moresby [her father having died in 1518.]

1/26/1525-6, Anne’s wardship was granted to Sir Richard Weston of Sutton Place.

5/1530, Anne  1st married Sir Francis Weston, s/o Sir Richard.

4/1531, Privy Purse Expences of Henry VIII. … Rewards to young Mr. Weston, Henry Knevet, and Thos. the jester, £5 … (S) Letters and Papers, For. & Dom., V5, 1880.

1533, Sir Francis made a Knight Companion of the Order of the Bath.

7/22/1535, Edward Clyfford to [Lord Lisle]. As ‘your good Lordship’ has written to Mr. Secretary and Mr. Henry Knevet in his favor, … (S) Letters and Papers, For. & Dom., V8, 1885.

5/17/1536, Sir Francis beheaded for committing adultery with Queen Anne Boleyn, treason, and plotting to kill the King.

10/1536, “A list of "personages t'attende upon the Kinges Majeste,” … The marquises of Dorset and Exeter, the lord Steward, the earls of Sussex and Huntingdon, viscount Beauchamp, the lord Privy Seal, … Henry Knevet, … (S) Letters and Papers, For. & Dom., V11, 1888.

[––Henry & Anne––]

8/1/1537, Henry arrived at Calais and traveled into France.

Henry knighted.

9/21/1538, Sir Henry Knevet at Otfford to Lord Lisle, Deputy of Calais: “My friend Killygrave … Commend me to my lady my mot[her].” (S) Letters and Papers, For. & Dom., V13, Pt2, 1893.

1538-39, Henry, of East Horsley in co. Surrey & Buckenham in co. Norfolk, married Anne.

1540-41, “Indenture Parties: Sir Henry Knyvet, kt., and Anne his wife; Thomas, Lord Audley, Lord Chancellor; Thomas [Howard] Duke of Norfolk, Lord Treasurer; Sir Richard Ryche, kt., Chancellor of the Court of Augmentations, and Edward North esq., Treasurer.” (S) UKNA.

1541, Kirkham, on the eastern banks of the Derwent, a Priory of Cannons with 7 Churches “granted to Sir Henry Knevet, Knight, and Ann, his wife.”

5/3/1542, Henry an Ambassador to Emperor Charles V of Germany: “ … when Sir Henry Knevet was sent ambassadour from the mighty Prince Henry the VIII to the Emperour Charles the fift, … At which time the said Charles the V passing over from Genoa and Corsica to Alger in Africa in warlike sort, with a mighty army by sea, that honorable Knevet the kings ambassadour, Thomas Chaloner, Henry Knolles, and Henry Isham, right worthy persons, of their owne accord accompanied him in that expedition, & served him in that warre.” (S) Navigations Voyages Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, Vol – V, Univ. of Glascow. [Original in Latin.]

1538-44, “Henry knevet, knight, and Anne his wife, daughter and heir of Christopher Pekeryng, knight, v. James pykeryng of Crosby, esquire.: Lordship of Killington and Firbank in Kirkby Lonsdale (Keryngton and Frythebank), and manor of Old Hulton.” (S) UKNA.

1544, King Henry VIII ordered the Earl of Hertford to attack Edinburgh, Scotland. [Battle of Edinburgh 5/1544.]

1545, The army continued to pillage border towns of Scotland.

5/14/1545, “Sir Henry Knevet, marshal, has in prest upon wages of himself and 40 horsemen £200 from 1 May, and is also paid for their coats and conduct, and must be allowed such wages as the Master of the Horse had when marshal, and for his horsemen 9d. a day.”

10/5/1545, John Elder to Paget. … the writer reports that the earl of Hertford, lieutenant general in the North, passed the river of Twide, 2 miles above Warke, on 9 Sept., … The army numbered 16,000, of whom 12,000 were footmen. … Sir Henry Knevet, the marshal, who was general of the 4,000 horsemen; and the ordnance, … (S) Letters and Papers, For. & Dom., V20, Pt2, 1907. [The Battle of Ancrum Moor was fought by a part of this army; a loss for the English.]

7/2/1546, Passport for Viscount Lisle, High Admiral of England, … and Sir Henry Knevet, of the Privy Chamber, who are now sent with special commission to the French king. (S) Letters and Papers, For. & Dom., V21, 1908.

7/18/1546, Lisle … received a letter from Sir Henry Knevet, by a Spaniard of Gamboa's band … that the Admiral has 20 days' respite of his coming to the King, intends to delay at Amyas or elsewhere (feigning illness or other occasion) and await the coming of the King's letters to the French king … (S) Letters and Papers, For. & Dom., V21, 1908.

1/28/1547, King Edward VI succeeded Henry VIII as King of England.

6/27/1547, Plaintiffs: Sir Henry Knevet and his wife Anne, daughter of Sir Christopher Pickering. Defendants: James Pickering, esq. Subject of decree: Manors of Kyllyngton, Frythbanke and Old Hutton, Westmorland, late property of Sir Christopher Pickering, deceased. (S) UKNA.

1547, Henry died.


Anne married 2nd John Vaughan.

1/1550, Defendants: Lady Anne Knevet (widow of Sir Henry Knevet) and John Vaughan, gent, now her husband. Subject of decree: Debt of £318 owed by Sir Henry Knyvet, deceased. (S) UKNA. [Money owed to merchants in London.]

10/1/1553, Queen Mary I crowned Queen of England.

7/24/1554, Bond in £100 1) Rees David, clerk, chaplain of Lady Anne Knevet of Sutton 2) John Brace, gent. To make a 30 year lease of the parsonage in Compton, lands and tithes to Brace within 20 days after his institution. (S) UKNA.

11/20/1555, Defendants: John Vaughan and his wife, Dame Anne, widow of Sir Henry Knevet. Subject of decree: Debts of Sir Henry Knevet, deceased, worth £206; dismission. (S) UKNA.

1/15/1559, Queen Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England.

1/3/1569, Instructions by [Queen] Elizabeth to John Vaughan or Sir Henry Gates. (S) Cal. of State Papers, Scotland, V3, 1903.

1572, “William Clyfton and Austen Salvage v. John Vaughan and his wife Dame Anne, late wife of Sir Henry Knyvet, deceased.”

[Queen Elizabeth I] Plaintiffs: John Vaughan and Lady Anne Knevet his wife. Defendants: Christopher Dacre. … the defendant having married the daughter of the plaintiff Lady Anne, … (S) UKNA.

John Vaughan died.

1577, Will of Miles Whitney, gentleman, servant to the right worshipfull Dame Anne Knevet, late wife to John Vaugan Esq. (S) Index of Wills, Perogative Court of Canterbury, V18, P337.

1582, Anne died.

(S) Old Yorkshire, William Smith, 1890. (S) UKNA. (S) Historical Notes. 1509-1714, 1856, Sheppard, P178. (S) Letter and Papers, F&D, Henry VIII.

Children of Henry and Anne:

i. Katherine Knevet (11543), born ~1540 in England.

ii. Henry Knevet, born ? in England. [Heir]

Henry, master of the jewel office to Queen Elizabeth. (S) The Genesis of the United States, 1890, Borwn, P844.

11/27/1568, Henry an overseer of the will of Henry, 2nd Lord Paget, who at the time was married to his daughter Catherine.

Child: Catherine Knevet, born 1564 in Charlton, Wiltshire. She married Admiral Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk. [13 children.]

iii. Sir Thomas Knevet, born ? in England.

1592, Thomas Master of Arms and M.P. of Thetford.

7/21/1597, Thomas married Elizabeth Hayward, widow of Richard Warren.

1603-4, Thomas knighted.

11/1605, Thomas famous for foiling “The Gundpowder Plot”, attempted assignation of King James I.

1607, Thomas, Baron Knyvet, a M.P.

Child of John and Anne:

i. Francis Vaughn, born ? in England. [Heir]

7/15/1597, Francis, lord of Sutton on Derwent, slain in battle in Ireland.