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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Capt. Raleigh Croshaw of Jamestown

23106. Capt. Raleigh Croshaw 

~1560 Raleigh born in England.
10/1608, “Rawley” arrived at colonial Jamestown from England on the ship Mary & Margaret, Captained by Captain Christopher Newport, with the 2nd relief supplies for the colony. (S) Travels and Works of Captain John Smith, Arber, 1910, P129.
Raleigh had a reputation as a skilled Indian fighter.
1620, Raleigh’s unnamed wife arrived on the ship Bona Nova.
1623, Raleigh, “an Ancient Planter who hath remained in this country 15 years complete and performed many worthy services to the Colony.”, received a patent for 500 acres near “Old Point”.
1623-24 Session of the Burgesses, Raleigh represented the Corporation of Elizabeth City “beyond Hampton River”.
Bef. 12/27/1624 Raleigh died. Capt. Francis West was ordered to take an inventory of his estate.
(S) AP&P, Jester, 1956, PP144-7.

Children of Raleigh and ?:
• [None of the children of Raleigh are documentable. His death inquest did not identify any wife or children. However, the closeness of the sons’ land and their family associations make them highly likely to be his children. Katherine’s last name is known – with various spellings – and it makes since from her date of birth, family relationships, and the fact that Raleigh and her husband arrived on the same ship in 1608. Additional support is given for Katherine by the fact that several “Croshaw” female descendents married “Graves” cousins – implying that there was a female “Crowshaw” married to a “Graves”. It is also quite possible that all or some are the children of Rev. William Crashaw of the Virginia Co. who may have been related to Raleigh.]

i. William Crashawe, born ? in England.
10/6/1626, William wrote his will: “William Crashaw, Bachelor in Divinity, Preacher of God's Word first in Bridlington, then at Beverley in Yorkshire, afterwards at the Temple, since then Pastor of the Church of Agnes Burton in the Diocese of York, now pastor of that too great parish of Whitechapel in the suburbs of London... [indicates he is married, and then bequeaths books to many libraries in Cambridge, London, Ireland, and Yorkshire, etc.] ... To the parish church of Hausworth in Yorkshire where I was born ... To my brother Thomas all my civil law books he hath not and ? - to bestow on a fair Bible for my sister his wife.” [Several of those listed are associated with the VA Company.]
Bef. 11/1/1621, William died. (S) Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers, Briggs.

ii. Katherine Croshaw (11553), born 1586 in England.

iii. Maj Joseph Croshaw, born ~1610 in England.
Joseph, a barrister, immigrated to VA.
8/9/1637, Sir John Harvey renewed a patent in the name of Joseph Croshaw. (S) C&P, PB1, P62.
5/22/1638, Joseph patented 600 acres in Chas. Riv. Co. “Being a long sandy point”. (S) C&P, PB1, P93.
5/26/1638, Gloyd Bloys patented land adjacent to the land of “Joseph Croshawe”.
10/19/1643, Joseph patented 350 acres “on the S. end of an Indian Field”. (S) C&P, PB1, P152.
6/20/1646, Joseph patented 700 acres in Charles River Co. (S) C&P, PB2, P166.
12/10/1651, Joseph patented 750 acres and 1000 acres [commonly known as Poplar Neck] in Yorke Co., S. side of the Yorke Riv. (S) C&P, PB2, P223.
3/3/1653, Joseph patented 700 acres in Yorke Co., S. & N. side of the Old Mill. (S) C&P, PB2, P227.
11/8/1653, Joseph patented 1750 acres in York Co., S. side of the York Riv. (S) C&P, PB3, P249.
1654, Joseph of York Co., “for natural affection”, conveyed to Ralph and Rachel Graves 1000 acres in New Kent Co. (S) AP&P, P191.
1656, Joseph acknowledged payments in John Hothersall. (S) Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, Mason, 1946, P110.
6/8/1659, Maj Joseph “Chrowshaw” patented 500 acres “on S. E. side of Mettepony Riv.”. (S) C&P, PB4, P361.
Joseph died in York Co., VA.
Rachel Graves, born ?.
1654 she married her cousin Ralph Graves, s/o John, s/o Thomas (11552).