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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rev. Thomas Bradley & Ffrances Savile

2884. Rev. Thomas Bradley & 2885. Ffrances Savile 

1/1598, Thomas born in England, s/o 5768. Henry Bradley & 5769. Barbara Lane.

1604, Frances born in Howley Hall, Yorkshire, England the youngest d/o 5770. John Lord Savile and 5771. Elizabeth Carey.

6/21/1620, Thomas received his B.A.

Thomas, Chaplin to the old Duke of Buckingham, went with him to the Isle of Rhea and the siege of La Rochelle (France).

1628, Thomas Bradley, D.D., chaplin to Charles I. Charles I was born in Fife on 11/19/1600, the 2nd son of James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark.

1630, The King made Thomas the gift of Prebendary of York [which means he obtained revenue from the cathedral], and rector of Castleford. [Which put him in contact with his future wife.]

5/5/1631, Thomas married Frances.

12/20/1642, Thomas received his D.D.

1643, The King made Thomas the gift of rector of Ackworth.

5/1646, Thomas was a great royalist, and when Charles I surrendered to the Scottish Army, Thomas was sequestered at his rectory during the Commonwealth, which ended in 1660. During the period of Commonwealth Dr Bradley suffered intensively, his house was plundered of all that he had, his wife and children turned out of doors to seek lodgings, and the library which he had entrusted to one John Lake of Castleford was betrayed into the hands of his enemies.

1/30/1649, It is presumed that Thomas attended Charles I to the scaffold. [When Oliver Cromwell defeated the Scottish Army 8/1648 Charles I was returned to England.]

12/25/1650, Thomas preached at Winchester, when visiting his two sons at College, dedicated to his wife Francis, daughter of John Lord Savile of Pontefract.

1658, Thomas published in London: ‘A Present for Caesar of £100,000 in hand and £50,000 a year,’ in which he recommended the extortion of first-fruits and tithes according to their true value. The work is dedicated to Oliver Cromwell.

11/7/1660, Thomas appointed by “collation” as Prebendary of York. [He could start receiving funding.]

1/9/1661, Thomas installed as a Prebendary of York.

1661, Thomas published ‘Allello Caesarem’ in vindication of his previous pamphlet.

1663, Thomas set up a New Font which is just through the South Doorway. A sermon preached at York and published as “Caesar’s Due and the Subject’s Duty,” said that the King had bidden him “preach conscience to the people and not to meddle with state affairs,” and that he had to apologise for his sermons preached against the excise and the excisemen, the Westminster lawyers and “the rack-renting landlords and depopulators.” He also expressed regret for having suggested the restoration of the Council of the North.

11/24/1663, Thomas performed the baptism of his grandchild Charles Godfrey: “Charles the Sonne of Mr. Danyell Bradley, Rector of Ackworth, Chaplayne to His Majesty King Chares the First, and prebendary of Yorke, and the Lady Ffrances his wife, daughter to the Right Honourable John Lord Saville, Baron of Pontefract, &c., was baptized the 24th of Novenber, Anno 1663: being her first that was baptized … On Candlemas Day immediately following, was The Honourable the Landy Ffrances abover-mentioned here, honourably inter’d, who died the Saturday before, being the 30th day of January, the wherein his late Majesty, of blessed memory, was put to death, … (S) The Parochial History of Ackworth, Yorks, 1894, P34.

1/30/1664, Frances died in Ackworth, Yorks.

1665, Thomas signed the Visitation of Berkshire giving his personal genealogy.

8/1665, Dr Bradley is listed as having five hearths, so he must have been living back in the rectory. He gives his age as 67 years, 7 months. (S) 1665 Hearth Tax rolls.

1666, Thomas built two Alms houses off the Village Green for two poor widows.

1666, Thomas again granted a Prebendary of York.

7/25/1670, Thomas resigned as a Prebendary of York.

10/10/1673 Thomas died, his monumental slab can be seen on the East wall of the Chancel.
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Family notes:
• Thomas Jr was the eldest son of the family.
• Another Thomas Bradley arrived with the 2nd supply ship at Jamestown in 1608.

Children of Thomas and Ffrances:

i. Francis Bradley, baptized 1632 in England.
10/22/1688 Francis died in Fairfield, CT.
Francis married Ruth Barlow.

ii. Thomas Bradley ( 1442), born 1633 in England.
[Dugdale’s Visitation of Yorkshire.]

iii. Savile Bradley, born ?.
1665, Savile a Fellow of Magdalen College in Oxford.

iv. Barberry Bradley, born ?.
Barbara married Danile Godfrey, of Nuffield in Com. Oxon.
Daniel Godfrey, born ?.
Charles Godfrey, baptized 11/24/1663 by his grandfather.