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31392 William Burden

31392. William Burden & 31393. Joan ? 

1510, William christened in Headcorn, Kent , England, s/o 62784. Edmund Borden.
1531, William married Joan of Stephen.
William paid taxes to King Henry VIII.
4/13/1539, William named in his father’s will.
William wrote his will.
Bef. 6/8/1557, William died in Headcorn.
Aft. 1/28/1559, Joan died.
(S) Related Families of Botetourt County, Virginia, Austin, 1977, P369.

Family notes:
• Will of William Burdon of Headcorn, co. Kent, undated. To Joan, my wife, £20 and a feather bed, etc. To Thomas Burdon, my son, £10. To Edward, my son, £10. To John, my son, £6. To Stephen, my son, £10. To Elizabeth, my daughter, £3.6s.8d. To my daughters Thomesy and Ann and to Edmond, my son, a cow each. Executors: Joan, my wife, and Edward, my son. Residue to Joan, my wife, and to my sons Edward, Thomas, and Stephen, equally. Edward is to occupy John’s and Stephen’s parts until they are twenty years old. Overseer: John Kippinge. Witnesses: Nicholas Boodes, Nicholas Haurmersham, and others. Proved 8 Jun 1557.

Children of William and Joan:

i. Edward Borden, born bef. 1537 in England.

ii. Thomas Borden (15696), born 1537 in England.

vii. Elizabeth Borden, born ? in England.
4/13/1592, Elizabeth mentioned in her brother Thomas’ will.

viii. Stephen Borden, born aft. 1537 in England.
4/13/1592, Stephen mentioned in his brother Thomas’ will.

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